50 Prayer Prompts for Kids + FREE Printable

Growing kids in prayer and biblical principles is an honor and a blessing. There’s nothing sweeter than the hushed whispers of a child offering thanksgiving and glory to God.

Teaching children to pray is as simple as encouraging a heartfelt conversation with God. As a parent, when we pray aloud, we model the process and help children understand that prayers don’t have to be fancy. They should be sincere.

These FREE prayer prompt cards will help you and your child learn how to pray... so simple!

Prayer prompts for kids are a practical tool to help little ones understand how to pray and what to pray about. Below we’ve organized some prayer prompts to help guide the heart towards communication and intimate fellowship with God. The prompts are organized into categories to help children understand that prayer shouldn’t be a list of demands. Instead, by praising and confessing sin at the beginning of prayer time, our hearts are humbled before a holy and perfect God.



These FREE prayer prompt cards will help you and your child learn how to pray... so simple!

How to use the Prayer Prompts:


The FREE printable cards pictured above can be used as a guide around the family table, in the car, or during your family Bible study.

  • Download and print the prayer prompt cards. Then cut and laminate.
  • Each day, have your child choose one prompt from each card, beginning with adoration.
  • Follow the ACTS model of prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication (praying for others and self)

P.S. Using these prayer prompts helps to lay a strong foundation for a healthy prayer life as an adult too! :)


Teach your children to pray with these FREE prayer prompts!

50 Prayer Prompts for Kids

Thank you, God for…

1. Family
2. Friends
3. My home
4. Clothes
5. Food
6. Jesus and the gift of salvation
7. Forgiveness of our sins
8. The gift of life
9. God’s love
10. God’s friendship

Prayers of Confession

1. Lord, I’m sorry for….
2. I confess…
3. Help me….
4. Lead me away from temptation with…

Prayers for Family

1. Safety
2. Health
3. Together, we would be a light for Jesus.
4. Have close relationships and stay connected.
5. Have fun together.
6. Share well and get along.
7. Handle problems with grace and forgive as needed.
8. Be respectful and kind to each other.
9. Trust each other and be honest.
10. Help each other.

Prayers for Friendship

1. Treat others the way we would want to be treated.
2. Be an example of Jesus.
3. Tell others about Jesus.
4. Share and get along.
5. Include others who need a friend.
6. Use kind words.
7. Have the courage to stand up for what’s right.
8. Not give into peer pressure.
9. Make wise choices.
10. Choose my friends carefully.

Prayers for the World

1. For the world leaders to know Jesus.
2. Wisdom of the leaders.
3. For peace throughout the world.
4. For many around the world to come to know Jesus.
5. That people may learn to respect each other and treat others with kindness.

Prayers for Self

1. Obedience
2. Self-control
3. For a love of Jesus to grow
4. Salvation
5. The courage to share my faith
6. Diligence when things are hard
7. Humility when I succeed

Prayers of Adoration

Lord, You Are….

1. Perfect and holy
2. Our Heavenly Father and Creator
3. Loving and forgiving
4. Good and kind

Click here for the 50 Prayer Prompts for Kids Printable!

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How about you? How do you teach your kids to pray?

Do you have a certain method that works with your family?

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