Tired of Being Marginalized by Insecurity?

 The Word of God is sufficient... even for that.  

What do you feel when you look in the mirror? 

What about in a group? Or when you see a status update from "those" gals?

Maybe when it comes to parenting, ministry, or your gifts and calling, like Moses, you ask, "Who am I, Lord?"

From social settings, to kids who make poor choices, to relationships, to our standing with God, to comparison, to the work place, most of us are constantly bombarded with feelings of not measuring up. We secretly wonder if we're beautiful enough. Smart enough. Able enough. Likeable enough.

It seems you're just never quite on par with everyone else. Even though you know God loves you- He sent Jesus Christ for you!- you still feel less than. Left out. Worthless. Insignificant. Invisible. 

Not enough.

Never enough. 

If you're gut-level honest, you know insecurity marginalizes you. And you're ready to be done with it.  

Unfortunately, insecurity isn't something you outgrow with your training bra. Many biblical characters also wrestled with insecurity, such as Moses, Saul, and Timothy. Insecurity is seen in characters all over the Scriptures... which is actually good news for us because that means we have a solid, reliable road map for escaping its trap and living a different story.

We're looking for women who are ready to rise up and move beyond insecurity...

To step into the purposes God has for you...

To allow God's word to transform the inner corners and invite the full measure of Christ within to burst forth unashamed. 

You're invited to LEARN how to biblically choose confidence over insecurity. The Choosing Confidence Bible study can help you as it has me. You see, as I studied this topic in Scripture, I discovered a freeing truth staring me right in the face: Confidence is a choice.

That one key turned insecurity on it's head for me and it can do the same for you. Four hundren forty six women (and counting!) have gone through this study and here's how this study has blessed a few of those sisters...

 Our unique Bible Study Intensive includes:

  • Training using my NEW P.R.O.S.P.E.R. Bible Method Method

This Bible study incorporates the PROSPER Bible Study Method so you actually have a template for studying God's word. The PROSPER method is based on Psalm 1:3 and James 1:22-25. It's been carefully developed to help you identify small actions that lead to godly habits. We have no lack of Bible information in our culture; however, we have a huge dearth of Bible implementation. One of the main goals for our PROSPER Bible study is genuine life transformation via implementation. We can't wait to share this method with you!  

  • 4 Weekly Video Teachings 

 I (Arabah Joy) provide weekly "deep dive" teachings to accompany each week's study. These iron-sharpening-iron teachings will encourage you to dig deep into the Scriptures, discover practical applications, and be a springboard for your own Bible discoveries.  

  • Digital Bible Study Workbook

Our Bible Study workbook walks you step-by-step through each day's Bible study using the PROSPER method. This intereactive guide will daily provide powerful structure for your time in God's word and teach you how to mine the Scriptures for yourself.  

After learning the PROSPER Bible Study Method, you'll deep dive into a 4-week topical study on insecurity... and boy is it good!

Come follow the roadmap out of insecurity with us!


This self-paced Bible Study Bundle is now ready! Order now and you'll automatically receive the PROSPER Bible Study Method + Choosing Confidence study toolkit straight to your inbox.



It's Time to Experience Transformation Through the Targeted Word of God. Here's a portion of what you'll cover:


The shocking truth about insecurity

This week, you'll look at the life of Jeroboam and see how his great potential was ruined because of fear and insecurity. 

By the end of Week One, you will:

  • Understand the de-railing and demoralizing dangers of insecurity
  • Identify the root causes of insecurity
  • Begin to recognize the areas where you are susceptible to insecurity
  • Learn the #1 key to combating insecurity...straight from the Scriptures


The 3 Types of Insecurity  

This week you'll pull back the curtain on the life of Moses to unveil the 3 most common types of insecurity. 

By the end of week two you will:

  • Understand the most common types of insecurity. 
  • Learn how God advised Moses... and how he moved past his insecurities 
  • See insecurity the way God sees it 
  • Be encouraged that insecurity does NOT have to define you
  • Quite possibly, start calling your insecurity by a different name


Owning Your Calling and Purpose  

Looking at the life of Saul, you'll dive deep into the amazing roles and purposes God has placed before you and together, we'll make a committment to not allow insecurity to stand in the way of fulfilling those wonderful callings on our lives.

By the end of week three you will:

  • Grow in Appreciation for God's purposes for your life  
  • Finally verbalize to someone else the calling He has placed before you. 
  • Be challenged to fully embrace and confidently step into the role He is leading you to. 
  • Join with the sisterhood to "just say no" to insecurity.  


Becoming a Confident Person 

We'll wrap up with a look at Joshua, a man of courage and faith. What are the characteristics and the learned skills of a confident person? We'll find out together! 

By the end of Week Four you will:

  • Learn how to choose confidence 
  • Identify the pivots you need to make to step into God's purposes
  • Know the building blocks for developing confidence , both internal and external


Join hundreds of others who have experienced the power of God's Word to transform their insecurity. Order your copy of the study below!


About Your Bible Study Mentor:

Arabah Joy is a wife, mom of four, and life-long missionary. Drawing on her years of ministry experience, AJ uses a unique mix of story, coaching, and community to bring spiritual truths to life. She especially enjoys discovering practical ways to apply (implement!) God's word. AJ believes this online Bible study Intensive is a way to be iron-sharpening-iron friends to one another and can't wait to see how the Lord uses it in YOUR life!


How does this work?

It's simple! As soon as you register, you'll receive the study materials straight to your inbox.  

How do I know it's for me?

If you struggle with insecurity OR if you want to be a guide for others in overcoming it, this is for you! If you believe God's word is powerful, relevant, and can equip you for growing in confidence, you are in the right place. 

Does my location matter?

Nope! We have women from all over the globe join in our studies. As long as you can get online (for email and Youtube video access), you're good to go!

Does it matter if I'm new to Bible study?

No! We will do an entire training on our PROSPER Bible study method and will use this method throughout the course. Everyone will be starting from ground zero :) Remember, your goal is to connect with God and experience CHANGE... not perfectly complete a study; so go at your own pace and hold the reigns loosely!

Will this class be available at a later date?

The study materials are available on-demand right here. Although we have done LIVE classes in the past, we do not plan on offering another LIVE version of this particular class in the future. Your best option is to do this self-paced study!

What all do I get with my purchase?

This study bundle includes our mini- training on the PROSPER Bible Study Method (includes one 18 page workbook with instructions, printables, and 5 instructional videos) AND the Choosing Confidence Bible Study Kit (which includes one 36 page study guide with instructions, printables, Scripture readings, and study notes, and 4 weekly wrap up videos with Listening Guides.) In all, you'll get 9 videos and two Bible study workbooks.

When will I receive this class in the mail?

All class materials are digital in nature, meaning you will have online access. You will NOT receive any class materials via snail mail.

I do hope you'll join us! See you soon! ❤️ AJ