You CAN change!

Most of us understand the tension between wanting to change yet falling so short. The gap between our hopes and dreams and our reality can be maddening at times.  

Whether it’s over-eating, yelling at our kids, too much social media, being stuck financially, or a hundred other things, most of us have something we want to change in our lives… something that nags us, maybe even keeps us up at night.  

We want something different. We know God has more for us too.  

The question is, HOW can we experience true transformation? 

The Grace Goals Difference...

Let’s face it, fleshly techniques and worldly wisdom aren’t enough to accomplish true transformation ... yet that's all the world can offer us.  

Most goal setting resources out there talk a lot about the WHAT. They give cool stats, fun tips, and smart sounding strategies. But what they can’t give is the HOW.  

They can't empower you.

As believers in Christ, we are uniquely positioned to access the grace of God. And God’s grace is God’s power!  

Just look at what grace can do:  

  • Enable you to live godly and truly transformed (ie stop yelling in anger at your kids, practice discipline and self-denial) (Titus 2:11-14)
  • Empower you to fulfill good works and do hard things (II Thess 1:11-12)
  • Strengthen you beyond your natural ability (II Timothy 2:1)
  • Always be sufficient, abundant, present, and relevant (applicable) to your situation. (II Cor 9:8)


Grace Goals is totally unique in that it lays the spiritual foundation necessary for real transformation in your life.  

Through a series of 5 workshops, Grace Goals will show you how to work in conjunction with the Spirit of God to fulfill the desires He’s placed in your heart. That's a recipe for total life transformation! 

So how do we, in practice, work in conjunction with the Spirit of God to accomplish God-sized feats in our lives? How do we take our Promised Land?

Grace Goals is built upon a concept in II Thessalonians 1. It rocked my world and turned out to be the catalyst for massive change and growth in my personal life.  

It says, “To this end also we pray for you always, that our God will count you worthy of your calling, and fulfill every desire for goodness and the work of faith with power, so that the name of our Lord Jesus will be glorified in you, and you in Him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

This passage shows the connection between our DESIRES and EFFORT (goals) and God’s grace. 

It’s almost as if God’s grace infuses our goals with power… if we will but take the first faith step and set them!  

Armed with a crazy idea, a couple years ago I set out to test the grace + goals connection and started training for a half-marathon (something I’d never had the desire to do before but something my husband wanted me to do so I could race with him.) Relying on this new understanding of grace, I successfully trained for that half marathon, tweaking the Grace Goals process as I went.  

It was so motivating, that year I relied on the Grace Goals process to also:  

  • change our family’s diet to real food  
  • launch an online course for bloggers  
  • complete several writing projects... and more!  

Since then, Grace Goals has revolutionized my goal setting each year and I want it to do the same for you!  

What others are saying...

Others have used Grace Goals to tackle what God laid on their hearts… and watched as He did abundantly above and beyond in their lives! 


“I believe it is important to have a plan. What’s the old saying – He who fails to plan, plans to fail. Grace Goals is the best plan that I have ever used. And, again it’s because it points to Him. My favorite verse throughout your study that I continue to refer back to is 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12. It reminds me that He has a work to do in me and that it will be accomplished by His power not mine.”  


Grace Goals is hands down one of my FAVORITES!! I refer to it still for almost all my decisions and goal planning… It is just amazing. I am actually pulling it out now for a major plan I need to make.”  

Ruthie's story of transformation...

What's inside:

In Workshop #1:

  • Gain clarity on what goal to prioritize FIRST by identifying your Jericho- the gateway city to claiming the promises He has for you 
  • Rekindle your passion to be all you can be in Christ  
  • Brainstorm your God-given desires and cultivate Godly vision  


In Workshop #2:

  • Dive into the Scriptures to gain a solid biblical basis for your particular goal  
  • Be 100% confident and assured you are pursing a goal that is God’s will for you- i.e., be assured of His “YES!” in your endeavors  
  • Let go of doubt, insecurity, and fear mindsets that hold you back  

In Workshop #3:

  • See how Solomon was able to complete his goal of building the temple... and learn from his example  
  • Develop a personalized plan for implementing your big goal  
  • Settle on your personal “Daily Do-able”- a small repeatable task that moves the lever in BIG ways.  

In Workshop #4:

  • Discover the visual God gave the Israelites as motivation  
  • Identify your big “why” and understand how to leverage it  
  • Learn 3 surefire ways to stay motivated when the going gets tough  

In Workshop #5: 

  • Discover how to recognize God’s grace gifts in your everyday life  
  • Learn the key to appropriating the grace He provides  
  • Experience more of His power as you appropriate grace!  



Immediately download the classic 48 page guide including 5 mini-workshops, printables, and complete instructions for setting your own Grace Goals.  

It also comes with an invite to the private Facebook Group (optional).  


ADVANCE 2018 VIDEOS (digital)

Order now for year-end access... just in time for 2018!

These 5 hands-on, super practical videos contain all-new content for your 2018 goal setting. You'll receive info on how to access the video series with your purchase. Then, when they release the week of December 26, 2017, you'll be all set to close out 2017 and look ahead to the new year.  

 You are free to go through these videos at your own pace and will have access to the videos until December 31, 2018. With this training, you'll be equipped to achieve your most important goals by your deadline.  

**See below for video details** 



Set Your Timer! In ONLY ONE HOUR, this toolkit will show you how to maximize your time, cut the calendar clutter, and get the important stuff done. This PDF can be immediately downloaded upon purchase.  


Stay focused on your goals with this fun planner. Download these printable sheets and conduct a weekly review, track your tasks, and set quarterly projects with this planner designed just for the Grace Goals process.  

Or Pick Your Resource: 


The comprehensive 48 page PDF workbook includes:

  • 5 self-directed mini workshops  
  • Includes printables for each of the workshops to guide you and help you implement what you learned from the workshop  
  • An invitation to join the Grace Goals Facebook Group (this is completely optional. No course materials will be delivered in the FB group. It is just for support and accountability.) 




The 5 video sessions will release December 26, 2017 and include:

  • Video One: You'll pin point exactly what ONE big goal you need to focus on first. This is your personal "Jericho." Additionally, you'll learn about the 12 week year, a simple system for using a 12 week time frame to set realistic smaller goals to gain huge momentum. This is good stuff!  
  • Video Two: In this video we'll talk about the miracle mindset. This is where you will identify your own personal limiting beliefs and learn how to mimic the mindset of "Can-do Caleb" (see Numbers 13:26f) 
  • Video Three: Here's where we'll get to the nitty gritty of goal setting and oh, it gets good! You will learn the difference between lead and lag measures then use your lead measure to pinpoint the exact 1-3 small daily actions to take. 
  • Video Four: In this video, we'll cover a simple 30 minute exercise for you to do each week in order to track your progress, celebrate your wins, and re-calibrate so you're FOCUSED on the small daily actions that move the needle and maximize your progress. 
  • Video Five: Finally, we'll talk about accountability. We'll talk about why it's important, HOW to hold an accountability meeting each week a way to find an accountability partner within the Grace Goals Facebook group.  



ALL ACCESS Bundle! $39

Get it all! The All Access bundle includes:

  • The Grace Goals comprehensive 48 page PDF worbook  
  • The 5 ADVANCE 2018 online video sessions (will release Dec 26, 2017)  
  • An invitation to join the Grace Goals Facebook Group (this is completely optional. No course materials will be delivered in the FB group.)  
  • The One Hour Time Management Toolkit  
  • The Grace Goal Planner  



Who is Grace Goals for? How can I be sure Grace Goals is for me? This is a great question! Grace Goals is a biblical plan for achieving real change. Grace Goals is for anyone who:  

>>> needs a fresh start >>> is seeking to grow spiritually or take new ground in their life >>> desires to "do better," set goals, and make changes (health, relational, financial, spiritual, etc) in their life in 2018 >>> is ready to start a new habit(s) or overcome habitual sin but needs more than self-help and surface strategies >>> wants to base their strategy on the word of God and rely on His Spirit  

What is included with Grace Goals? This year we have three different packages to choose from. All items are digital in nature and you will not receive anything in the mail. 1. The basic version includes the 48 page PDF ($15); 2. The ADVANCE version is just the online videos ($29) Please note the videos will release the week of December 26, 2017; 3. The ALL ACCESS version includes the PDF + videos + The One Hour Time Management Toolkit PDF+ The Grace Goal Planner PDF ($39).  

All packages include access to the private Facebook group for Grace Goals participants.  

Are there BONUSES if I purchase Grace Goals during launch week? ***PLEASE NOTE THIS OFFER HAS NOW EXPIRED*** Yes! We're excited to offer a couple fun bonuses this week only, from November 27 - December 1, 2017. If you purchase Grace Goals before midnight Friday, December 1, you'll also receive:  

>> Christian Life Planner by Julie Moore  

>> The 5-Week Weight Loss Program By Sara Borgstede

>> Praying the Attributes of God By Candace Crabtree

>> Scriptures Graces: A Scripture Memory System By Victoria Osborn

>> What God is Doing: Old Testament Object Lessons for Kids By Anne Marie Gosnell

I bought Grace Goals last year. Can I get access to the NEW video content? Yay, I'm so glad you are a Grace Goals participant! We’ve made different packages available this year for those who would like to upgrade their access. The ADVANCE or ALL ACCESS versions both include the video series.  

Can I do Grace Goals on my own time? Or do I have to complete it in a certain time frame? We have planned the new video content to release the last week in December so it can be done in community. However, you are free to go at your own pace if you’d like and have access to the materials all year. Feel free to do it in an afternoon, a week or weekend, or over the course of a month (or longer!). Whatever works best for you is totally acceptable!  

What is your refund policy? Due to the digital nature of this resource, the contributor bonuses and the man-power it takes to process refunds, all sales are final. The only exception to this is an accidental duplicate purchase. In this case, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll process a refund for the duplicate. Thank you for understanding!


About the Author

Arabah Joy is wife to Jackson and an adoptive and bio mom to four little ones. After serving overseas as career missionaries for fourteen years, she and her family recently returned stateside. Arabah's unique perspective and experiences have encouraged readers for a decade and her articles have been printed in such places as Beth Moore's Voices of the Faithful devotional book, and online in such places as The Better Mom and Time Warp Wife.  

Besides reading and writing, Arabah enjoys hiking, iced coffee, and quiet places... but mostly gets a high octane dose of daily life with her beloved noisy family. You can connect with Arabah and find more resources on her blog at