How to Have the Best Easter Ever

Do you need dynamite power in your life, the kind that raised Jesus from the dead?

Well here’s some good news. God has chosen the gospel as the very instrument to deliver His divine power into our lives. (See Romans 1:16)

If you need God’s power demonstrated in your life, saturate yourself in the gospel. It’s the provision God has given us! We’d be crazy NOT to avail ourselves of it.

I want to share something I read this week. Katie is a reader who shared her amazing testimony on her FB page:

“My family has endured some extreme stressors over the last several months.

I was broken and lost.

The only thing I knew to do was to pray and that often looked & sounded like an ugly cry. I desperately needed a respite.

God led me to Arabah Joy’s study, Abide, and my mom, my children and I took a trip to the beach so I could fall into God’s faithful arms. It was refreshing! God used it and gave me the strength to come back to everyday life.

I also saw the 40-day prayer challenge, praying the promises of the cross, and signed up immediately.

But from the time I saw the challenge (while at the beach), I wondered why 40 days and why the promises of the cross? In fact, what ARE the promises of the cross? I mean, I know that I have eternal life with God because Jesus sacrificed his life for me on the cross, but, what are the promises?

It dawned on me tonight.

My friend, Steven Hoyle, made a post explaining the celebration,

“The 40-day period (before Easter) reflects the suffering endured by Jesus when he fasted in the wilderness of the desert before beginning his ministry.

During his time in the desert he was tempted three times by Satan, and each time he overcame the temptation.

When he was then crucified, his disciples fasted, giving us the final fasting period of Lent during Holy Week.

For this reason, Christians tend to fast or give up something during Lent and on specific days in the Lenten calendar.

For me, it is a time of reflection, thankfulness, a reminder of my mortality on earth, and of my eternal life that has already begun.”

So now, I know why Arabah Joy chose to start the challenge today (today marks the beginning of the Lenten season) and why it is 40 days long.”


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Our goal for this 40 Day Challenge is to simply saturate our hearts and minds with the Person and work of Christ.

We believe Romans 1:16: the gospel is the power of God. Our aim is to equip you with actionable resources so you can begin praying gospel-centered, Christ- focused promises from God’s word.

We’d love for you to join this challenge as well, but you don’t have to start and end on a specific date… Just start anytime you happen across this post!

Sign Up for the Challenge below:

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We hope you’ll join thousands of others this Easter season and focus your heart on our precious Savior, Jesus Christ by praying these promises.

Be sure to drop a note and let us know how praying God’s Word blesses you this season. We would LOVE to hear!


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  1. I have tried to access the 40 day study on the promises of God. I am travelling as a Habitat Care-A-Vanner building throughout Florida at this time. I so need a bible study & direction as I travel, but I am having trouble pullling up the infor per day. I set up an email and password but they never seem to work. I know my internet connection can sometimes be a problem. I sure hope I can start today.

    1. Hi Joan, may the Lord bless you as you travel and seek to fill your mind with Him. To receive the challenge goodies, just enter your email address and then check your inbox. You will automatically receive the information. Thanks for being part of the Challenge!

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