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Do you remember back to school time as a kid?

I do! Even now I can smell freshly sharpened pencils, imagine picking out a new lunch box, and feel the warmth of a just- ironed skirt.

Back to school was exciting for me… but I have something even more exciting, and it’s for YOU: Our FREE Back to the Bible Challenge!


Calling all Bible slackers! Take this 5-day challenge to develop better Bible habits, and get back to the Bible!

Calling All Bible Slackers!


We all know in order to be healthy spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, we need to spend quality time in the Word of God. Yet for many of us, finding enough time to really feast on the Word of God is a never ending battle.


Perhaps you just can’t get consistent with Bible study.

Or maybe you don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you get so distracted during Bible study, you end up wasting the time you do have.

Good news! You’re in the right place! Our Back to the Bible Challenge is just for you…and it’s FREE!


Sometimes we need a little help getting back on track…. a community that pushes us… a path that guides us… a hand that gives us a bit of practical help… and that’s why we’re here.

We know growth doesn’t happen in a zero-gravity environment, so we’ve created a little gravity providing challenge to get you growing!


Do you want to develop better Bible habits? Join us for Back to the Bible: A 5-Day Challenge for Cultivating Better Bible Habits.


Join the FREE Back to the Bible Challenge!

Over the next 5 Days you will:  

  • Learn the three secrets for establishing a consistent daily Bible habit
  • Discover the best way to stay motivated when you don’t feel like doing it
  • Identify the lies behind the excuses (super important!)
  • Choose the right Bible plan (one that’s best suited for you)
  • Learn a few tricks for getting more from the Word of God
  • And more!

Best of all, you’ll be investing in your spiritual growth and eternal legacy with the promise that God’s word never returns void.

It’s time.

So sharpen your pencil and join our FREE 5-Day Back to the Bible Challenge. I’ll see you there!

**** The LIVE Back to the Bible Challenge has officially ended, but you can still get BACK TO THE BIBLE on your own!   Simply join our community below and get all the goodies:

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Ready to develop better Bible habits? Take the Back to the Bible Challenge: 5 Days to Cultivating Better Bible Habits.


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