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On Fridays we’ve been looking at the names of God and diving deeper into the character of God with a family activity. This week’s post is going up a day early because I’m also sharing with you a BRAND NEW series for studying the Bible with kids! LOVE, love, love this!

But first, our final look at the name “Adonai.”


Discover God Through His Word:


Last week we talked about the first thing we need in order to relate well with Adonai, an attentive listening ear. We will learn the second thing today: A poise ready for action.

Think again about the game “Simon says.” When we played the game, you had to listen carefully and be ready to immediately act. Your mind and body were on the alert, fully tuned in to the instructions you were going to be given.

Once we hear an instruction from Adonai, we must immediately obey. We must be poised for action. Our hearts and minds and bodies all have to work together to get the job done! I Peter 1:13 says, “Prepare your minds for action…”

We must decide in advance that once we hear a command, we won’t treat it like a suggestion. We move on it, right away!


Discover God Through Your Senses:


Today we are going to practice being poised for action.

Athletes know the importance of being ready and in the “start” position. Go outside and set up short running courses. Practice running them using a proper “runner’s start.” If you have a swimming pool, you may try the same thing.

Discuss a boxer’s pose or a wrestler’s stance. Each athlete has a pose that prepares them to move quickly when they hear the whistle/call. Discuss how this relates to us being poised for action.

Your “success” as a maturing child depends on your trust and obedience. Use today to revamp, re-work, or re-create your chore chart. Re-commit to trust and obey what God has given you to do.



 Now for the New Kid’s Bible Study Series:


Join us over the next 12 weeks (starting August 29th) as we share Bible study topics, discussion questions, suggested reading, and activities that you can do with your kiddos!

The writers at CSAHM are so excited to share with you the wonderful Deep Blue Kids Bible and Bible Studies that will encourage you to include regular Bible Study time with your children that isn’t overwhelming and is a  A LOT of FUN!

Today we are celebrating by hosting a giveaway launch!

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