A-Z Scriptures to Pray for Your Kids

One of the most powerful, rewarding things we can do as parents is to pray for our children

If you are like me, you want to pray for your kids… but often don’t have the words to express what is in your heart. That is one of the benefits of praying Scripture for our children. We are praying God’s very own words for them!

I’ve had some of you ask if you can get the set of Scripture cards I use to pray for my kids. The answer is YES! You’ll find those details below. But first, I’d like to offer a couple general suggestions to get started with Scriptures to pray over your children. Because truly, it seemed overwhelming to me when I first started but it is actually quite simple!

{Check out this post for specific tips on how to pray the Scriptures for your children.}

A to Z Scriptures to Pray for Your Kids

1. Stockpile Scripture. 


So first you need some Scriptures that you can pray from the heart. I recommend starting a list of Scriptures you come across that grab you as a parent. Keep your list handy and for a week or so, jot down any verses that make you think, “Hey, that’s what I want for my children.”


2. Have a simple system for prayer.


So now that you have your Scriptures, you need a simple way to regularly pray them. There are many easy systems out there, such as a prayer journal or monthly prayer calendar.

However, as a busy mom, I’m not great at setting aside a specific time each day. I do far better by using prayer cards (see below) and this simple bookmark. 

This way I can have prompts and reminders to have times of daily prayer for my children. I’ve placed these prayer cards all over the house… above the sink for when I’m in the kitchen.

In the bathroom for when I shower.

On the kids doors for when I walk by their rooms.

These prayer prompts encourage me to pray as I go about my day and have increased both the quality and quantity of my prayers.

Regardless of what system you use, find one that works for you and helps you actually pray.

Now for the prayer cards and how you can print them for yourself. Below are a few samples. What I’ve done is created one for each letter of the alphabet. It seemed to be a natural starting point for me:

A-Z Scriptures to Pray for Your Kids


Free scripture prayer cards! Pray scripture for your children with this set of prayer cards


Praying Scripture: O is for Obedience



Prayer Card for Letter K


I am happy to make these prayer cards available FREE by downloading them individually via the links below.

Alternatively for your convenience, the entire set of 26 cards can be immediately downloaded in one file. To purchase this card set, click here.

Your willingness to purchase the set helps support this site and cover the expense of creating this resource. Thank you!

To print the cards individually:


Printable for Letter A

Printable for Letter B

Printable for Letter C

Printable for Letter D

Printable for Letter E

Printable for Letter F

Printable for Letter G

Printable for Letter H

Printable for Letter I

Printable for Letter J

Printable for Letter K

Printable for Letter L

Printable for Letter M

Printable for Letter N

Printable for Letter O

Printable for Letter P

Printable for Letter Q

Printable for Letter R

Printable for Letter S

Printable for Letter T

Printable for Letter U

Printable for Letter V

Printable for Letter W

Printable for Letter X

Printable for Letter Y

Printable for Letter Z

To instantly download the entire set of 26 cards, simply click here. And hey, thank you for your support of this site!



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