Choosing Confidence and Overcoming Insecurity: A Bible Study for Women

What does the Bible say about insecurity? Join us for this overcoming insecurity Bible study, as we dig in to Bible stories about confidence.


Have you ever wondered how to overcome insecurity?

If you are like most women, overcoming insecurity doesn’t just happen. You need solid truth for dealing with it and putting insecurity in its place.

After a recent throw down match with insecurity (I won, btw), I did a search about confidence in the Bible by searching, “What does the Bible say about insecurity” and got back a few good results. BUT…

What does the Bible say about insecurity? Read about the Choosing Confidence and Overcoming Insecurity Bible Study


But honestly, most of what I found wasn’t too terribly helpful.


It wasn’t very practical. It was more surface level (like a summary of the topic in the Bible) and it didn’t come with a set of godly friends to bounce ideas off of, power through with, and help encourage me to good works.

Those things do help :)

I honestly think insecurity is one of those things we best overcome while in community with others.

We see insecurity in the Bible in the lives of characters like Moses, Timothy, and Saul. And we see them stepping out in COMMUNITY to address the issue.

I’ve spend a lot of time studying these Biblical characters and the good news is that their stories CAN help us re-write our stories from insecure to secure, timid to confident. These are Bible stories about confidence that started by overcoming insecurity.

Yes! The word of God IS indeed alive and active! We’re going to talk about some biblical keys to overcoming insecurity in this post, but first, I want to ask you a personal question:

Have you ever let an opportunity slip through your fingers because of insecurity? 

What does God say about insecurity? Bible stories about confidence can inspire us to choose confidence in the face of insecurity.

I remember the first time it happened to me. I was starting 6th grade at a new private school. It was orientation day and all the kids were huddled around the class roster posted on the classroom doors.

I was the new kid. The outsider. Since this was a Christian school, most everyone else had grown up in this school.

Two girls approached me. “You must be…” and they said my name. “Wanna walk around the campus with us?”

I was so scared, so insecure that anyone would like or include me, that I told them no.

I actually told them no.

They looked shocked, then shrugged their shoulders and walked off.

Honestly, I was relieved. I was “safe.”

The year continued to go much the same way. The girls all thought I was a snob. I was okay with that because it was better than them knowing the humiliating truth: I was terrified.

That’s the first…but not the last… time my insecurity cost me relationships. True friendship. Intimacy. Personal growth through being real, honest, and transparent.

What about you, can you relate? What has insecurity cost you?

Sleepless nights?

Deep connection?

A dream job?

The adventure of a lifetime?

Truly exercising your gifts?

If you’re like me, when you realize what insecurity has cost you, it’s clear that overcoming insecurity needs to become a priority ASAP! Unfortunately, insecurity isn’t something we necessarily grow out of when we graduate high school. We must take deliberate steps to crush it in our lives. We have to consider – what does God say about insecurity in our lives?

We must master it… or it will marginalize us.

Overcoming Insecurity: How to Choose Confidence

an outdoor scene with an overlay that reads The Key to Overcoming Insecurity


Overcoming Insecurity Tip #1: Overcoming insecurity starts with identifying it in our lives and recognizing the high cost it carries.

Until we are dissatisfied with the way insecurity has robbed us, marginalized us, and marked us, we will never be motivated to take action and do things differently.

That’s why I asked you up there ^^^ if you’d ever been marginalized by insecurity. I want you to really think about it and understand the damage it’s done in your own life. Because NOW you are ready to take action!

Once we are honest with ourselves about the effects of insecurity in our lives, we then can make the choice to fight back.

Overcoming Insecurity Tip #2: Realize that confidence is a choice. Then start choosing it.

This was actually one of the most liberating truths I discovered when I began studying the topic of insecurity in the Bible. We have the ability to choose confidence!

Confidence isn’t a personality trait (although it does come more naturally to some than others). It’s a skill that can be learned and a choice that can be chosen.

Or if you prefer, my good friend (who is a social skills coach) told me, “Confidence is an emotion and you can control your emotions.”

So, so good!

The best news is that Scripture points the way for us when it comes to insecurity, from principles and precepts to stories and examples, instructing us how to avoid the pitfalls of insecurity and write a different story.

If you are ready to be done with insecurity, I’d like to personally invite you to dive into the Scriptures together and let them change YOUR story. For the better.

Being a woman of Confidence is possible! Let the Word of God show you how...

Four hundred and forty nine women went through the LIVE Choosing Confidence Bible Study Intensive with me recently and it was revolutionary! Here’s what some of them had to say:


“Hi, this study (is) changing something in me! Thank you so much!” Beth


“I’m enjoying this study Arabah Joy, it’s really opening my eyes to the word. Thank~you for that!” Charlotte


“Day One was amazing! I’ve never looked at Scripture like this before (using this technique). It’s like someone took the blinders off and I’m seeing God’s word in a whole new light!” Kim


“For the first time I understand how people could actually enjoy reading the Bible. It finally feels alive.” Lindsey


“Arabah Joy, I joined this Bible study because of its goal of transformation over information. Thank you for this well thought-out process to help us delve deeper into what the Bible says to us.” Martha

What does the Bible say about insecurity? Join us for this overcoming insecurity Bible study, as we dig in to Bible stories about confidence.

Now it’s your turn! Are you ready to apply God’s Word to this area of insecurity in your life? If so, you’ll definitely want to grab our Choosing Confidence 4-week Bible Study.

>> To see the Bible Study contents and to grab your own copy of Choosing Confidence,  please click here. <<

I can’t wait to hear what happens in YOUR life with the overcoming insecurity Bible study. :)

Together, let’s choose confidence.


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