3 Ways to Use Bible Journaling Coloring Pages

If you’re looking for some new ways to Bible journal, Bible journaling coloring pages can be helpful. My friend, JoDitt, is here to share three ways to use Bible journal coloring pages.

If you're looking for some new ways to Bible journal, Bible journaling coloring pages can be helpful. Read these ways to Bible journal with coloring sheets.

I love to do Bible journaling as a way to connect with Jesus, and hide the Word of God in my heart. But sometimes I just don’t feel like creating a page totally from scratch. Can you relate? A simple solution to this is Bible journaling with coloring sheets.

Using coloring sheets is a great way to do Bible journaling if you are not great at drawing freehand, or if you like to vary the style of your pages, or if you have limited time and need a kickstart.

TIPS before you begin:

  • You can use coloring pages from a wide variety of coloring books, whether they are geared towards adults or kids. Use what you have. You probably have a few coloring books lying around your house somewhere.
  • You can also use “printable” coloring sheets. These are PDF files that you download online and print at home.
  • You can trace words too, not just objects or designs.
  • Resize the image, if necessary, by printing at at a different scale or by using Word, Canva, or other apps.

Today I want to share with you 3 different methods to do Bible journaling with coloring sheets. These will get you started, but I’m sure you can use your imagination to think of other ways you can use coloring pages in your Bible journaling.

3 Ways to Use Bible Journaling Coloring Pages

Are you looking to enhance your Bible journaling skills? Have you tried Bible journaling coloring pages? We're sharing how to do Bible journaling using free coloring pages.

Bible Journaling Coloring Pages Method #1 – Trace & Color

This method is very simple and does not require any special tools. Most Bible pages are very thin and work great for tracing.

  1. Make a copy of the coloring page, or print the page, if using a printable PDF file.
  2. Place the coloring page behind the Bible page you are working on, then decide where you want the design or word on your Bible page. If necessary, fold the coloring page or cut out individual objects.
  3. Secure the coloring page (or cut out object) with a paper clip or washi tape, so it won’t move while you trace it.
  4. Trace one or more designs, objects or words onto your Bible page using a pencil, black pen or colored pencil. Feel free to mix and match designs from several different coloring pages.
  5. Add color using colored pencils, watercolor pencils, gel pens, etc. (Here’s a list of our favorite Bible journaling accessories.)
  6. Optional: After applying color, sometimes I like to outline each object with a black pen.
  7. Add details like veins on leaves, dots in the middle of flowers, or stripes in block letters.
  8. Add journaling. It’s OK to use a mixture of tracing, hand-lettering, hand-drawn designs, stamps, stickers, washi tape, etc.

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I love how Katie at MyJoyinChaos.com traced the stars from a page out of the Delight in the Word of God Devotional Coloring Book and combined her own hand lettering to create a beautiful Bible journaling entry on a different Bible verse.

Photo by Katie at MyJoyinChaos.com

Bible Journaling Coloring PagesMethod #2 – Color, Then Stick

This is a great method to use if you don’t want to have any bleed-through.

  1. Print coloring page on clear or white sticker paper. (I actually use full-sheet label paper, because it is usually much cheaper than sticker paper. But it is the same thing.)
  2. Color with alcohol ink markers, Sharpie permanent markers (not pens), Staedtler Lumocolor pens, or other permanent markers. Don’t worry about staying in the lines!
  3. Cut out along the black lines (using scissors or an x-acto knife), cutting away any color that is outside the lines. *If you have a cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette, you can use that to cut out the designs.
  4. Stick the stickers to your Bible page.
  5. Add journaling and other details.
  6. Alternative method: Copy coloring page or print on regular copy paper. Color with any type of crayon, pencil, pen or marker. Then run that page through a copy machine to copy onto sticker/label paper. Finally, cut it out, and stick to your Bible page.
  7. Another alternative: Print on regular copy paper. Color, cut, then adhere to your Bible page using a glue stick or tape runner or other archival adhesive. Add paint and/or other details and journaling. This is what Amber Bolton did in her Inspire Bible in the photo below.

Photo by Amber Bolton. youth pastor and leader of the Inspire Bible Tour.

Bible Journaling Coloring Pages Method #3 – Make Tip-Ins

Use this method if you want to put the entire coloring page in your Bible.

  1. Print or copy the coloring page at reduced size onto copy paper, cardstock or vellum.
  2. Color the page.
  3. Use washi tape to add it to your Bible as a tip-in.


A Few More TIPS

  • Copy the pages of coloring books, or print off printable coloring pages. Then organize your printed coloring pages in plastic sheet protectors in a binder.
  • If you are using mainly printables, you can just organize them on your computer. For organizing files on your computer, I like to use Google Drive. This is because it shows a preview of every file (both JPG files and PDF files), and also because you don’t have to sort your files into folders. You can just utilize Google Drive’s amazing search feature. For example, if you are looking for pages that have flowers, just type “flower” or “floral” into the search bar at the top of your Google Drive page.
  • Pinterest is a great place to find printable coloring sheets. Just search on Pinterest for “animal coloring pages” or “feather coloring sheets” or “Christian coloring page” or whatever type of images you are looking for. You will find both free and paid coloring pages. You can also download a bunch of my free Christian coloring pages from my Free Printables Library at http://joditt.com/joy/.

Have you tried Bible journaling with coloring pages? Click through to learn how to do Bible journaling using free coloring pages.



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JoDitt Williams is the owner/founder of JoDitt Designs and the author/artist of the Delight in the Word of God devotional coloring book series. She is passionate about helping women practice delighting so they can easily move from striving to thriving. She does this by blogging at joditt.com and by creating books, art, online courses and live workshops that equip women to use the power of pretty and creativity to accelerate their own spiritual growth and transformation.

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