All Things New Bible Reading Plan

Don’t you love the start of the new year? It’s the time when people everywhere start making new goals and setting new resolutions.

As I think about last year and what I want to change for the next, I can’t help but think about God. He has done some amazing things in and for me the past year and I know He will continue to do new things this year! I can’t wait to see what He does!

The Bible tells us that God is making all things new.

It’s true- Check out Revelation 21:5! We see all around us the fallen and the ugly. We experience pain and sorrow. But you know the good news? One day, God will make it all new.

This month, I invite you to spend 31 days reading about how God will make ALL THINGS NEW.

You can download and print the All Things New Bible Reading Plan here.

I look forward to reading about how God makes all things new with you!





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  1. Hey I think there is a mistake on today’s bible reference Jan 30. I don’t have a 14th chapter in 2 Corinthians :)

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