Eat at Home Meal Plans

Many years ago, when was fairly new, I created a gift for my readers.

It was the very first resource I created and I invited several other bloggers and authors to be part of it. I hired a gal to design it, take pictures, and make it pretty.

It was a LOT of work. 

Why did I do it?

Because my husband and I decided there was ONE thing (besides prayer and teaching God’s word) we wanted to do regularly as a family.

Putting this resource together was worth it because I believed in it SO much and I had something I believed in to give to my readers too.

Can you guess what the resource was?

Betcha can’t! :)

It was an 85-page collection of meal time activities, recipes, and games for connecting families around the table called, The Family Table. 

Y’all, it’s still near and dear to my heart.

Gathering around the family table each day allows me and my family to enjoy the goodness of God, foster intimacy with each other, and practice hospitality.

There’s just one obstacle… eating at home can be a real challenge, especially as the kids get older!

Juggling all the responsibilities, family schedules, and driving kids every which way means we have to work really hard at gathering each night for healthy, wholesome table time.

Honestly, some days it feels stressful, costly, unhealthy, and divisive.


That’s why I’m so thankful for my friend Tiffany’s done-for-you meal planning. 

Hint: I’ve used other meal planning services before and they have all helped SO much. They are one of the reasons we’ve been able to pull off dinners together nearly every night. But I’m excited about Tiffany’s menus because they are FAR more versatile than other’s I’ve used and are geared for getting good, healthy food on the table FAST.

Personally, I’m ALL OVER her 15 minute meal plans– she’s planned out an entire month of quick and easy meals for me– Yeessss!

I asked if I could share her Back to School special with you too and she said yes!  Here’s my referral link that will get you an extra 30% off! <–Click over and use code YES at checkout for your additional discount.

If you need a way to streamline your menu planning, make delicious healthy meals, and spend more time eating at home, Tiffany’s Eat at Home Meal Plans was created with you in mind.


P.S. Tiffany knows what it’s like to miss one too many meals away from home. To get through all the soccer games and avoid eating fast-food, she even wrote a guide called “We Can’t Sit Down for a Meal Tonight,” full of recipes that pack and carry well. She says, “Sideline picnics are infinitely better than fast-food.” :)

Pretty cool idea!

Eat at Home Meal Plans

So want the scoop on what’s included with the monthly Eat at Home Meal Plans?

All Eat at Home Meal Plan members get:

  • Four monthly menu plans to choose from (you get access to ALL FOUR: Traditional, Slow Cooker/Instant Pot, Wholesome and No Flour/No Sugar)
  • 1-Hour Freezer Stash Menus – fill your freezer with 6 meals in 1 hour!
  • 15-Minute Meals for your busiest nights
  • Small family and large family recipes
  • Color-coded grocery lists to make shopping a breeze
  • Printable menus
  • And more!

If you’re like me, one dinner out with your family can cost you upwards of $50 – and you don’t even have to go anywhere fancy to rack up that kind of bill.

Eat at Home saves me money by giving me a plan I’ll actually follow. Plus, it allows me to outsource meal planning and grocery list making, which frees up hours of my time each month.

The best part is that all this outsourcing only costs me $1.13 each week. 😲😲

How do I do it?

It’s easy! Try these two simple steps:

1. Use Eat at Home Meal Plans 

Score with the ready-made weekly menus. The monthly plans come with huge variety for all dietary needs and pallets. It’s hours of planning for a little over $1 a week. Um…no-brainer!

The weekly meal plans take care of all the “thinking” part and gives me meals, recipes, my grocery list and more! It frees up so much time to do other things and I have peace of mind knowing I’ll be feeding my family healthy foods.

I’d totally hire someone for a $1 a week to plan healthy meals for me. Would you?!

2. Using the grocery list from Eat at Home ^^^^ go online and order groceries for pickup from Walmart.  

I love this so much! I can place my order online much faster than going into the store. And then I just drive up to the orange area to pick them up- don’t even need to get out of my car! The service is free and I schedule a pick up time that works for me. Love, love, love!

Guys, seriously, I think every woman needs these two services. It frees up tons of time and helps me better steward the health of my family.

If you’re like me, you could use some help crossing one more thing off the to-do list, lol.

The BEST news is that Eat at Home Meal Plans are on sale this week! Tiffany only runs this sale once a year, so now is the time to jump in and get your meal planning done for you for as low as $1.13/week!

All you’ve got to do is use the code YES at checkout here to save 30% off the regular price. And yes, you’ll get this discount each and every month!

Here’s to more free time on the weekends and to outsourcing our to-do lists :)

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