How to Use Biblical Declarations to Start Your Day

Are you ready to learn how to use Biblical declarations to start your day with  morning Scripture? You can fight -and win!- spiritual battles before they even come by using the Word of Truth at the start of your day to equip your heart and mind. 

The reason why many fail in battle is because they wait until the hour of battle. The reason why others succeed is because they have gained the victory on their knees long before the battle came.” R.A. Torrey

What is the hour of battle, dear one? The truth is, you just don’t know. 

Are you ready to take your mornings by storm? Check out how to use Biblical Declarations to start you day!

Often the moment of battle appears suddenly: you battle for self control when someone hurts you and you want to lash out, you battle for grace and kindness when a child exasperates you with their rebellion, you battle for your marriage when you choose to extend unconditional love and forgiveness when you could easily choose offense.

No, you do not know when it is coming or what it will bring when it comes; you know only that it will come.

And, thankfully, you can stand victorious in it

In fact, as Torrey points out, you can gain the victory long before the battle ever comes to you…on your knees! It’s all about how you start your morning.

The Word of God is powerful. Jesus Himself used it to counter the attacks of Satan when He was fasting in the wilderness. You, too, can wield the sword of the Word in victory.

But first you must declare God’s word so that you are standing in a place of victory before the battle comes your way. You do this in two primary ways:


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Why Biblical Declarations are Effective


Biblical declarations are powerful and effective; there’s no doubt that the Word never returns void and those who stand on it are anchored securely.


This is not some secret recipe or spell you’re casting, though. No, God’s not some genie in a bottle, there to grant your wishes.


This is a way to read the Word, hide it in your heart, and pray it according to God’s plan. And then -because He hears and faithfully answers in a way that works for your good and His glory- watch God move on your behalf.


It renews your mind (Romans 12:1-2), sets your heart on godly things (Colossians 3:2), and prepares you to fight against the inevitable attacks launched by the enemy of your soul (Psalm 144:1-2).


Using Biblical declarations is an effective strategy to walk throughout your day in victory not because it makes you stronger, but because you are intentionally placing yourself in the care of the Almighty.


Yes, the Word is a sword, but your shield? God is your shield, Beloved. And He can protect you from any storm, any attack, anything at all. He is the able, strong, mighty Lover of your Soul.


How To Use Biblical Declarations to Start Your Day

You, precious one, are the Bride of Christ…but instead of a bouquet of fragrant smelling flowers, your bouquet is worship that arises to His throne. But you are also a warrior who carries a sword: the Sword of the Word and the Lord Of Heaven’s Armies fights for you. 

That means when the battles come, you are well armed and well equipped. To use Biblical declarations you first read the Word and then you declare it in prayer.

If you need some help finding verses for this, here are some morning Scriptures to pray.

For instance, maybe you will read this verse:

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10


Do you want to start your day with Biblical declarations? Are you ready to start in a place of victory, before the battle even comes your way? Then declare it in prayer!


Dear Lord, today I stand victorious and unafraid because I am not alone. You are here and You are my God. Thank you for strengthening me and helping me. I praise You because You have upheld me and will never let me fall.

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What Happens When You Start Your Day With God & Godly Authority?

This might be a new idea to you and you’re probably wondering how to get started. You just do!


Open the Bible and look for a verse to pray tomorrow and begin with your Biblical declarations! There’s no time like the present.


Whenever you do your devotions and see a verse that would make a great biblical declaration to pray and cling to, write it down on an index card and tuck it in your Bible or the drawer of your bed stand.


And you will begin to see things change. Life may not get easier and the battles will still come, but you -in the power of the Lord- are stronger and ready to fight against them. Stand in the bold authority of one whose God is bigger and stronger than anything in this world, like David before Goliath, and know who will be victorious.


Lisa Yvonne encourages and equips women with resources to apply the hope of the Gospel to their marriages, parenting, and personal faith. She is a wife, mom of 8, missionary, coach for Christian women entrepreneurs. Come visit her at Graceful Abandon and find resources to deepen your faith and apply the Gospel to your everyday life.

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  1. Thank you – for many reasons, I needed to be reminded and encouraged to begin my day declaring the Word of God and calling upon His promises throughout the day.

    Blessings to you for the encouragement and reminder!

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