50 Fun Mom Ideas to Try this Summer

Something happened the last week of school that changed my plans for this summer.

Sure I had plans to spend time with the kids, do some brushing up on our chore training, and having the kids keep a reading log but this pretty much added a whole ‘nuther dimension to the plans.

You see, the last week of school I got to see a “fun mom” in action (which, in case you were wondering, I’m not.)

On Monday, this mom was in the car line with a bubble gun, blowing bubbles at her 8th grader.

Then on Wednesday, I happened to be behind her in the car line again. She put on horse music (I don’t know how else to describe it) and poked her head through her sun roof. Y’all. She was wearing a full head donkey mask.

It was hysterical!

The entire 8th grade class was embarrassed, shocked, and speechless… which was also hilarious. I about died sitting in my car watching all of this go down.

I decided being a “fun mom” isn’t so hard. Like everything else, it just takes some intentionality. I brainstormed a list of “fun mom” things I’d like to do with my kids this summer. Maybe I won’t get to all 50 over the summer but who knows? I might show up in the carline with a mask on come fall~ wink~

50 Fun mom activities to do with the kids this summer

  1. Have a family Olympics
  2. Make your own fidget spinner
  3. Host a game night and invite other families for friendly competition
  4. Make your own moon sand
  5. Decorate your own T-shirts
  6. Make your own jewelry
  7. Have a dance contest
  8. Make a map of your city or state using food
  9. Gather supplies to send a care package to a soldier
  10. Explore the local parks in your state and track your visits on a map
  11. Make a board game and play it. Or be brave and try this board game!
  12. Read aloud from a classic novel
  13. Make edible paint
  14. Plan a water battle (these come in handy!)
  15. Make a giant water blob for backyard fun
  16. Paint with squirt guns
  17. Explore the night with flashlights and glow sticks
  18. Build a tent
  19. Bake together
  20. Make slime or homemade clay
  21. Play in the rain
  22. Create a city out of legos or blocks
  23. Make a drive-in movie in your living room after making cars with boxes
  24. Have a pillow fight
  25. Paint large “murals” outside on a hot day using just water
  26. Do a service project
  27. Mark tape on the floor (beware of sticky residue!) and use the lines as tracks for cars
  28. Have a tea party
  29. Help the kids create a script for a play and act it out
  30. Camp in the yard
  31. Do a new Bible study as a family
  32. Help kids invent something, such as a new toy
  33. Read books to earn rewards
  34. Have a picnic
  35. Take a hike
  36. With older kids, enter a 5K together as you model good health
  37. Visit a local business for a tour
  38. Stargaze
  39. Do a nature scavenger hunt
  40. Have a board game Olympics
  41. Beat the rainy day blues with these 101 ideas for fun at home
  42. Make your own bubble solution in a small pool and use hula hoops to make giant bubbles
  43. Have a party “just because” and invite friends to join the festivities
  44. Plan a small mystery activity each week where the kids are surprised by a fun outing or project
  45. Help the kids plan and cook dinner
  46. Make Blessing Bags for the needy and fill them with basis necessities, (socks, kleenex, water, non-perishable food, etc…)
  47. Bowl for Free
  48. Make a card house
  49. Write a children’s book together
  50. Make sculptures out of recycled material

What “fun mom” activities would you add? Share in the comments!

May this summer find you knee deep in memorable moments and good-old fashioned family fun! Enjoy, friend!

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