Easy Bible Journaling for the Non-Artist

Anyone who knows me knows I’m no artist. In fact, my family used to laugh at me growing up because I couldn’t even draw stick figures. That’s bad, lol!

But I am creative. I believe every person is a creative because we are made in the image of Creator God. I like beautiful things too, so the idea of slowing down and savoring Scripture through Bible journaling appealed to me.  But I struggled to get started because, well you know, I’m not an artist.


How to Start Bible Journaling


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Fortunately, there are several fantastic resources available to help folks like me get started and one of THE best is Joanne Fink’s Complete Guide to Bible Journaling. Oh my goodness, friend, this book is incredible!!

The “how-to” section in this book alone covers everything you need to start lettering, drawing, coloring, painting, embellishing with stamps, stickers and stencils, and so much more!

The book also includes pages and pages of stickers, clip art, traceable templates, and books of the Bible tabs. All in one book!

In this book I learned a super simple way to be creative with my Bible. I’m a beginner, remember?

Hint: This method is so easy, it sorta feels like cheating :)

The technique is to simply use coloring pages and trace them into your Bible pages. {{Told you it was easy!}} Joann walks you through how to do this step by step in her book Complete Guide to Bible Journaling. Here are the before and after pictures of one I did just today!

Bible Journaling for Non-ArtistsBible Journaling for Non-Artists

Not so bad for a non-artist, eh? {{Don’t laugh!}} Here’s how you can try this Bible Journaling method for yourself:

Even non-artists can learn to do journaling in the Scriptures or a notebook, with these easy tips.

#1. Choose a coloring page (or portion of one) that you’d like in your Bible. It doesn’t have to be large or complicated. In this example, I found a simple lampstand template in Joann’s Complete Guide to Bible Journaling to illustrate one of my favorite passages, Matthew 5:13-16.

  1. Bible journaling for non-artists
  3. #2.  Apply your image(s) to the back of the page you want to draw on and tape it down with washi tape. Tip: I would only use washi tape for this. Be careful not to rip your Bible page when removing later!

Bible Journaling for the Non-artist

#3. Trace the image onto your page lightly with pencil.
Not so bad for a non-artist, eh?

#4. Then, go over the pencil lines with a fine tipped marker (I used a gray Sharpie for this one).

#5. Add color if you’d like. You can color the image, around the image, or leave it as is.

#6. Carefully remove the image from the back of your page.

Bible Journaling for the Non-Artist


Bible journaling is far more than just drawing pretty things in your Bible. Some of the perks I’ve discovered are:

  • It helps focus my easily distracted mind
  • It allows me time and space to understand, meditate, and clothe myself with the scripture I’ve selected
  • It gives me an opportunity to be creative & worship through that creativity
  • It combines mind with body movement (good for the brain!)
  • It forces me to be still- that’s a big deal, lol!
  • It helps me practice letting go of unnecessary standards of perfection and focus on giving thanks to God instead.

As you can see, Bible journaling can be a wonderful way to worship God and a tool for renewing your mind. If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to jump in and get started!

Happy journaling!

Do you love the idea of journaling but feel like you


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