How to Plan Your Own DIY Personal Spiritual Retreat

Do you take regular spiritual retreats?

In our day and age, we talk a lot about taking breaks, getting away, and serving ourselves.

But the spiritual retreat I’m referring to here is NOT the “serve yourself, you
deserve it” kind of thing we hear about all the time.

Neither am I talking about a girl’s night out, a trip to the spa or attending a women’s conference. Not even talking about a daily quiet time.

I’m talking about a time of retreating from the busyness, people, and noise
of everyday life in order to connect with the Lord for an *extended* period of
uninterrupted time.

Do you regularly make time for this kind of retreat?

Do you take regular spiritual retreats? Here are three biblical reasons why you should!

I’ve discovered these retreats (as difficult as they are to pull off) are necessary in order for me to stay in a place of dependence upon the Lord, to deeply refresh my spirit, and to maintain a sense of well-being which enables me to serve my family and community.

Jesus *frequently* retreated to a solitary place.

From His life, we see how important it is to make these times happen.

He would even go without sleep to make sure He got away with His Father. If the Son of God needed to make sure He got alone with His Father, we certainly need it!

We simply can’t rest and replenish our souls when we are on the go all the time, multi-tasking, constantly bombarded with noise, always having someone in our face, and always on call.

Last year I was so convicted about the need for regular, extended times of solitude that I set a goal to take one “retreat” day a month. I wish I could do more :)

As I’ve developed this habit, I’ve adopted a few practices to make the most of my time and truly connect with the Lord.

Earlier this year when I prayed about how I could serve this community, I was convinced to share how I do my monthly retreats. I’m so, so happy to share the result: this DIY Personal Spiritual Retreat Kit!!


DIY Personal SPiritual Retreat

The 21-page kit will walk you through contemplative, diagnostic questions, a time of confession, the Lectio Divina method of reading and meditating on scripture, and a time of clarifying and articulating what the Lord is speaking to you…everything you need to have your very own personal retreat.

I’ve been working on this little project for WEEKS and am sooo happy to share it with you!

You can grab the DIY Personal Spiritual Retreat Kit right here. 

Do you take regular spiritual retreats? I'm not talking about going to a women's conference or making a coffee date with friends; I'm talking about alone time with God. Here's how I plan my own DIY spiritual retreat... and how you can too!

I pray this resource is a huge blessing in your life. Much love, AJ

Do you take regular spiritual retreats? Here are three biblical reasons why you should!

Do you take regular spiritual retreats? Here's how to plan and have your own personal spiritual retreat! Make these a regular part of your life and nurture your relationship with God!

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  1. ? Arabah Joy, am I able to purchase only the DiY spiritual retreat? I don’t have a need for the homemaking bundle really at this time….

    1. Hi Connie! The DIY retreat kit is unfortunately not for sale at this time. It was especially created for the UHB sale as a thankyou to those who support this site. The good news is that the folks at UHB are allowing the bundles to be gifted (and Mother’s Day is next week!) so it’s a win-win-win for everyone to gift a bundle to a mom you love :) Hope that helps! AJ

      1. I would love to know if you ever to decide to make it available at a later date. I find that I end up getting overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information that comes with the home-maker bundle. I bought one a couple years back and I’m still making my way through it. :)

      2. I understand! I normally choose my top 2-3 items and decide if the bundle is worth it for just those. Then I don’t feel badly for not completing everything in it. Subscribe to my blog for updates on a possible future flash sale :)

  2. Dear AJ

    Sorry that i can take the Bundle. I live in Switzerland and all the Books and online courses In english. So i have ask Ryan from the Bundle to translate this. So he told me, Right now, no translate )-;


    So what can i do?!

    Pray for German translate and Hope!

    Dear Denise

    1. I’m so sorry about that! If you connected with Ryan, he’s made note of your request. He’s great at listening to what customers are saying :)

  3. My word is intentional. I want to make God an intentional part of my day but to do this I must be intentional. I must plan to start my day with Him no matter what is going to happen. If that means getting up earlier than I must set my alarm to be sure He get my attention before doing anything else. Thank you for reminding me to RETURN to that practice.

  4. Hi Natalie, welcome! You should have received a welcome email from me, which contains the link to the download. Be sure to check your spam and other folders in case it went there. Again, welcome! It’s good to have you here :)

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