How to Abide in Christ

If you are like me, the instruction to abide in Christ can seem vague and hard to get your mind around. But I don’t think Jesus intended for it to be a difficult concept. 

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As I have studied the scriptures, I’ve come to believe Jesus’s instruction to abide in Him was so foundational to the early Christians that it even became Paul’s chief defining phrase.

In all, he used the phrase “in Christ” 73 times in his writings!

We can get so hung up on what it means to “abide” that we forget the focus is the remainder of the phrase, “in Me.”

The WHERE (in Christ) is just as important as the WHAT (abide).


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The ABIDE mini course is my signature mentoring resource that takes a fresh look at the instruction to abide in Christ.

The lessons are streamlined into bite sized, digestible pieces that pack a punch. Plus they are extremely practical so that over the course of 5 days you’ll receive hands on tools for abiding and bearing godly fruit.

Read how the Abide 5-day mini course will help you draw closer to the Lord. Discover practical tools for abiding in Christ. #faithbuilding #spiritualgrowth #Biblestudy

The ABIDE 5 day mini course will help you:

> understand the key that unlocks the instruction to “abiding in Christ”

> discover practical tools for abiding in Christ (includes one of my favorites, the “Naming Ceremony!’)

> deepen your intimacy with Jesus as you learn to remain in Him

> bear fruit and life transformation from abiding in Christ

> employ tools and develop life-long habits for letting the word of Christ richly dwell in the heart and mind (see Colossians 3:16).

If you struggle with abiding in Christ, take our 5-day mini course and learn to deepen your intimacy with Jesus as you remain in Him. #faithbuilding #spiritualgrowth #Biblestudy

I invite you to take a fresh look at what it means to abide in Christ and join me for this mini-course. Just click the image below to sign up and it will be sent directly to your inbox. 

God bless!


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