50 Spiritual Growth Goal Ideas To Jumpstart Your Spiritual Growth

Do you set goals for your personal spiritual growth? Setting spiritual goals can be an exciting idea and is an excellent way to deepen your faith, but it can be hard to get started.  Below you’ll discover how to get started on a spiritual goal, as well as 50 Spiritual Goal Ideas and Examples to get you brainstorming. This list of spiritual goals will help you come up with your own faith goals. Let’s get started!

If you are reading this, your faith is likely very important to you.

One of the greatest things you can do to invest in yourself is to set spiritual goals. But where do you start?

I personally like to begin with basic spiritual disciplines. I also use this Spiritual Formation Assessment to help me evaluate where I’m at and give me an idea on which discipline might be great to start with for the season I’m in.  (Feel free to grab your own copy of the assessment here.)

After I narrow down what discipline I’d like to focus on, I decide on an appropriate goal. Below are lots of spiritual goal examples based on these disciplines… but please remember that these are just a handful of the possibilities! Let these spiritual goal examples spark a fresh fire in you for your own godly goals.


Examples of Biblical goal-setting:

Scripture Goals:

1. Read through the Old Testament in 30 days.
2. Listen to the Daily Audio Bible in the car each morning.
3. Spend 10 minutes each day memorizing Scripture, starting with Psalm 19.
4. Learn AJ’s top 5 ways to meditate on Scripture and start using them.
5. Use a line-by-line Journal to write the word (verses that stood out to me most) each day.
6. Memorize a verse a week with the kids- practice nightly around the dinner table
7. Join an online Bible study for discussing Scripture.

Prayer Goals:

8. Start a prayer journal and mark specific days to pray for my church, nation, local leaders, and community
9. Find 5 Scriptures that fire me up to pray in the mornings.
10. Use shower time to praise God and thank Him for the blessings of the previous 24 hours.
11. Pick and read an excellent book on prayer.
12. Spend time each day confessing sin and receiving God’s forgiveness.
13. Pray a name of God each day.
14. Pray a promise of God each day (see AJ’s Instagram stories for daily scriptures!)

Fellowship Goals:

15. Invite someone I don’t know very well from church over for coffee and donuts.
16. Set aside a time to deliberately invite the Lord into my wounds and forgive those who have hurt me.
17. Open my home up once a month for hospitality (teen Bible study, small group prayer meeting, etc)
18. Find an accountability partner, online or IRL.
19. Attend church services each week.
20. Be intentional to invite someone without family into my home this holiday season.
21. Write an encouraging note to someone who has blessed my life this week.

Hidden Disciplines Goals:

22. Use a journal as a daily evaluation tool (like George Whitefield did)
23. Take one day a week to unplug, rest and reflect.
24. Daily practice 10 minutes of stillness.
25. Recognize the things that have a tendency to control me and schedule regular times to fast from these things.
26. Following the example of Christ, set aside time each morning for solitude with God.
27. Take a mid-day prayer walk each day.

 Service Goals:

28. Take a spiritual gifts inventory to determine how I’m gifted.
29. Remove social media apps from my phone so that I can spend “scrolling time” exercising my spiritual gift instead.
30. Choose a ministry to donate to each month.
31. Tithe to my local church. If already tithing, increase giving by 1%
32. Learn how to share my personal salvation story and share it with one person each week.
33. Find an overseas missionary to support in prayer and with encouraging notes.
34. Use a line-by-line journal to pray for the nations.

Personal Health, Growth, and Finance Goals:

35. Do the 7 minute workout each day.
36. Sign up for Green Chef to start eating better hassle free.
37. Find a walking partner.
38. Set a date with my spouse to create a family budget.
39. Write 20 minutes a day during lunch.
40. Review and cancel all un-necessary recurring subscriptions.
41. Read one book a month.
42. Find a creative way to have at-home date night once a week.

43. Have family tea-time each Sunday afternoon with tea and cakes.
44. Practice going live once a week on social media
45. Start using a habit tracker to track water intake each day.
46. Spend ten minutes a day cleaning out inbox until empty, unsubscribing from unnecessary communications as I go.
47. Schedule a Saturday to back up and organize the photos on my phone.
48. Choose a book to read-aloud with the kids each afternoon after school.
49. Set a timer and spend ten minutes a day decluttering- drawer by drawer, room by room.
50. Get Grace Goals  and schedule a 24-hour retreat day to work through it! ?

These are just a few ideas and possibilities! … and  Grace Goals, the biblical goals-setting system is THE tool to use for setting and implementing your spiritual goal!  Not sure what Grace Goals is?  It’s a goal-setting process based on Scripture to help you steward your one precious life so that you don’t fall short of the potential you have in Christ.

Here’s what others have to say about Grace Goals:

“Before using this I had been using a self-help goal-setting method that was not God-centered. Now, I’m so thankful for this change in focus to partnering with the Holy Spirit in my goals. Each of these exercises was eye-opening for me. I love how Arabah has opened up key scriptures that show me how to grow without trying to be my own cheerleader. Beautifully done!”

– Sara, Grace Goals participant

I’m already a goal setter, so I didn’t think I really needed any help in this area… Just looking over these pages made me realize that this is just what I need as we enter a new year. AJ’s studies give me tools to help me study God’s word more deeply and help me see areas that I need to work on. I can’t wait to get started!

– Tracey

I love to set goals and see them fulfilled, but I usually stop moving forward after about a month. My distractions get the best of me. The way this is set up, however, I can identify what motivates me to stay the course. The layout of the Grace Goals Workbook is thorough, clear, and attractive. I am thrilled to have this resource to help me move in the direction God is calling me.

– Joy

Your spiritual growth is worth investing in. No matter what spiritual goal you are wanting to set, Grace Goals is designed to help! Learn more or grab your own copy right here!



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