The Family Table

The Family Table


For months I’ve been compiling ideas, activities, family favorite recipes, and more in a brown notebook with a red chicken on it.


My notebook of ideas has turned into an eBook that I’m super excited to share with you… absolutely FREE!


Sample pages:




This beautifully designed book is packed with over 50 ideas, activities, games, and recipes to spark intimacy, connection, laughter, service, hospitality, and making memories as a family. 



I’ve also asked women like Mary DeMuth, Marci Ferrell, Jennifer Walker, and others to share snapshots of what goes on around their family tables… as well as their favorite family recipes! Yum!
How do you connect as a family? Here are 50+ ideas, games, and activities for connecting around your family table. Let these ideas spark intimacy, connection, laughter, service, hospitality, and making memories as a family.


I’ve worked hard to make this resource stellar and am so pleased to be offering it FREE for subscribers of Arabah Joy.

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About the Author:

Arabah Joy is a wife, mom, and long time missionary. She is mom to four children, both biological and adopted, and enjoys nature, reading, writing, and good coffee when she can get her hands on it. She and her family live in East Asia. Her other books include:

Trust Without Borders: A 40 Day Devotional to Deepen, Strengthen, and Stretch Your Faith in God

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Complete, a 21 day spiritual growth journey to thinking about ourselves biblically.


Arabah Joy blogs about Christian growth, life overseas, mothering, adoption, and how Christ redeems our brokenness. Welcome to the community!