Early Morning Prayer Scriptures Changed My Life

I’m so excited to have my friend Jenna here in our morning scripture series sharing about early morning prayer scriptures. I know she will be a blessing to you!

For years, I have heard people share how morning prayer is a crucial step in their day. I must admit, I am a night person and spend most of my time with God at night. However, recently, I decided to jump on the early morning prayer scriptures train and give it a shot. God does amazing things when we offer up our time. So, I wanted to share how morning prayer changed my life!

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Before this morning prayer challenge, I would pray in the evenings after studying the Bible. Over the years, I also learned that praying before beginning a task was incredibly helpful. He gives me the strength and ability to complete them. I am so grateful for this!

So, it was about time I did this with my whole day!

Early Morning Prayer Scriptures
Find how these early morning prayer scriptures can change your life! Start your day relying on God


At the beginning of the prayer challenge, I realized I was getting up and forgetting to pray first. So, I needed to set my alarm as a reminder. Otherwise, I was distracted easily by the kids or picking up my phone to check social media. You know how it goes…

Later in the first week though, I realized God would come to mind while I was still half asleep and I would think, “Oh, I should pray! I want to share _____ with God…” And before long, it started to become a routine.

By day three, God invited me to say my piece and sit in the stillness with Him. Quiet time with God was something I normally only remembered to do at night, after reading the Bible. It seems like in the morning, we are normally thinking about all we need to accomplish that day and we don’t give God our quieted mind. I realized it is hard for me to hear His game plan for my day if I’m not joining Him in the morning…

If you are wanting to try the morning prayer challenge too or maybe you are a morning person but aren’t quite sure what to say… In this post, I share 30 Free 10-minute Morning Prayer Prompts to help guide you as you meet God each morning!



The Bible mentions, “Fear not” 365 times. I have anxiety. You name it, I’ve worried about it! If you have anxiety, I’m sure you too feel as though there is no coincidence that God reminds us of this enough times in the Bible to be a daily reminder!

It is easier to see the verse, Fear not, as a promise when you’re handing over moments in the morning to God. I found that He equips me for the day!

Another verse that came to mind often as I prayed was John 3:30.

He must increase, but I must decrease.

In the mornings, I prayed for humility and wisdom. As Christians, we are eagerly trying to grow in righteousness and I know that I need to have less of me and more of Him. I wanted to follow His plans and not my own in my every day…

My days used to start off chaotic...until I learned a few simple scriptures to pray. Let these verses transform your morning too!


When my first born was about one and a half, I realized I needed to be in the Word daily or I was going to fizzle out. My daughter wasn’t much of a sleeper and it was wearing me down, even spiritually. So, I started reading the Bible every night.

I also would pray primarily at night. Well, this prayer challenge opened my eyes to the fact that I was getting my daily bread from Him at night. I wasn’t receiving it in the morning when I needed His nourishment for the day.

As I offered up my time to God each morning, He gave me the patience to discipline with grace. I stopped blowing up at my kids!! And He made me more efficient. He fills us with the strength we need for the day. 

In parenting, this is so essential. Circumstances arise with our kids and we don’t know what to do or what to say. If we are nurturing our soul every morning with God, the Holy Spirit will give us the wisdom to discern each situation.


I didn’t realize how practically He would bless me during this early morning prayer scripture challenge. One weekend, I was feeling exhausted and prayed for rest. He blessed me with a boost in my business and I didn’t lift a finger.

A group of Christian women swooped in to help me in their own special ways without even knowing I needed rest! I ugly cried that morning, just praising God for His answer.

When He answers so practically, it is overwhelming to feel that connection with Him and His peace and joy.

Maybe you are also wanting that connection and relationship with Him, here you can find a Planner for Putting God First in your life!


So my conclusion after the early morning prayer scripture challenge is that it was awesome! Putting away 10 minutes a morning for Him made me realize I was underestimating Him. I only saw the tip of the iceberg.

Before, I thought that the more time I gave Him, the less time I would have to get everything else accomplished. Fortunately, this isn’t the case at all!

God is more loving than I had given Him credit for. He wants to hear from us, just as we long to have peace in Him. Just offering Him more of our day, He will share so much of Himself with us. In all aspects, morning prayer changed my life.

Join me in your own morning prayer challenge!!

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  1. I love how open you are with your faith! The one thing I have learned about praying is that over and over Jesus tells his disciples. You have to pray to believe and I have seen so many answered prayers.

  2. I am just beginning to reacquaint myself with God and as a woman, I found your words inspiring. I don’t know how to pray correctly so I appreciate your recommendations.

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