How to do Bible Journaling in a Notebook


How to Bible Journal in a Notebook 

Bible journaling is creative artwork based on study of God’s Word. Typically when we think of Bible journaling we think of artwork that is done directly inside a Bible, but it’s not the only way to Bible journal. This post will guide you through how to Bible journal in a notebook.

Are you looking for new ways to do your Bible journaling? Grab a Bible study journal and try Bible journaling in a notebook.

Why Bible Journal in a Notebook? 

There are a few reasons why you might choose to Bible journal in a notebook.

The first reason to Bible journal in a notebook is that you might not have a journaling Bible or a Bible you wish to fill with artwork. This is totally okay! Whether you are new to Bible journaling and excited to get started with Bible journaling immediately, or you don’t have the funds within your budget to purchase a Bible, many people choose to journal in a companion notebook.

A second reason to Bible journal in a notebook is if you feel uncomfortable writing in your Bible. Maybe you were raised with the belief that a Bible is a sacred book and the thought of writing, coloring, or even painting in your Bible makes you feel uncomfortable. While I personally believe it’s not wrong, there’s no reason to force yourself if you feel uncomfortable.

Finally, you might consider doing both. Create art directly on your Bible pages but allow that expression to overflow into a notebook as well, or use a notebook for a specific separate purpose, such as a Bible study, Scripture writing challenge, or prayer journal.

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What are the Benefits to Bible Journaling in a Notebook?

Have you tried Bible journaling in a planner? How about Bible journaling in a notebook? These are 6 reasons I love Bible journaling in a notebook instead of my Bible.

While Bible Journaling directly in your Bible is beautiful and meaningful, there are some distinct advantages to using a notebook instead of drawing directly in your Bible.

  • Bible journaling in a notebook is fast to start. Grab a notebook you have a home or get one at most any store.
  • It’s inexpensive. For less than $1 you can start Bible journaling. I love the concept of Bible journaling with supplies you already have at home, and here are some of my favorite ideas for how to do so.
  • You don’t have to worry about messing up in your Bible. You may have true fears of messing up your Bible pages and those fears paralyze you from ever getting started. No worries in a notebook.
  • You have space. One of the challenges of Bible journaling is fitting everything you want to say or create in a small space. This is why many of us use tip-ins, which is additional paper that is pasted into a Bible for more artwork or journaling. With a notebook you have all the space you need to fully write and create.
  • You can do it all. There’s really no Bible journaling technique you want to try – stamping, acrylics, napkin art, or watercolor – that you can’t use in a notebook as well as you would in a Bible.
  • The paper is thicker. One of the biggest frustrations of many Bible journaling fans is that Bible pages are so thin so there is shadowing or bleed-through on the other side of the page. Most notebooks are thicker which helps alleviate these concerns.


How to Get Started Bible Journaling in a Notebook 

Bible journaling in a notebook is a great way to Bible journal if you don't want to create in your Bible. Choose a Bible study journal and get started with us.

Once you’ve decided you are ready to Bible journal in a notebook, how do you get started? The process isn’t complicated but I realize that when you are staring at blank pages, it can seem a bit overwhelming.

Here are steps to take to Bible journal in a notebook.

  1. Choose a notebook. See below for ideas of which type of notebook to choose. I started with a plain ol’ $0.79 notebook that I grabbed out of my kids school supplies.
  2. Choose a devotional book or Bible reading plan. While you can open your Bible to anywhere and start creating, I find that having a guide is so helpful. Here is one of my favorite free printable daily Bible reading plans.
  3. Set aside time you will Bible journal. Life tends to get in the way of our best intentions, and even more so, you have an enemy, Satan, who does not want you reading the truth of God’s word. He will do all he can to distract you from this important time with God. Don’t allow him victory here. Plan a specific time each day and even better, write it on your calendar.
  4. Create! Now you are ready to get started. Don’t worry about how fancy (or not) your Bible journaling creations are. Your Bible journaling is between you and God. Think of your Bible study journals as your worship and don’t worry about how to do Bible journaling, mistakes you might make, your handwriting, or that your work isn’t as creative as someone else’s. Try these Bible journaling ideas to help you get started.


Notebooks to Use to Bible Journal in a Notebook

These are a few of my favorite types of journals to use for Bible journaling in a notebook.


Bible Journal in a Lined Notebook 

Those lined paper notebooks we used when we were kids at school work great for Bible journaling. The lines guide you writing and you can’t beat the price. Note that the paper is somewhat thin so if you plan to use watercolor or acrylic paint, you might choose not to write on the back side of any pages, and put something between the pages when you paint.


Bible Journal in a Planner 

I love Bible journaling in my planner. I use the DaySpring Agenda planner and enjoy that it has matching stickers and Bible verses right in the planner. I do some journaling right alongside my daily schedule to remind me to pray and seek God in all I do. Other people use the planner as a 2 page spread to journal about how God is working in their life that week.



Bible Journal in a 3 Ring Binder 

The advantages to a 3-ring binder Bible journaling method are great. This is another inexpensive method. You can take out the pages to do any artwork that might get messy. I like printing off Bible study resources I find online and with a 3 ring binder you can print, 3-hole punch, and you are ready to go.

Consider creating sections for Bible study, prayer requests, and lessons you have learned from Bible journaling.

Another advantage to a 3-ring binder is that if you make a mistake, you simply take out that page and put in a fresh one.

{Tip: Our Love the Word binder is a great resource if you prefer a Bible study binder!}

With these methods, you’ll be Bible journaling in a notebook in no time. I can’t wait to hear about how God meets you in your notebook pages. Share about how you Bible journal in a notebook in the comments below.

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Sara Borgstede is a speaker, writer, and 100 pound weight loss success story. She and her husband have 5 amazing kids through birth and adoption and were foster parents to 35 others. Find Sara at where she teaches busy women to balance faith, family, and fitness.

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  1. I agree with doing Bible journaling in a notebook rather than in my Bible for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. I think if you do it in a notebook you can add to it or take away from it what you don’t like and you can make many such journals over time. Great post!

  2. Thank you so much this information, I found it to be most helpful to me. It has made my journey much easier. I now look at journaling as a fun learning thing to do. Instead of a task that will monopolize all of my time trying to figure out which road to take. I now look forward to my Bible journaling with Christ.

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