Cultivating Godly Desire

This week I received this in the mail. 

From Amazon, the online market place for retailers:


How to Cultivate Godly Desire


I was surprised to see Amazon spending their own bank to market other people’s products. Out of curiosity, I opened it.

Inside were glossy images of alllll the wonderful, magnificent, amazing toys for children.

The second I saw what was inside, I thought, “This is the absolute LAST thing my kids need to see!”

I immediately went to throw it in the garbage.

But the Lord stopped me.

“Take a look at it,”
He prompted me.

So I did.

I looked more closely at the cover, which read: “Ultimate wish list for kids.”

On the inside I discovered this beautiful page of holiday stickers.

Doing what Matters the Most

“Nice!” I thought to myself.

Then I started looking page after page of gifts, toys, and smiling children with their parents looking lovingly upon them. The magazine was full of festivity and friends and family and snuggles and cuddles and love. It was all so desirable! It made those toys look almost necessary.

In that moment the Lord spoke to my heart. “This entire catalog was designed to stir up desires. That’s what I want you to do for My people.”


What do you want?

Learn to discipline yourself for the sake of godliness, as you're cultivating godly desire.

It happens to us each and every day. Every day when you and I wake up, there is a whole desire catalog rolled out before us, telling us what we could, should, and “deserve” to have. 

The world at our fingertips.

We’ve got smart phones and apps and music and games and Facebook and Instagram and entertainment and money and nice clothes and shiny cars and status and approval and power and control and stuff and tidbits of enticing information and all the things!… and it’s all there every day just waiting for us to get after it. A click… a choice… a moment… a purchase… a promise away.

And what God spoke to my heart is that these tactics are so effective that even Amazon (a service for retailers!) is using them… for the sole purpose of stirring up desire … yet where is the Church? Where are His people? How are we exhorting one another to godliness?

What do we know about stirring up godly desires?

Do you know how to cultivate godly desire in your heart? Or even that you can and should?!?

Many of us, when we wake up in the morning and all the world’s trinkets and noise and offers are laid out before us, have conditioned ourselves to jump in and start clicking away. Start filling up. Start going through the motions.

We aren’t stirring up spiritual hungers or fanning the fires of the Holy Spirit.

We’re spiritually starved.

Cultivating godly desires is important for spiritual growth. Learn how we can transform our desires to become godly desires as we pursue a continued growth in the Lord.

What do you have an appetite for?

Living a transformed life starts with having transformed desires. The good news is that the Spirit is at work within us to WILL (desire) and to DO His good pleasure- this isn’t an impossible task!

Truth is, we do what we WANT.

The best way to live a life of discipline is to start WANTING the things of God more than we want anything else. We must WANT to be in the Bible every day. We must WANT connection with God. We must WANT an eternal impact. We must WANT to be healthy or to stop yelling at our kids or to be debt free so we can pour into our families and community and make a difference with our lives.

We must get good at cultivating godly desires in our hearts, because, well, we do what we want. Remember, the Spirit is within us already, those desires are already there!! You and I don’t need to “create” them! 

Our job is to fan them to life, to place before our hearts a “catalog” of sorts of what could be, filling our minds with godly purposes, vision, faith, possibilities, and setting our minds on spiritual things according to Colossians 3.

Oh my precious friend, I so want this for us! Imagine what could be if we did this!!

Grace Goals is a revolutionary, biblical process for setting goals and achieving real change.


As I have worked on Grace Goals 2019 over the past several months, I’m convinced God wants this for us too.

Actually, as I type this out from one Christ follower to another, I believe He wants it for you.

YOU are the one reading this right now. And although I cannot understand how He would cross my path with your amazing life, He did… and by no accident.

That. That is a humbling honor.

Thank you for allowing me to invest in your spiritual life.

Grace Goals is THE process I use to rekindle the fire, gain vision, set goals, and live out the transformation available in Christ.

The good news is, Grace Goals 2019 is NOW OPEN and I would love for you to be part of this biblical process for stirring up godly desire and living transformed.

Friend, God wants you kept “a-fueled and aflame” (Romans 12:12) and operating in the power of His Spirit.

I believe He’s tasked me with being part of that. Now, it’s my turn to reach out across the table and humbly invite you to join us. Be part of Grace Goals 2019 with us?

Growing in Your Desire for Godliness

We can and should “Remember all those possibilities and provisions in Christ.”

Grace Goals 2019 can help.

I’ll see you inside!


Grace Goals: Experience Real Transformation GG 2019

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