5 Book Recommendations for Christian Bloggers

I recently shared these 12 books to read and thought, “I need to share my favorite blogging books with my blogger friends!” So below you’ll see 5 books I love and recommend if you are a blogger.


If you're a Christian blogger, you need to check out these 5 Books Every Christian Blogger Should Read!

1. Vertical Church by James MacDonald

Okay, I know what you’re thinking but stay with me here! In this book, James MacDonald paints such a picture of God that reading was pure worship for me. Pastor MacDonald explains our job as a church (but I see it the same for us as bloggers) is to point people vertically- to God- and usher them into the presence of the King. He uses Isaiah 6 as an opening passage and it’s powerful!

This book gave me such a vision for my blog as ministry. When Dr. MacDonald talked about church, I included and envisioned my life and blog as well. If you need fresh vision, purpose, or passion, read this book! You can find it on Amazon here.


2. Launch by Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker’s book is a must-read for anyone who wants to create products. Launch gave me a solid framework for presenting books and products to my readers (I’m not an internet marketer by any means!) He helped me understand how to share what God has given me in a way that serves my readers first and foremost. Even though Jeff does not claim to be a Christian, much of the info in this book is wise… because it puts your readers and their needs before anything else. Read more about Launch here.


3. Strategies Worth Sharing by Brittany Ann

Theory is good and I love me some theory but I need strategies, especially when it comes to Facebook. I don’t like Facebook. I don’t understand Facebook. But our generation is on Facebook and I believe part of being a good steward is going where people are. I love Brittany Ann’s book because she shares WHY her strategies work (the theory part that makes my brain happy), and WHAT those strategies are (so I can actually implement them and see results for myself.) I call Brittany Ann’s resource An Action Plan for the Facebook Frustrated. :) Strategies is available here.


4. Creating and Maintaining an Editorial Calendar by Angie Holden

So this one little book saved my sanity! Angie’s simple method of coming up with a calendar that makes sense is all I use now. Before this book, I just “winged it” when it came to my posting schedule and topics. With this new system, I offer variety to my readers and avoid burning them out on any one topic. I typically create a calendar for each quarter instead of a year- I like flexibility and am prone to switch things up! This book is available on Amazon here.


5. The Bible

I know it may sound like a cop-out, but seriously, the Bible is my go-to book on blogging, marketing, and communicating. It is profitable for life, godliness, and even blogging :) Here is what I learned about blogging from the book of I John and here are 8 scriptures I love to pray for my blog. I hope the Bible inspires you as a blogger as well!

If you are looking for some good reading material to grow as a successful Christian blogger, I hope these suggestions help. Here’s to a meaningful year…



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