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With the recent crises in Afghanistan and Haiti, many of us have experienced an increased burden to pray for other nations. We as believers pray, knowing that God can take a tragic, devastating situation, and turn it into an opportunity for the light of Jesus to shine in a dark place. He is able to do the impossible and desires His people to expectantly ask in prayer. 

While ramping up our own prayer lives is always a great thing, involving kids in prayer and teaching them to pray is also important. What tremendous opportunity we have right now to not only introduce our children to the needs of the world through prayer, but show them how God can use all things for the advancement of His Kingdom. 

Child lifting hands in prayer

One of the things I’ve been asked recently is how exactly DO we involve kids more during prayer times? Well, I’m excited and honored to be partnering with Every Home for Christ to help answer that question. They have a free resource to get into your hands that will help you pray with your kids (and grandkids!) for the world.

Did I mention it was free?!

As an international missions organization, Every Home for Christ believes prayer is our greatest strength when it comes to taking the gospel to every person on earth. Decades ago, they created their World Prayer Map, and soon after decided to create an accompanying kid’s version to help young ones learn to pray from an early age.

When I spoke with the team at Every Home for Christ, they shared with me their heart for inspiring kids to pray. Their 2021 Kids Prayer Map is an excellent way to teach kids  about the nations of the world while giving them a roadmap to pray for each one. I think you’ll agree that it’s critical our kids are learning how to pray and get in the habit of turning to God in prayer. 

FREE Prayer Map for Kids

The best thing about the Prayer Map for Kids is that it is a completely free prayer resource. I’ve got a digital copy of the map and it is super easy to use. Here’s what I love about it:

  • It’s super simple and easy to use. Plus it’s kid-friendly!
  • It’s laid out to cover all the nations in a month’s time
  • It helps kids understand and learn the importance of prayer and that God listens.
  • It includes prayer points for even the youngest of kids to pray 

This prayer map is an excellent faith-based educational tool that will help kids geographically locate the countries they hear about on the news. It’s a great way to pray WITH your child and the maps are completely free and there is no charge for shipping! It can be ordered individually for your child or grandchild, or in bulk for your classroom, Sunday School group, homeschool group, etc.

The team at Every Home for Christ told me, “We’re excited to be sharing a free and fun resource for kids and their families to enjoy together! Every Home is happy to ship anywhere from a single map to hundreds … completely free of charge. Our hope is to raise up a new generation of prayer warriors, while helping them learn more about the world around us.”

To which I say amen and amen! 

Go get your free prayer maps here  and when asked, tell them you heard about the map through Arabah Joy.

And hey, as you grab your map, why not pray for Every Home, that God would bless this ministry and raise up many prayer warriors as a result. 

Get your free prayer map for kids here


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