7 Simple Bible Journaling Methods for Beginners

Over the past few months as I researched Bible journaling, I discovered it isn’t just for the artistic (good thing too or otherwise, I’d be in trouble!) If you are looking for some simple Bible journaling inspiration, I encourage you to try any (or all!) of these simple Bible journaling methods for beginners.

7 Simple Bible Journaling Methods

Are you ready to get started Bible journaling? Looking for some inspiration? Read this post for 7 simple Bible journaling methods for beginners.


A variety of expressions exist with Bible journaling and these can be enjoyed by complete novices, those with intermediate abilities, and people with advanced artistic skills. It’s a great way to incorporate creativity into your Bible study!

The work of Bible journaling is often done slowly, allowing you to soak up the words on which you are working, beautifying your Bible or journal at the same time. If you are not comfortable with drawing in the Bible you use the most, you can always purchase a copy specifically for this purpose or even use a journal.

This is a hobby you can also share with your children or friends, as it can accommodate people from a number of age groups. Some churches or Christian bookstores offer space for groups of women to come together and fellowship over this shared interest.

Below are some of my favorite ways to Bible journal. These are even suitable for a non-artist like me and provide Bible journaling inspiration for beginners! Check out these seven ways you too can easily add vibrancy to your journal or personal copy of the Scriptures. Are you ready to get started Bible journaling?

7 Simple Bible Journaling Methods


Banner with Verse

A simple banner with a verse, phrase, or word written inside is a celebratory way to display short statements or promises from God. I especially love those that remind me of the victory I have in Christ.

Usually drawn in the margins of the pages, you can find a number of easy tutorials that show you how to create a beautiful design.

Check out the video below showing how and where to incorporate banners in your Bible journaling.

Use a Simple Flower

One of the easiest ways  to start decorating your Bible is through drawing flowers. Now if you’re a non-artist like me, drawing anything sounds scary! But truly, this is super simple!! Even I can do it, lol!

Flowers are often used to create lovely adornments on a page and can be both drawn as a standalone flower starting from the margin and expanding toward the text… or try drawing them as clusters of flower heads used to frame the page.

As with other Bible journaling approaches, these can also be Googled to find an array of simple patterns to follow. You can stay as basic as you would like, because even a simple flower is beautiful!

To get started, try one of the flower designs in this video!

Stickers and Washi Tape

Washi tape is a fun option, as it comes in a HUGE variety of textures using natural fibers and an almost endless assortment of colors and designs. It can usually be removed with ease, and allows you to construct various patterns or a block of mixed designs.

Use washi tape to border your page or you can even write Bible verses on the tape, one word or a few words per piece, until you have transcribed an entire verse.

They also look pretty when mixed and used in a column in the margin of a page to illustrate a theme or to highlight a scripture from the text.

Check out these fun ways to use washi tape in your Bible journaling:

Hand Lettering

Beautiful cursive fonts are all the rage right now among people who both write in their Bible or journal in separate notebooks. These letters usually contain embellishments and can be learned by studying models online or by researching a bit of calligraphy.

I’m not a hand letterer. Just felt the need to get that straight, ha!

However, I’ve learned that simply using my own writing is “good enough” when it comes to Bible journaling. It doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect to be meaningful, and that’s what we’re after when it comes to Bible journaling methods- a meaningful way of connecting with God.

We have an entire post here on how to use hand-letting in your Bible journaling.

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Color Coding

This process serves as a visual aid to help categorize Scriptures according to themes. You can start by purchasing a set of highlighters and either develop your own charting system or use one already in existence. After reading a passage of text, you would highlight the various verses with the color that matches its genre.

We have a color coding chart and bookmark you can download and print right here. I love this simple way to incorporate color into my Bible time!

These simple Bible journaling methods provide you with ways to get started Bible journaling. Check out this Bible journaling inspiration for beginners and try these journaling approaches.



Stencils allow you to flex your creative muscles, regardless of natural ability, as they provide a model for adding flourishes and a variety of shapes and symbols to your page. In addition, you can insert shapes, such as musical notes, lines, dots, dashes, hearts, feathers, flowers, and more.

You can emphasize themes by choosing designs that highlight a text’s overarching meaning, such as using a feather with a verse about being safe under the wings of God. You can also use color to make various elements stand out.

Obviously, it’s another of my favorites for good reason :)



An array of websites offer free printables that have artwork for you to trace into your Bible or journal. These typically consist of integrated designs that say, contain a flower pot with a lovely bloom, a sky, sun, and mountains, and Bible verses weaved throughout. Tracing allows a novice to copy something well beyond her skill level.


Tracing templates usually combine elements of hand lettering, embellishments, bright colors, flowers, and other flourishes, setting them off to stunning visual effect. Simply search for the themes you are most interested in… or even by passage… and enjoy, because the sky is truly the limit.

If you're looking for Bible journaling methods for beginners, read through these 7 approaches to journaling. Find Bible journaling inspiration for beginners or long-time journalers.

There you have 7 of my favorite ways to Bible journal with ease. Bible journaling can provide a soothing activity for people who want to soak in God’s Word and who also want to transform their Bible into a work of art.

As we’ve shared in other posts, you might also work on a notebook, turning this into a gift for a loved one or friend, while incorporating verses that speak to a certain life situation or event.

Why not jump in today and use Bible journaling as a way to improve in your art skills while also meditating on the Word of God with the promise that you will be like the trees that grow by the water whose leaves do not wither and whose fruit grows up in its season!

Which Bible journaling methods will you try? 

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