Grace Goals: A Revolutionary Way to Set Goals and Achieve Change

Most of us can understand the tension between wanting to do right yet falling so short. Whether it be over-eating, yelling at our kids, too much social media, or a hundred other things, most of us have something we want to change in our lives… something that nags us, maybe even keeps us up at night.

We know God wants us to change too.

The good news is,  Scripture teaches we can live radically transformed lives; we can throw off weights and sins that hinder us; we can experience true change.

The question is, HOW?

How does it practically happen in the messy, daily grit of life? How do we, in practice, work in conjunction with the Spirit of God to accomplish genuine change in our lives?

Well I’m beyond excited today to tell you about Grace Goals, a project I’ve been implementing and working into my life for awhile now!

Why and How to Set More Goals as a Christian

In this spiritual growth resource, I share step by step a biblical process for setting goals and pursuing godly change.  I have used this process to:

– train for a half marathon
– change our family’s diet to real food
– launch an online course for bloggers
– complete several writing projects
– and many other things

Grace Goals: A Revolutionary Approach to Setting Goals and Achieving Change. Forget the self help and use this scripture based process to set goals and see godly change in your life!

And it isn’t just me! For several years now, others used the Grace Goals process to tackle what God laid on their hearts… and they watched as God did abundantly above and beyond in their lives! Check out Ruthie Gray’s story:

I just have to say Praise the Lord!!

I do have a news flash for you though:  Just because I use Grace Goals doesn’t mean I’m anywhere near perfect (understatement of the year!). I most certainly do NOT have it all together. Just wanted to get that out of the way, LOL! However, I can truly say that relying on the grace of God to enable and strengthen me has revolutionized my life. I want it to revolutionize yours too. I want us to be a community that encourages and compels one another to **victory.**

The Grace Goals bundle will do just that. It is a proven, biblical, ready-made plan that includes a 48 page workbook, 5 actionable mini workshops PLUS a printable pack for each of the workshops.

Grace Goals is a revolutionary approach to setting goals and achieving change.

“I believe it is important to have a plan. What’s the old saying – He who fails to plan, plans to fail. Grace Goals is the best plan that I have ever used. And, again it’s because it points to Him. My favorite verse throughout your study that I continue to refer back to is 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12. It reminds me that He has a work to do in me and that it will be accomplished by His power not mine.”

Cheryl, Grace Goals participant

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Let’s face it, fleshly techniques and worldly wisdom aren’t enough to accomplish true transformation. Furthermore, willing yourself into action or task mastering will only take you so far.

But change doesn’t happen by accident.

Let Grace Goals lay the spiritual foundation necessary for real transformation in your life. Then make that foundation ACTIONABLE through the workshops,  worksheets and built-in friends to encourage you in your journey!

When you learn how to access the strength God provides, you are truly ready to experience life transformation.

Be strengthened by grace!

With Grace Goals You Will:

>> Learn why grace is the enablement you need
>> Begin to recognize and appropriate grace in your daily life
>> Set practical, godly goals
>> Be confident of God’s favor and power in your endeavors
>> Develop a doable, personal plan for change
>> Receive encouragement in the Facebook group (optional!)

“Grace Goals is hands down one of my FAVORITES!! I refer to it still for almost all my decisions and goal planning…It is just amazing. I am actually pulling it out now for a major plan I need to make.”

Tedra, Grace Goals participant


So, What’s Included in Grace Goals?

I’m glad you asked! When you purchase this course, you’ll immediately receive download access to:

The comprehensive 176 page workbook with 5 mini workshops

• Printables for each of the workshops to guide you and help you implement what you learned from the workshop

• Invitation to join the Grace Goals Facebook Group (this is completely optional. No course materials will be delivered in the FB group.)

If you are ready for the Grace Goals approach to achieving change, click the button below to purchase:

GG buy now button

Friend, if you’ve made it to the bottom of this page, I know you want godly change in your life. You long for real transformation rooted in God’s power, not your own. If are on the fence can I take the liberty to just ask you a question? How much is godly change worth to you?

Is it worth a small financial investment and some time? Grace Goals won’t do the hard work for you- you’ll have to apply some godly effort! What it WILL do is give you a Scripture-saturated approach designed to help you revolutionize your goal setting, cultivate vision for your life, work in conjunction with God’s Spirit and achieve godly change.

If you’ve ever wished you could “do better,” throw off besetting sin or live up to your full potential in Christ, Grace Goals will show you how. No, it won’t magically transform your life… but it will give you a biblical framework and system for working with the Spirit of God to achieve change.

I truly believe Grace Goals is a tool that will bring about much spiritual fruit in your life. It has for me!

I invite you to discover the Grace Goals difference for yourself. You can do this! Click the button to grab your copy:

GG buy now button2

**This is a digital, downloadable product. After purchasing, you will receive a download link in your inbox. Some customers are reporting the email is being sent to their spam boxes so please check there if you haven’t received your link within ten minutes. If you still have problems email me and I’ll be happy to help. Thanks for your purchase and support of this site.

Do you love Grace Goals and want to be an affiliate? You can become an affiliate here.

Grace Goals: A Revolutionary Approach to Goal Setting and Change for Christians

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  1. I have been great with goal setting, but since starting my blog my other writing projects got put on hold (more months than I would like).

    Super excited about this Arabah! I have been asking the Lord how do I write the three books He has called me to while being a wife, momma + homeschooling + blogging + and list goes on. This is truly an answer to my prayers!

  2. I am not very good at following through with my goals. This is a resource I have been waiting for! I know we can’t work on our goals in our own strength. But there are desires and tasks that are God-given to impact other lives. I know this resource is going to bear fruit in my life and in so many lives. Thank you, Arabah Joy, for creating this. So excited to start and to share with others. Praying for great impact for the kingdom.

  3. Hi! I am trying to purchase Grace Goals but it gives this error – Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “”
    Reference #18.a30af748.1448981454.29d08c7b
    What can I do? :)

      1. I did it! I am in Venezuela, but never had problems to purchase anything via PayPal before. I guess it was my internet connection. Now I tried again and it worked, just downloaded it and looking forward to go through it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  4. Hi Arabah,

    I have received no download to access:

    • The comprehensive 48 page workbook with 5 mini workshops
    • Printables for each of the workshops to guide you and help you implement what you learned from the workshop
    • Invitation to join the Grace Goals Facebook Group (this is completely optional. No course materials will be delivered in the FB group.)

    I only received “The Family Table” book, Moreover, the link for the free devotional: the 7 day accompanying guide to “Energy Explosion” was leading nowhere, “Not found, error 404”.
    I hope to receive your Grace Goals pack soon. Thank you for your fabulous site!

  5. I have not received the download for grace and goals yet either. I did get the email that there was a problem though.

  6. Excited to start Grace Goals. Ordered it a few hours ago, and have yet to receive the download. Checked my spam folder. Come to think of it I do not recall being asked for my email. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Hi Arabah. I purchased the Grace Goals package yesterday and haven’t received it yet. I’ve checked my other folders. Instructions?? Thanks.

  8. Hi there, I am very excited to start this course. Thank you also for offering the PAYPAL option. I purchased the course and materials this morning via PAYPAL and I still haven’t received a confirmation from your site or a download link. PAYPAL is confirming the payment was accepted. Can you let me know if I need to do anything else. Thanks a bunch and God Bless.


  9. I would like to order Grace Goals but am concerned about all the download problems people are experiencing. Has this been taken care of?

  10. I’m a brand new christian blogger and am joining Pastor Prince’s Grace Revolution … found your blog thru Pinterest … I enjoyed my visit … God is Good!

  11. I participated in the BYE webinar this afternoon and did find some value in it. Honesty it wasn’t any different from programs I’ve gone through provided by different companies I’ve worked for over the years. I believe you have to be an eager self-starter or willing to go all out to make this, or any program like it work for you. Obviously I am not either. As I was watching and taking notes I realized what I really wanted was a more spiritual or biblical based program to motivate me. How cool is our God! The next thing I saw in my mailbox was from you with your program, Grace Goals. This is exactly the type of program I have been searching for. Count me in! Thank you, Arabah.

    1. Hi Wendy, thanks for the question. I get requests for hard copies but unfortunately, i haven’t found a way to do that in a cost effective manner. Stay tuned though because you never know!

  12. Arabah, I’m really excited to begin Grace Goals! It’s just what I need right now!

    I paid for the Grace Goals program using my paypal account which is under an e-mail address I don’t use much. [email protected] I think you’re using that e-mail to send me the info for Grace Goals and I was wondering if you could change it to [email protected] instead. Thank you!

  13. I’ve downloaded your “DIY Personal Spiritual Retreat Kit” – thanks for the resource. Even before I saw this I have been planning just that – a personal retreat. I’ve glanced through the material and noticed a link and discount code to your “Grace-Goals”. I attempted to use the discount code with no joy. The message I got was “Discount Code not valid”. The code I’m using is “RETREAT25” per your instructions. Could you help me with this?
    Jerry Richart (Seattle, WA, USA)

    Extracted from
    Want to go deeper? Get 25% off “Grace Goals”, my in depth Goal Setting Workshop. Simply enter code RETREAT25 when ordering at http://www.arabahjoy. com/grace-goals

  14. I’m sad i missed the deadline on ordering Grace Goals so that I could attend the live workshop on December 28! I was thinking I could order BY the 28th, but see it is BEFORE …

    Please let me know when you will do this again, and I will order on Day 1!

  15. Hello, my name is Lucy I am very interested in purchasing Grace Goals. As I was reading this and what Grace Goals is about I said to myself,” this is what I need”..! I know I am a day late to purchase it but I was wondering if I can still purchase it? Also, if there is way to ask for prayers/ talk with someone. One last question; is Grace Goals only avaible as a download or is there a actual journal like think thing incandescent receive in the mail…? Thank you for your time. May God continue to use you and Bless you and yours!

    1. Hi Lucy, thank you for your interest in Grace Goals! It is currently only available as a PDF download but is available any time. You just missed the bonus material but you can still purchase Grace Goals and be part of the FB group. That’s a great place to discuss and find accountability. Hope that answers your questions~ we’d love to have you participate :) AJ

  16. I’m in the early steps of my Grace Goals. I did the brainstorming and then couldn’t quite figure the top one desire. so I said to God that I’ll wait You to show me. That was somewhat scary moment for me. I’ve been a christian for years but I still struggle with hearing specific answers from God. So it was great that I got some practice in that too. Next morning or the day after, I’m not sure which, as I was barely awake a very clear thought run through my head: all my desires require this one thing, this one desire. I can’t reach any of those without this one. It was a desire I had written almost as an afterthought and I had focused on some other desires altogether. All of this just proves to me that it was God’s thought not mine! I’m so encouraged by this one little step. Well, the hard work is still ahead but I’m liking the process so far!

  17. Hi my name is Thoko
    Thats what I have been looking for ,Grace Goals, I just need that power of the Lord to mould me, restore me to leave according to His purpose , I just feel like an empty and broken vessel, and I know that only God can fix me,my problem I don’t manage to fill and complete my order, I think I have to visit my bank so that they can assist me,I just wish there was another easy option I can use to buy all this material, may be referred me to the shop (Christian book shop )where I can get there and choose everything I want and I need for my life, because I can feel your books are so helpful to feed and heal our troubled souls. Thanks Araba, though I didn’t get nothing yet from your spiritual material (books )I will fight look any help I can found to manage to get some of your books

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