Choosing Confidence Scripture Writing Challenge

All my life I’ve struggled with insecurity. Since childhood, I never felt I measured up. Never enough. Trust me when I say, these feelings and beliefs have marginalized me in so many ways.

Even though I’m now in my forties, and know better, old habits die hard, don’t they?

As I’ve studied the Scriptures on the topic, I’ve been blessed to learn battle tactics from people like Moses, Joshua, and others.

Speaking of Moses, have you noticed how God addressed insecurity in his life?

Use this Choosing Confidence Scripture Writing Challenge to overcome insecurity. You can become a woman of confidence through applying the truths and promises in God

We see God’s path out of insecurity in His responses to Moses’s arguments.

God’s responses show that the core answer to our insecurity lies in understanding our God.

(That’s worth reading again!)

It’s clear our confidence has to be rooted in the character and nature of God. This is true, rock-solid God confidence!


Psst…We deep dive into this in the Choosing Confidence study! 


Daniel 11:32b says, “But the people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits.”

When we know our God, we are strong, not timid or insecure, and we step out and do mighty things. Our faith overcomes our fear. We believe what God says… about Himself and about ourselves.

What we believe at our core about GOD is far more important than how we see ourselves, value ourselves, or think of ourselves. We need to get this, ladies!! 

To help grow in the area of God-confidence, I created a 31-day Scripture challenge. This challenge is centered around God and how well we know Him.

If you are asking the question, “How can I overcome insecurity?” then this challenge is for you!

This 31 Day Scripture reading plan will help you overcome insecurity and choose confidence instead.

Introducing the Choosing Confidence Scripture Writing Challenge

For each day during the month, we are looking up a scripture and prayerfully allowing the character of God to shape our understanding and build our confidence.

I’ve now completed the challenge myself and found it a power-house! Here’s what I did to make it super practical.

I printed the challenge sheet (below) and each day, looked up the day’s Scripture. Then I grabbed my notebook and, from the day’s scripture, used this simple fill in the blanks template. :

“God is ________________; therefore I am/can ___________________.”

By the way, I like to simply restate what the verse states, implies, or infers. Some days I needed to really meditate a bit to get my blanks filled in, but meditation is one of my favorite ways to interact with Scripture. 😉

I suggest grabbing a notebook and downloading the Choosing Confidence Scripture Writing Challenge sheet and using the template above to do the same!

Wondering how to overcome insecurity? This 31 Day Scripture Reading Plan is for you!


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I’ve done many challenges on this blog and love them all but I have to say, I’m excited about this particular challenge because the entire thing is rooted in the character of God. I also love it because:

1. It’s powerful. We’re injecting truth straight into our insecurity.
2. It’s simple! One verse a day and some meditation.
3. It’s a repetitive exercise, which translates into new habits (in thinking and action).

I believe this one simple thing can be HUGE in addressing fear and insecurity in our lives. Growing and rooting our confidence in the understanding of God is key!

Need a biblical path for overcoming insecurity and becoming a woman of confidence? Here


Regardless of when you are starting this challenge, I invite you to post your daily scriptures and insights on Instagram using the hashtag #choosingconfidence. This will help us find and encourage each other.  Be sure to tag me in your posts as well so I’m sure to see them!


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  1. Arabah, this study sounds so powerful! I’m excited to try it and thankful that you collected these versus for us to meditate on. Moses is my favorite person from the Old Testament because I can definitely identify with his confidence struggles. Can’t wait to see what God does through this!😀

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