Top Christian Sex Blogs: Fantastic Resources for the Christian Marriage

Christian sex should be good. Why? Because God created it good. Before the fall, Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed. It was only after the fall that humans felt shame and the desire to hide their nakedness.

Unfortunately, finding candid, biblical advice to help navigate fallen sexuality can be hard, which is why I’m doing this series on Christian sex, so be sure to check out the entire series! In today’s post, I’m sharing other Christian sex blogs that I’ve found helpful.

I hope they help you as well!


Are you looking for resources about Christian sex? You’ll want to check out these Christian sex blogs as they will bless your marriage!


Best Sex Blogs for Christians:

**Please note, most of my readers are women, so the following resources are geared towards women. However, they are suitable for men as well!


To Love, Honor, and Vacuum  (Sheila Wray Gregoire) Sheila is a wife, mom, author, and speaker who isn’t afraid to “go there.” She regularly answers reader questions on her site and her sex advice is honest, practical, and humorous! She has a way of taking tough subjects and making them easy to talk about. I especially love her 31 Days to Great Sex Challenge. 


Hot, Holy, and Humorous This blog is a great resource with over 800 posts on topics such as oral sex, sexless marriage, and other issues your mom isn’t talking about~ wink. She also does a podcast, Sex Chat for Christian Wives if you’d rather listen than read (just clearly, use earbuds, LOL!)


The Unveiled Wife: Jennifer is a popular blogger who writes about the realities of marriage, including intimacy in marriage. Some of her articles include How to Love Your Husband When He’s Addicted to Porn and When Sex is (Physically) Painful. Just good, honest girl talk here.


The Forgiven Wife: The tagline for this blog is “Learning to Dance with Desire.” After restricting sex in her marriage for many years, the author of this site says she has learned to “dance with delight” and experience the joy of sexual intimacy in marriage. Certainly much wisdom to be gleaned here, from a woman who’s been there.


Desiring God: As you may have noticed, all the blogs above are written by women. That is intentional. I think far too many men are trying to tell women how to do sex and quite frankly, I think that’s ridiculous. We all know men and women are different, especially when it comes to sex! Anyhoo, Desiring God is a site written mostly by men BUT it isn’t a sex blog. It’s a pastoral blog, and the sex advice here is biblical… which makes it extremely useful and helpful to us as women (and men too). For example, one of the questions addressed is, Is Oral Sex Okay for a Christian? Check it out!

Use our list of Christian sex blogs and books as a resource list for improving Christian sex in your marriage.

Focus on the Family: This mega organization has a huge collection of resources and an entire section devoted to sex and intimacy. Here you’ll find page after page of audio downloads and articles talking about real issues related to sex. I’m so grateful for the ministry of Focus on the Family.


The Marriage Bed: This husband and wife site has been around for over twenty years, offering biblical advice and resources. Their experience makes for a well rounded library of information on everything from how sex works to why a Biblical view matters. Have fun digging!


Jolene Engle: This is another popular marriage writer with a nice section on the marriage bed. Her articles include topics like, How Often Should a Wife Initiate Sex and What to Do When You are Sexually Insecure because of your appearance. These are topics  you’d talk over with a good friend… solid, loving advice here.


Today’s Christian Women: While not a sex site, this blog addresses all kinds of issues relating to women, including sex. For example, this article by Dr. Juli Slattery provides 3 questions to answer when it comes to knowing what’s okay to do as Christian couples: Guidelines for Intimacy.


Pure Life Ministries: You can’t talk about sex without addressing the pervasiveness of addiction. This ministry is devoted to helping men and women overcome sexual addiction. They also talk hard issues, such as masturbation and homosexuality and provide several resources and programs for those looking for sexual purity and freedom.


Christian Crush: This site is run by Christian marriage counselor Wyatt Fischer and covers a wide variety of subjects such as dating, spiritual intimacy, and healing emotional wounds. I appreciate this site because a penny of his proactive advice is worth a pound of “cure.”



Best Christian Sex Books:

This includes a few solid marriage books as well ’cause you can’t really separate sex and marriage, right? More for this section is coming soon!

The Meaning of Marriage- by Timothy Keller {Psstt… this is the book that brought Justin Beiber to tears in public this summer.}

Restoring the Pleasure: Complete Step-By-Step Programs to Help Couples Overcome Sexual Barriers— by Clifford & Joyce Penner

Intimate Issues: 21 Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex— by Linda Dillow & Lorraine Pintus

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex- by Sheila Wray Gregoire

Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage –  by Dr. Kevin Lehman

Rethinking Sexuality: God’s Design and Why it Matters– by Dr. Juli Slattery

Sex and the Single Girl- by Dr. Juli Slattery

The Mingling of Souls- by Matt Chandler

Healing Your Marriage When Trust is Broken- by Cindy Bealle



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