25+ Bible Study Gifts {Bible Study Gift Giving Guide}

Are you looking for the perfect, meaningful gift for someone who loves to spend time in God’s Word? If so, then you’re in the right place because today I’m sharing some wonderful Bible study gifts!

I love giving gifts that are not only meaningful but also can enrich the recipient’s life.  That’s why Bible study gifts are perfect!

So what are my go-to Bible Study gifts? You’ll find them below. Enjoy!

This Bible Study Gift Giving Guide is full of wonderful Christian gift giving ideas!


Best Bible Study Gift Ideas

1).  Bible Study Journals

In my book, a journal is a MUST! Journals are a great way to capture your thoughts, discoveries, and questions during Bible study time, as well as record daily prayer requests.  They are also great at recording what God has done to reflect upon and remember later.

Have an urgent prayer?  Jot it down.  How about all the little things you are grateful for?  Record those as well.  This way you can look back and see the hand of God moving in your life.  Here are some great options for Bible Journal gifts.


2).  A Great Study Bible

Bible study wouldn’t be complete without an amazing study Bible.  A study Bible is a great resource for diving deep.  Jot down important dates, highlight your favorite passages, or even color code things in a manner that makes the most sense to you.  With a study Bible, you can make your time in the word more personal and meaningful.

This Bible study gift giving guide is full of recommendations for the person who loves to dig in to God's Word!

3).  Bible Study Highlighters, Pencils, and Stickers

These Bible study gifts are perfect for that special person in your life who already has a favorite journal or Bible.  What else can you get for them?  Bible study tools of course!  You can never go wrong with highlighters, pens, or stickers designed just for Bible study time. They make great stocking stuffers and all consumable, meaning you can never have enough of them!  :) These tools can make Bible study so much.

4).  Bible Study Guides

Do you have a favorite Bible study guide or workbook? With so many available, you can find a study for just about anything.  What would that special person in your life love to learn more about?  You can never go wrong with a great Bible study guide.


5).  Bible Study Maps & More

And the geek in me comes out! :) There are so many ways to dig deeper into Bible study.  The gift of Bible study books – dictionary, concordance, or maps – adds detail and dimension to God’s Word.  These Christian gifts take Bible study to the next level.  Here are a few favorites.


Check out our Best Bible Study Gift Giving Guide

6).  Bible Study Storage Solutions

Of course you need a place to keep all the goodness, and this set of Bible study gifts are ideal for storing your resources! I have a Bible Study basket I keep my Bible study supplies in and I can tell you, it’s convenient having my Bible study tools all stored together.  This saves me from hunting down that one book I can’t seem to find or the index cards that keep disappearing. Been there. Plus it eliminates clutter and keeps everything looking nice and neat.  It’s a win/win.  Check out these great storage solution gift ideas!


7).  Beautiful Bible Covers

Everyone loves a beautiful Bible cover!  Did you know they even have covers that double as an organizer? Yep, sure do! These covers not only protect your Bible, but also add a layer of personalization to your Bible.  Grab one of these Bible covers for your special someone!


8). Bible Verse Wall Art

Imagine your favorite Bible Verse on your wall! Christian Walls offers many custom and unique options for having your favorite scripture on your wall. Having God’s word as a daily reminder in your bedroom, living room or anywhere else is a powerful reminder of his love. Check them out!


Whether you are looking for a few little extras to slip into a stocking, or want to put together an entire Bible study basket for your someone special, I hope these ideas help you find just the right Christian gifts for your loved one.

Are there Bible study gifts that I’ve missed? What would YOU love to see in your Bible study package?


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