5-Day Spring Cleanse

Thank you for your interest in our 5-Day Spring Cleanse!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I seek to give medical advice. I am only sharing how this 5-day cleanse has worked for me. {Scroll down if you’re interested in learning how you can get started with the cleanse!}

When functioning properly, your body has a system in place for eliminating toxins and waste. However, recent shifts in the modern diet are placing an increasing Amount of strain on many systems and hinder your body’s natural ability to cleanse itself.

The goal of the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse from Young Living is to temporarily reduce your intake of food, giving your body the time it needs to expel stored toxins, effectively “resetting” your digestive system for optimal functionality.

This cleanse is also helpful for spiritual cleansing/fasting. Below is how I decided to do this cleanse and the benefits of spiritual fasting. My friend Candace and I decided to do a Spring Cleanse this year for mind, body, and soul… and we’re inviting you to join us! You can see me invite below and scroll down for Candace’s video!



Ready to jump in?! Here’s How to Get Started with the Cleanse:

There are several ways you can get started with this cleanse.

1. Purchase the cleanse kit at retail cost.  The cleanse, at retail cost, is $164.14. 

2. OR, you can join as a wholesale member ($45; this is like a one-time Sam’s membership and allows you to get discounts) AND get the cleanse at the wholesale price of $124.75. PLUS when you join as a wholesale member with the cleanse Candace wants to GIFT YOU $15 back! So, that ends up being CHEAPER than the retail cost! (To get the membership AND the cleanse for a total of $169.75, you need to join as a wholesale member by purchasing the BASIC KIT for $45 and then add on the cleanse to your order as well!)

Click here to get started with your order:

  1. Go to YoungLiving.com
  2. Click “become a new member.”
  3. Choose wholesale or retail. (wholesale saves you 24%)
  4. Click “I was referred by a member” and place Arabah’s number in both boxes: 12819661
  5. Choose the BASIC STARTER KIT. Then add the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse to your order! Check out with payment.

The membership does NOT require a monthly purchase! And, once you join our team, you will get added to our facebook group led by a medical doctor, Dr. Edie Wadsworth. It is an incredible opportunity to learn about natural health & wellness from a doctor’s perspective.

FINAL STEP: Once you are done placing your order, please fill out this form letting us know. This way, we can add you to our private cleanse group and get your $15 to you :)


Here is a video showing the ordering process step by step:


Let us help you! If you have ANY questions about how to order, please email me via the contact form or Candace at [email protected] {Let her know you are wanting to do the Cleanse with AJ and she’ll get you squared away!} The site can be difficult to figure out and we want to help! 

5-Day Cleanse from Young Living

What is included:

  • Balance Complete – Superfood Meal Replacement Shake at $3.32 per serving/meal!  (blend 2 scoops of the shake powder with water, almond milk or your choice of liquid. I added a spoonful of natural peanut butter as well.)
  • Digest & Cleanse – soft gel supplement to support your body’s digestive system
  • Ningxia Red – is an energizing, proprietary blend of juice extracts, featuring pure essential oils, wolfberry puree, and other fruits to provide energy support.

Candace’s experience: For me, this cleanse served the purpose of a RESET to get back to my good eating habits and MOTIVATION that I can conquer the bad habits! It also served to push me past my weight loss plateau! I lost a total of FIVE POUNDS while on this FIVE DAY CLEANSE. This cleanse, for me, was more than physical, however. It was mental and spiritual. I didn’t think I could do it. AND I DID. That is very empowering. It is good for us to have periods of time where we deny ourselves for whatever reason that may be. So this cleanse had several purposes for me! 

Here is a video from Candace sharing about the cleanse:


Grab your kit and join us as we do some spring cleaning!

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  1. I actually just completed this last week. It was such a great time for my mind, body, and soul.
    I never felt starving. The shakes were so yummy, like vanilla pudding. I mixed the nigxia with sparkling water and added 1 to 2 drops of lime vitality oil. it was so energizing and tasty.
    God showed me that I can break the strongholds in my life if I lean on Him to guide and direct me.

  2. Just ordered my cleanse and am excited. Watched your video and Candace’s and wondered if at the end of the 5 days there might be a way to stay connected to anyone wanting to go for a 40 days of fasting.

  3. I love your devotions, and would love to join in the fast, but can’t afford the kit. Will be praying for all involved in this adventure, may all get answers and blessings.

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