As Your Child Heads Back to School… 5 Powerful Prayers for Your Child

Have your children started back to school yet?

Mine begin in just a few days and I’m both nervous and excited.

Nervous because this is a new school for my kids yet again, and one of my kids is starting college!  ?

But excited because I’m believing for tremendous growth academically and spiritually in their lives. God is able to do abundantly above and beyond what we ask or even think. Amen!

Ok, confession… I’m also ready to have a long quiet time again :)

I’ve gotten so much out of the 40 Day Praying the Promises Challenges we’ve done over the years that I thought to share some of my favorite Scripture promises I love to pray over my kids.  What a blessing to link arms with so many others as we storm the heavens on behalf of our children.

Oh, I’ve had some ask if this is only for moms. No, absolutely not! My husband is praying these Scriptures with me too. He told me this morning how much he is enjoying this prayer challenge! 

But it can also be used by Grandparents, teachers, aunts/uncles… anyone really, with a heart to pray for the children in your life. Whatever role you are in, I hope these Scripture prayers will motivate you to be diligent because you are making a difference!

5 back to school prayers for your child

5 Back to School Prayers for Your Children:


  1. For wise teachers and adults to invest in the lives of our children (Proverbs 22:6, 27:17)

“Lord, help me and other adults in his/her life to direct (child’s name) onto the right path this school year. When (child’s name) is older, help them not to leave the right path they’ve been guided towards. Send some wise people into (child’s name)’s life this year to sharpen and teach him/her.  Please send a godly friend his/her way and allow the proverb to be true in (child’s name)’s life, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”

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2. For God’s Word to guide their path and guard their steps (Psalm 119:9)

Dear Father, my heart longs to see my child waling in the truth, shunning sin, and living in purity. But when I think of the world that kids today are growing up in, sometimes I feel so discourage and helpless. Help me to believe your word that says (child’s name) can live holy and blamelessly before You if she lives according to Your word. May Your word dwell in her heart by faith, like a little living seed, quickened by Your life-giving Spirit. Help me, Father, to share and model Your word to (child’s name) in a winsome, beautiful way, and help me be faithful to guide her in hiding Your precious promises in her heart so that she might not sin against You. May your law be written on her heart, not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, so that her heart delights to do Your will and her steps do not slip. I praise You, God, for Your powerful, soul-cleansing word, and I entrust my child into Your hands.


3. For a steady heart that seeks the Lord and dwells in peace (Psalm 34:4)

Lord, I pray that (child’s name) will learn to seek Your face in hard times and trials. May he understand that true peace only comes from seeking You and dwelling in Your presence.

4. For feet that run away from evil and towards righteousness (II Timothy 2:22).

Teach (child’s name) that running is good, Lord. Help him develop early the habit of running from youthful lusts. Give him the spiritual eyes to spot ungodly desires in his own heart early… and quicken His heart to run away from those things that would stimulate it. Allow (child’s name) to run after righteousness, faithfulness, love for You and others, and peace. And Lord, please help (child’s name) make godly choices when it comes to friends. Send him godly friends who call on Your name and whose hearts are pure. Like Daniel had godly friends in his life, so allow (child’s name) to have godly friends in his.


5. For a godly impact and influence (Philippians 1:14-15)

Lord, this is certainly an evil and perverse world that our children are growing up in. We need the next generation to rise up and proclaim Your excellencies, shine Your light, proclaim Your truth, and stand for righteousness. I pray that (child’s name) will be a bright light in a dark world. One of the chief ways that is done is by refraining from grumbling, complaining, and arguing. I pray I would be an example to her in this and pray (child’s name) will not have an argumentative spirit but a humble one, a teachable one. I pray for (child’s name) and her siblings to be kind and tenderhearted towards one another. Jesus, help the atmosphere of our home be one of love, joy, and peace… full of Christ! Let us shine like diamonds in the darkness.

If you are like me, it can be hard to be consistent in my prayer life. That’s one of the main reasons why I have a prayer journal- it is pre-organized so all I need to do is open it up and start praying God’s word. And We have a BRAND NEW Mother’s Legacy physical prayer journal to help you pray for your kids this year! This journal will help you cultivate a consistent prayer life for your kids while praying the promises of God’s word over them. Check out a sample entry below!

Our prayer is that this resource equips you to effectively pray God’s word on a consistent basis. Let’s do this!

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