Grace Goals BONUSES!

Hi Grace Goals Team Mate!

I’m SO excited you are on the Grace Goals team! Welcome!

Here is where you’ll find extra Grace Goals goodies throughout the year as they get added. Feel free to check back here every now and then to see if new things have been added.

To help get you started, check out these 50 Spiritual Growth Goal Ideas to get you brainstorming the kinds of goals you can set. The sky’s the limit!


Next, if you are an early bird purchaser (before October 25, 2020), be on the lookout for the link and workbook to our upcoming LIVE workshop on How to Create a Spiritual Growth Plan. This workshop will be held on Tuesday, December 8 @ 1pm Eastern. If you haven’t purchased this additional workshop but want to, you can do that right here. 


Finally, we’ll be adding other resources to this list as we head into 2021, so check back again soon!



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