Christian, Be Not Afraid

The news lately has done just what terrorists want it to do: strike terror.

Today I read a message from a friend who said:

“My day started out with a blogger mentioning how she may shut down her blog and delete all her social media. Then a few hours later, I encountered this with another blogger. Then this afternoon my mom called me and informed me that she didn’t unfollow me on social media – she just closed her accounts because she’s scared of ISIS hunting her down because she’s Christian.”

In one day, my friend had three people tell her they were shutting down their blogs and means of communication out of fear.

I wonder how many of us are shutting doors, closing hearts, barring entrances and silencing our voices because we are afraid?

The news is disturbing and the world we live in ... and raise our kids in... can be frightening. But we can take heart! Jesus has overcome the world! Here are 5 scripture promises for when you are afraid.

If I may ask, what is it that causes dread in your heart?

Take a minute and think about it because this is a very important question to think through… and vital to understand about ourselves.

I know life can be scary. Fear can be debilitating and unfortunately, is something we are facing today in unprecedented ways.

I find it helpful to remember a few things when facing fear and terror. I’m sharing these solid truths here because I believe times of terror are when the people of God should SHINE… not shudder.

5 Reasons Why Christians Should SHINE… not Shudder… in the Face of Terror:

Christian, be not afraid. Now is your time to SHINE... not shudder, shutter, or shut down. 5 powerful reasons why you should not be afraid!

1. A spirit of fear is not from God. {II Timothy 1:7}

When we start to feel fear and terror, we need to remember this is not from God! God gives us a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. Those are quite the opposite of fear, don’t you think? So when fear begins to affect your decision making ability, STOP. Deal with that ungodly spirit first… then you’ll be in a position to make a healthy, godly decision.

2. ISIS (or cancer, a predator, or fill in the blank) is not your real enemy. {Ephesians 6:12}

The enemy behind the mask is Satan. And the thing he wants from you the most is your faith and confidence in God. If he can shake your faith, he can steal your influence. He can render you inoperative and ineffective in the battle. Warrior, don’t let him have your faith!

3. The only way to fight this battle is with spiritual weapons. {II Corinthians 10:3-6}

Listen, the greatest weapons we have are not guns and tanks and armies. Neither is it by shutting ourselves off and creating a false sense of security. We have already been given the strongest weapons available and they are spiritual. These weapons are strong enough to DEMOLISH strongholds. We fight with the sword of Truth and on our knees. If you do nothing else, pray! Pray God’s Word. Pray Truth. Pray God’s promises. Beseech His character. Get off Facebook, sure… but not because you are afraid. Let it be because you’re doing warfare in your prayer closet!

4. We must never be threatened into silence or cowardliness by the enemy because he lies! {John 8:44}

He lies about his strength and his conquests. He lies about what he can do and how far he can go. He lies about everything. The truth is, all authority has been given to One– Christ Jesus. Not to isis, evil, cancer, or anything else.

No, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know why horrible things happen. But I do know this: When God allows something to happen, it is a calculated move on His part, for a specific reason and for an intended purpose and although I can’t understand those reasons and purposes, I can trust His ability to run the universe. If the earth is His footstool and all things are under His feet, it sounds to me like He’s got things under control. Fear not!

5. Now is not the time to retreat. It’s the time to advance. {Matthew 16:18}

Remember, the gates of hell cannot stop the Kingdom of God. Even though hell itself unleashes it’s venom, hate and cruelty, Jesus has overcome it all. We aren’t fighting FOR victory, we are fighting FROM it. Just as Christ’s followers were sent into a world of hatred and persecution, so are we. This is not new territory for God’s people! It was into this very environment that Christ sent His disciples…and told them to “go” and take the gospel of hope and power to the ends of the earth.

Friends, light shines the brightest in the dark. It is for this reason we are sent. Christ says, “GO! And know I’m with you always, even to the furthest place you go and until the very last day the earth exists.”

So Christian, stop running. Stop fearing. Stop pursuing life in a safe little bubble. Stop letting fear drive your decisions.

Take your torch and lift it high. Storm the beach. Plant your seed. Go into all the world. And know the Almighty- the One with all authority, the One with His feet up- has your back.

My friend Jennifer’s series on prayer is an amazing resource for all kinds of prayers and petitions.


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  1. Yes! I spoke to a group in a local church this week who have been doing my HeBrews study. The Lord impressed on me to speak from 2 Timothy 3. My question to them was in the times in which we live what difference has your time in the book of Hebrews made? Are you so confident in Christ that you can look persecution in the face and be steadfast? I reminded them of the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians who were martyred for their faith. We have to trust that God will give us what we need to stand firm for Him when persecution comes. We must not shrink back. Our faith stands on the shoulders of Christ and all of those, down through the ages, who have been lights for Him.

  2. Hi Arabah
    Thank you for your post. I enjoy your blog posts all the way from South Africa. For a person who deals with depression, anxiety and fear everyday, i know how crippling uncertainty can be especially living in these times. Thank you for the Word. With everything going on around us, we often times forget to look upward and find comfort in the One who in in control. Thank you for the reminder of Who’s Boss :). Sharon X.

  3. Fantastic, Arabah! Your words were so empowering, so uplifting. We do not need to live in the spirit of fear, indeed. Thank you for turning us to the truth of God’s word and away from the lies of the enemy. God’s word always gives us strength and courage, not fear and cowering. Just what I needed to be reminded of in these times we are in.

  4. WHY I LOVE YOU, Friend!! So good! I’m going to reblog this over at my place okay?? Oh and PS check your email, I sent you a note!! <3 Stay strong in Jesus, Sister!! :)

  5. I love this in every way. The people in my life who bear the strongest testimony are the ones who face every trial – even when it comes in the form of their worst nightmare – with calm steadfastness, looking to God as their strength. This is supernatural; it is only possible by the grace of God. But the thing is, He doesn’t give that grace to us ahead of time. It doesn’t come until we need it. What must come ahead of time is OUR choice to believe that His promise will be true even if our own worst nightmares come to pass.

    And thank you for sharing with your readers about my prayer series. My heart’s desire is to point others toward our great God and Savior, who is more than able to provide for our every need in all seasons. I’m so glad we’re co-laborers to that end! Love you, friend.

  6. I have lived in Europe in each morning we had to look under our cars to make sure there was no bomb, I have gone to Israel twice during an upheaval, I went to Eygpyt just after the first Christians were killed and England too. My God is able to keep me no matter where I go. The one things I must remember is that my days here are in His hand and my home is not on this earth. II Timothy 1:7 and Matt 10:28 both speak about us not fearing. The last one is Psalm 118:6 the Lord is with me,I WILL NOT be afraid. Oh, Christian where is your faith.

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this encouragement my friend.

    These are hard times and they can be frightening but we have the Lord to lean into, to support us, and to comfort us.

    My heart breaks with what’s happening in the world. The fear and the sadness can be crushing but now, more than ever, people need hope… and we are the ones that are to bring that message of hope.

    Bless you my friend.

  8. What a timely and encouraging post, Arabah!

    There is so much fear and dread amongst God’s people right now. And, your words offer comfort and perspective!

    I liked this post so much that I’m sharing it this afternoon on Facebook.

    Hope you have a blessed day~

  9. OH.GIRL.YES!!! Thank you!!
    My husband and I talk about the covenant of protection we have with God! Yes, destruction and sorrow are present, but for all the reasons you stated, we must not fear!!

  10. thank you for bringing us back to the Truth! When we take our eyes off of the Lord, we become afraid. Sometimes we need each other to help us remember; to take us back to scripture in time of need.

  11. Arabah, my dear friend. I love your heart for God’s people. Tozer said once, “A real Christian would have no anxiety because they know the God they turn to,”

    I was asked “what are you afraid of?” and then with a trembling heart I knew – I just knew (and I wrote a piece on it a few years ago). My fear was deception. The lie we tell ourselves is a lie trenched in. When we come out of the shadows we know the truth. I love what Jesus called in Holy Spirit in John – I must go, but I’m sending you the Spirit of truth…..

    Knowing God and reading Christian biographies (seeking the ancient paths) shows us God’s faithfulness.

    Did you know our Chinese Christians do not ask, “Will I be put in prison for my faith?” but “When will I be put in prison for my faith?”

    When Corrie ten Boom was in the concentration camp she and Betsy walked hand in hand knowing it was not the two walking together but three. In WWII Christian missions died on the Baatan March. Women missionaries in the China Inland Mission buried their children in the soil they gave their lives for.

    We are Christians – He will prepare us for the present, the future and heaven. “They overcame them by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.”

    This is why I write A Yielded Heart. I’m going to write more about the people of the yielded heart so people will not be afraid and encouraged to walk in the path set out for them. Let us boldly seek the ancient paths as we step into our future of courage and faith.

    Uniquely yours in Him, Chris~

  12. Excellent response. I have been praying for the victims and families of recent terrorist attacks and especially for the terrorists, their families and pre-terrorists. Sometimes it is difficult to embrace the idea that God, the Creator of the Universe, loves each individual equally and wants each of us to love Him and spend eternity with Him…..even terrorists or maybe, especially terrorists who have time to repent, for usurping God’s right to control life and death. Figure God loved Hitler and would have welcomed Him into the fold if he repented….but my human nature kind of hopes he didn’t….tsk, tsk, on me.

  13. Great post! On the morning after the Paris attacks I opened my Bible to read during my regular daily time with God. Yes, I was fearful after being inundated with the constant talk of the threat of terrorism the night before (even though I don’t live anywhere near where there is a real threat), but the first verse I just “happen” to read was “Let not your heart be troubled” and I almost laughed out loud. God was not being subtle that morning! He spoke loudly and clearly! How good He is!

    Fear has been a constant companion most of my life. The five points you shared really hit the nail on the head and express so much better than I ever could (oh.. to be a writer) the truth about fear. Thanks so much for this timely post.

  14. This is very important and very encouraging especially at this time. My country has been hit by terrorists a couple of times, so some times, it gets scary going to public places. However, one thing that has kept me pushing and calm is the promises of God. I would confess and profess them over and over and hence i feel more relaxed. I would profess Psalms 91 and declare God’s goodness and favour over my life, my family’s life and my countrymates’ lives. Thank you so much for this. God bless you.

  15. I salute you sister all the way from England, UK! Thank you so much for this write up. Reading about what happened in Paris filled me with a lot of anger. Thanks for helping bring my focus back to what matters, to stop focusing on the propaganda of the enemy, Satan. My days as an enlisted soldier of the Army of the Lord is to be spent praying and advancing the kingdom, Not on fear, Not on anger or anything else the enemy will have me waste my emotions on. Thank YOU!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the visit and for commenting… welcome! Many of us are angry and also just terrified of what this all means. You are right, this is propaganda of the enemy and we need each other to remind us of truth. Thanks for being part of the Lord’s army and for encouraging me with your comment.

  16. I want to stand up on my chair and cheer! This is such an important message because there’s fear all around us, and the news networks are possibly the biggest purveyors of fear. I think #1 is HUGE, just STOPPIMG to REMEMBER that fear is not from God. Period. Sharing this on facebook later today.

  17. Fantastic post, Arabah!
    I find it interesting that a few of us in the Christian blogging community have felt compelled to speak out against fear this week. I too have been so disturbed by the level of fear, as well as anger and hatred, that I’ve seen coming from Christians this past week. I’ve felt God calling me to shout out the same verses from His Word – do not be afraid! My prayer now is that people will hear what He is trying to tell them, through bloggers like you and me, and they will find His peace, no matter what is going on in the world. One of the ways I am trying to draw people to His is to tag my posts on Twitter and Facebook with #InGodWeTrust. I will be sharing your article and tagging it. As you continue to share this important message, I hope you’ll do the same. May we begin a faith revolution online! May God bless and keep you.

  18. I love your ministry Sister. I’ve had little time to pop into blogs, but this title is so appropriate for today and coming from one ‘one the field’ who has faced it down – your encouragement is a blessing for those who are just now facing the giant. Your faithfulness and diligence is a blessing!

    Praying for you.

  19. On point, Arabah! I was living in Estonia last year when Putin was invading the Ukraine…family wanted us to come home since they were threatening to hit the Baltic States next. (thankfully that still hasn’t happened) But I was not afraid! We did not head home early but stayed, sharing the Gospel. In two weeks we are to be in Haiti, again, family are encouraging us to stay home, lol. Of course Haiti is not overrun with ISIS but no matter what happens, when it happens, or where it happens, I am in God’s hands. Sharing His Gospel is the best way to spend our time and no matter where we are we should keep looking up. Our hope is in HIM, not in this world. Eyes on You, Lord! Eyes on YOU! ♥

  20. Thank you for all the uplifting reminders in a day where fear is all around us. For we know that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7. We must continue to learn to trust God alone, not fear man.

  21. Yes! Thank you for this! I’m reminded to run to God with my fears because He has a plan for me and I can depend on that plan. I think that with all of the terror and tragedies going on the world that it should really make us think of the importance of living intentional each and every day like it is our last. This world is not our home!

  22. Thank you so much! I have read this over and over! Truths that I need to remember. Truth that needs to be shared. I also was recently reminded that Satan, the father of lies does not have that much power, but he has lots of intimidation (the appearance of power) that he uses on us to get us in a place of fear and acting out of fear. Your post is so helpful. God is amazing! (It has also be encouraging to read all the comments…..Love you ladies that took your time too!)

  23. I love this post! It’s so timely. I found you via Faith Like Dirty Diapers. I love the line “Plant your seed”. I have this thing on my blog that is called Small Seeds. It’s about about doing little things to make this world a better place…”growing in faith and compassion”. Christians have the obligation to do these things. We must shine the light in the darkness, like Christ is the light of the world. It is our privilege!

  24. A brilliant, brave, and timely post. Thanks for the excellent reminder that God is still in control!

    “And know the Almighty- the One with all authority, the One with His feet up- has your back”

    Love this line!

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