FREE Bible Journaling Designs for Beginners

Bible journaling is a beautiful way to connect with the Lord. Try these Bible journaling designs from my friend, Judith, as you continue to use journaling as a way to learn more about God’s Word.

Bible Journaling Designs for Beginners

Do you enjoy drawing and journaling? Be sure to grab this simple flower design for journaling during your quiet time. #spiritualgrowth #Biblestudy #quiettime

Have you seen the gorgeous creativity in Bible journaling art and just wished that you could at least draw simple flowers? When you think you’re not artistic even flowers can seem too difficult.

Why would you want to do creative journaling art in your Bible or a notebook anyhow?

Maybe you hardly have time to read your Bible let alone draw!

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I’d love to encourage you to use this wonderful method of drawing closer to Jesus.

Would you like to learn how to start? I thought so!

Creatively Spending Time with Jesus

All I have to do is gaze out my window at the beauty of where I live to realize that my God is extremely creative.

He loves when we are even a little artistic like Him!

Creative journaling is like singing. God wants you to make a joyful noise unto Him and is not concerned with how beautifully you sing.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise. Psalm 98:4

I am convinced that God is not so interested in how well you draw as it has more to do with your heart.

4 Reasons to Start Creative Journaling

  1. Worship God!
  2. Study God’s Word!
  3. Meditate on a verse!
  4. Rest in Jesus!

Can you think of another reason to start Bible journaling?

These easy and simple journaling designs will help you create beautiful designs in your quiet time. #spiritualgrowth #Biblestudy #quiettime

Where Should You Draw?

I love drawing right in my Bible but you might want to start in an art notebook. You can find great notebooks at Walmart or at an office supply store.

There are also many options available in beautiful Bibles designed for note-taking or artwork. You can even use printer paper for practicing as you begin.

If you are looking for a Bible, all you have to do is type Bible Journaling and the version of your choice into an Amazon search and it brings up many selections.

The beauty of a journaling Bible is that there is an extra large margin that allows for your creativity.

Gathering Your Artistic Tools

By the time you gather some art tools, you will begin to feel artistic after all!

Since I am sharing about drawing and coloring, you might be able to find these items around your home if you have kids.

  • Automatic pencil (they are always sharp)
  • Pencil crayons (your kids probably have some)
  • Eraser (the one on your pencil usually works great)
  • Pencil sharpener (not an electric one as it eats pencils)
  • Flower templates (FREE printable available for download)

Any of these can be found on Amazon but you really can save money and start with what you already have.

How To Draw Simple Flowers for Bible Journaling

These journaling designs for beginners are simple and beautiful. Create simple flower designs in your Bible or notebook with these free journaling designs. #spiritualgrowth #Biblestudy #quiettime

Bonus: Video at the bottom that will help you learn how to draw flowers.

Here is a template to help you draw your first creative journal. Download and print my FREE gift to you (no subscription) and then cut around each flower if you’d like so you can easily use them for tracing. That is the easy-peasy way to begin!

Simple Flowers for Bible Journaling

(DOWNLOAD your FREE Simple Flower Template)

I am so excited to share the easiest way to get started with Bible journaling!

Do you want to learn how?

You might be a perfectionist and be afraid to actually draw in your Bible. That is why I always start by drawing my illustration in pencil. It is so easy to erase when I make a mistake or misjudge the space.

I have seen some amazing Bible journaling ideas on Pinterest that I am not artistic enough to create. That is why I draw flowers the most.

It is easy to draw a simple flower. You can do this!

How many times have you doodled flowers around your sermon notes or on a piece of scratch paper?

Why not use flowers to illustrate a verse that the Lord placed on your heart?

I am going to illustrate how simple it is to draw flowers through a series of pictures.

What I want you to do is not just read my tutorial but actually grab a sheet of printer paper as you follow these instructions!

Using the template below, create something like this in the margin of your journaling Bible. I drew this in a notebook while I was doing a video tutorial in my ladies’ Facebook Jesus Journaling group.

Simple Flowers for Bible Journaling

1. Pray and ask God to speak to you as you draw!

2. First, choose a verse that spoke to your heart!

3. Print the FREE template provided HERE!

4. Cut around each flower!

Simple Flowers for Bible Journaling

5. Place the flower securely UNDER your paper near the top of the page.

Simple Flowers for Bible Journaling

6. Using an automatic pencil, trace around each flower leaving room for your Bible phrase in the middle.

7. With your pencil, write a phrase from your Bible verse (or the whole verse if you choose).

Simple Flowers for Bible Journaling

8. Outline everything on your page with different colored pencils.

9. Color in your drawing while listening to praise music!

Simple Flowers for Bible Journaling

10. Write the reference at the bottom of the page.

You CAN do this!!

Examples of Flowers used for Creative Bible Journaling

Here are two examples of what can be drawn using the flowers in the template. Once you have the basic design traced (or drawn freehand) into your Bible or notebook, you can do about anything to embellish it!

Simple Flowers for Bible Journaling

The ‘font’ I use is most often my own handwriting. Your handwriting will be great as a beginner no matter how much artistic skill you think you lack.

Simple Flowers for Bible Journaling

Creative Bible journaling is an amazing way of worshiping Jesus. I hope that this had inspired and equipped you to try it!

Simple Flowers for Bible Journaling

DOWNLOAD your FREE FLOWER TEMPLATE as my gift to you (no subscription required).


Are you excited about beginning your journey drawing closer to Jesus through creative Bible journaling?




Judith lives in the beautiful Pocono Mountains and is married to the most amazing man for the past forty-fleeting years. She has been blessed with seven children through birth, adoption, and tubal reversal. When her oldest was five, she quit her job and homeschooled for over twenty-five years. God has taken the imperfections of her life and keeps turning them into something that can be used for His glory. She writes over at His Unmeasured Grace inspiring women to embrace graced imperfection as they draw closer to Jesus. Judith went to college in California and earned a BA in Psychology and Minor in Bible from Simpson University. She loves sharing from her heart through her newsletter sent to those who subscribe. She also shows up on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and You Tube.

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