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Last year he didn’t even make it across the pool. The horn sounded and he dove but between nerves and lack of practice, he got water logged halfway through the race and shut down.

Right there in front of 4 international schools and hundreds of students, he bombed.

On the way home, he told us he never wanted to get in water again.

We told him a righteous man falls seven times and gets back up. Seven times down, eight times up.

You see, God says failure isn’t in falling. Failure is in not getting back up.

Get. back. up.


Since last October, Jackson’s been taking him to the pool. He learned the breast stroke and the freestyle. He learned how to dive and how to breath and most of all, he learned how to not quit.

You get back up. Always.

And we all stumble and bumble and make fools of ourselves. We do wrong and we hurt others and we make poor choices.

But the righteous, she isn’t defined by how perfect a life she lives. She’s defined by whether or not she gets back up.

You get that?

Just rise to those feet, my friend.

This year’s swimming competition was today. And today? My boy smoked.

He finished and finished well. Actually, he finished first. But finishing first isn’t what’s most important.

Getting back up is.



**Psst… you there, grieving over your mistakes, your sin, your repeated failure? This post is for you. You are loved and you’re still in the game. Don’t give up. Falling isn’t failure. God’s word says so. Just get back up. Much love, AJ

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