Bible Journaling

Bible journaling has come en vogue over the past several years as a way to creatively express our worship to God. While it’s easy to get caught up in how to do Bible journaling, the point of journaling is to focus your heart and mind on the Scriptures, allow the Lord to speak, and express your response and worship to Him in return.

In this post, I’m going to share a variety of Bible journaling ideas and tips, as well as share easy ways to get started with examples and resources. I’ll even share why you may NOT want to do Bible journaling. This post is comprehensive and packed full of goodness so if you are wondering how to get started with Bible journaling, you’ll want to hang out for awhile!

Learn how to get started with Bible journaling, read our best Bible journaling tips, find great resources for Bible journaling in this comprehensive Bible journaling guide.


Get Started with Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling Tips for Beginners – If you’re looking for Bible journaling tips for beginners, we’ve got you covered! We’re sharing awesome tips and tricks for jump-starting your Bible journaling!

Easy Bible Journaling for the Non-artist – Bible journaling isn’t just for the artists in our midst! You needn’t have the beautiful Pinterest worthy pages- it’s for everyone, and here are some tips for the non-artist.

5 Steps to Bible Journaling for Beginners – Did you know that you can still do Bible journaling even if you feel like a non-artist Bible journaler? Use these 5 steps to Bible journaling for beginners.

Ultimate Bible Journaling Glossary – This Bible journaling glossary will help you understand traditional Bible journaling. Learn Bible journaling terms & be prepared to start Bible journaling.

How to start Bible journaling: For Beginners – If you are wondering how to get started with Bible journaling, this post gives one simple method with tools to begin.

7 Simple Bible Journaling Methods for Beginners – Are you ready to get started Bible journaling? Looking for some inspiration? Read this post for 7 simple Bible journaling methods for beginners.


Bible Journaling Ideas

9 Easy and Simple Bible Journaling Ideas – If you’re looking for Bible journaling ideas or Bible journaling techniques, be sure to read these 9 easy and simple Bible journaling ideas.

How to do Bible Journaling – If you’re learning how to do Bible journaling, you’ll want to try these unique & easy ways to do Bible journaling. You can even journal without your Bible.

How to do Bible Journaling in a Notebook – Have you tried Bible journaling in a planner? How about Bible journaling in a notebook? These are 6 reasons I love Bible journaling in a notebook.

3 Ways to Use Bible Journaling Coloring Pages –  If you’re looking for some new ways to Bible journal, Bible journaling coloring pages can be helpful. Read these ways to Bible journal with coloring sheets.

6 Hand Lettering Tips for Beginner Bible Journaling – Have you tried hand lettering your favorite Scripture verses? Read these 6 hand lettering tips for beginner journaling.

Bible Journaling for KidsIf you’re looking for ideas for Bible study for young children, be sure to check out these options for journaling for kids. See the resources we have for journaling for children.


Bible Journaling Resources

25+ Best Bible Journaling Accessories – Are you looking for Bible journaling supplies? We have you covered with our choice of 25+ best Bible journaling accessories, including journaling Bibles.

4 FREE and Easy Bible Journaling Templates – If you’re looking for Bible journaling templates, be sure to see the free and easy Bible journaling templates we’re featuring in this post.

30 Favorite Bible Journaling Verses You Should Try – If you like Bible journaling, we have a list of Bible journaling verses you should try. Grab the list and learn how verse journaling changed my life.

FREE Bible Journaling Designs for BeginnersDo you enjoy drawing and journaling? Be sure to grab this simple flower design and see these Bible journaling designs for journaling during your quiet time.

Why NOT to do Bible Journaling Is journaling deceiving you? Read some of our concerns and see if you’ve fallen victim to any of these traps.


Have you wondered about Bible journaling? Our complete Bible journaling guide shares all you need to know: Bible journaling tips, easy ways to get started with Bible journaling, even resources for Bible journaling.