40 Days of Praying the Promises of God {The Trust Without Borders Experiment}

If you’re ready to learn how to trust God, join us for this 40-day challenge on praying the promises of God. All the promises of God are sure!


It’s the question I keep coming back to, keep sowing dreams with.

It’s the question that infuses each new day with hope.

“What would happen this year if you really believed God?”

Indeed, God has given great and precious promises and all the promises of God are YES in Christ Jesus!

What if we really believed them?

40 Days of Praying the Promises of God

If you're ready to learn how to trust God, join us for this 40 day challenge focusing on praying the promises of God. All the promises of God are sure!


Most of us know a lot of scripture. That’s a good thing.

It isn’t that we have a TRUTH problem; it’s that we have a TRUST problem. We don’t really trust what we know to be true.

This isn’t a new problem.

In Luke 1, the angel Gabriel appeared to Zechariah, a godly man, the cream of the crop. Gabriel told him Elizabeth his wife would bear a son. But Zechariah simply did not believe the word God spoke to him.

Gabriel also appeared to Mary~ same book, same chapter. In stark contrast to Zechariah, Mary “believed the word spoken to her.”

Makes me ask myself if I’m a Mary or a Zechariah? And what would happen if I really believed the Word spoken to me?

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What if, in the moment of passion, you trusted He has given you everything you need to live godly in Christ Jesus… especially in those moments when you’re about to blow a gasket with the kid?

That He is at all times, in all ways, giving you an abundance for every good deed…including when you’re standing in line at the checkout next to an obnoxious customer who needs a kind word?

Believed that there is no condemnation left… when you just fell flat on your face and feel every inch of your failure?

That He will establish your steps and show you the way to go…when your husband gets laid off and you don’t know what to do?

That He will supply every need according to His riches…when parenting isn’t so easy and clear-cut and no one is there in your new location to tell you what to do?

That He is making all things new in your life…when you’ve just committed the same sin…again?

That He has set you apart and given you a new identity, a holy citizenship…when your past rears its ugly head and your family member reminds you of it?

That He is working everything in your life together for good….when the doctor’s report comes back with nothing good at all?

That God is doing something above and beyond all you ask or think because He is that kind of God and has targeted you as the object of His grace and affection?



What would happen if we really believed a fraction of what God says is true?

Because it’s true: The people of God don’t have a Bible knowledge problem, we have a Bible belief problem.

And yeah, maybe we’re more like Zechariahs than Marys.

But that can change. 


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Because that little verse that says “all the promises of God are YES in Christ Jesus?”

It also says, “to which we also say AMEN.”

All the promises are YES in Jesus but they must become AMEN by us.

“Amen” means “This is true. This is certain. Let it be.”

So what is your life amen-ing?

In the everyday moments where life happens, the corners, crevices, and edges… is it amen-ing the fret, the fear, the world’s no? Or is it amen-ing God’s promises?

Instead of amen-ing the fear, we can amen the promise.

Instead of amen-ing the inner naysayer, the outer cynic, the doubt, the hopelessness, the world’s “no,” we can amen God’s “YES.”

It’s never too late to start new habits. To change what we’re amen-ing. The promises of God are sure. 

All the promises of God are sure! Join us as we pray 40 promises back to God & learn how to trust God. Take the Trust Without Borders challenge with us!

Trust grows when we give verbal affirmation to what God has promised and spoken over us.


Someone once said perhaps Zechariah’s voice was taken from him until he was ready to amen the Word God had spoken to him. Hmm, what a thought.

Sisters, we have an obligation to respond to God’s YES with an “AMEN.”

It can start now.


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I admit, I have a dream. I dream of what my life would look like if I believed more of His Word. I dream of His YESes at work in my life. And I have an obligation. An obligation to know His “yes” and give verbal affirmation back to Him, to His glory.

My friend, you do too.

So let’s do an experiment. Let’s see what will happen when we begin amen-ing God’s promises, shall we?

For the next 40 days, unwrap one promise of God a day. Know it deeply, marinate in His “YES!” on your life.

Then, each day give your “AMEN” back to God. That’s it. Baby steps!

Starting today, you can begin practicing how to trust God- one promise at a time- and see what happens.

This is a simple experiment with guaranteed surprises of the best sort. Because, “she who trusts in the Lord will never be disappointed.” Isaiah 49:23



Join us for this 40 day challenge to learn that the promises of God are yes and amen. Pray these 40 promises back to God and learn how to trust God more. #prayingthepromises #prayer #spiritualgrowth


Here’s a simple-girl strategy I recommend :


What you’ll need:

> a hairband, wristband, or rubber band

> the 40 promises sheet  {Sign up and it will be sent straight to your inbox!}


The daily practice:

Each morning, look up the day’s scripture and articulate God’s “YES” in your own words.

Then pray God’s promise for today back to Him, as a statement of faith. As you acknowledge the promise, accept God’s YES to you and give your verbal “I believe this is certain” back to God.

During the day, use emotional triggers to prompt renewed trust. These triggers are fear, anger, anxiety, shame, insecurity, depression, etc. When you recognize one of these mounting, it’s time to renew your trust.

Each time you experience a trigger, take the band off your wrist. Renew the “YES” God has given you and give your “AMEN” back to Him again. Then slip the band on the other wrist.


cross standing in a field with sun shining on it


I’ll be sharing about my 40 days on my Facebook page and would love to connect with you there. And hey, will you take a moment to share this post? Invite a friend to join you?


One final invite? If you’d like a companion for your 40 day challenge, might you consider the 40 day devotional? It’s like a friend for your 40 day trust journey, written straight from my heart and life experiences.  It’s available in print and digital forms here.


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Do you want to learn to have a trust without borders? Join our 40 day challenge and be reminded that all the promises are yes in Jesus. Pray His promises with us. #prayingthepromises #prayer #spiritualgrowth


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    1. I was so convicted by this article and I would like to take the challenge but I can only get the 40 Days printable to show to day 25. Could you please email me all 40 promises? Thank you so much.

      [email protected]

      1. Jessica, there is a link to the download in the post. Click on the blue highlighted text. Let me know if you can’t find it :)

      2. When I click on the link to get the printable 40 days of promises, I get a screen to sign up for 40 days e-mail, not the printable.

      3. I was getting worried, going in circles trying to get the PDF. Found your email this morning with the PDF download in my Junk folder. Good to check and hopefully no more junking my emails.

      1. Check your spam and other filters. Sometimes they get hung up. Also, it can take a bit to actually get delivered. Hope that helps!

  1. I feel like I have a head start on this from last year,when all I could do – ALL I could do – was believe. Excited to take this journey with you! Thank you for this great encouragement!

  2. Powerful when we truly trust that God is the God of His Word…. I wrote this earlier this morning. Enjoy!

    For the Word of God is alive and active…(Hebrews 4:12a)

    Word of God
    A searchlight
    Examines souls of men
    Exposes our true nature without Him

    Word of God
    Brings us face to face with our sin
    Confronts the poison seeping into our soul
    No escaping the truth
    No escaping the self

    Word of God
    Reveals the root source of our troubles
    Origin of weakness
    Foundation of failure

    Word of God
    An invitation to salvation

    Word of God
    Rich provision of God’s grace
    An encounter with the Lover of our soul

    Word of God
    Inspires, leading to maturity
    Separates us for His good purposes

    The Word of God IS God

    That would have been enough
    That could have been it
    But there’s more – much more

    A relationship!

    We die to self
    Rise up in newness of life
    Kept safe by the power of His love

    The Word
    God IS the God of His Word…

    Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord!

  3. Arabah this is such a wonderful idea and you are so right! I was saying ‘amen’ to every truth you were reminding me of! I definitely have a trust problem, but thank you for providing a practical tip through the 40 Days of Promises and also, for helping me see Zechariah and Mary’s responses more clearly. God bless :)

  4. I know I commented on this, but that was before you shared it at Grace & Truth. These are timely reminders for me again today, and I thank you for linking up this post. Walking with you through this trust journey – knowing, KNOWING that He will do as He promises.
    Thanks, dear friend!

  5. Love this! Love the concept of trust with borders! It reminds me of the Hillsong song that says, ” Spirit lead me where there’s trust without borders. Let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me.”
    Saying hello from happiness is homemade!

  6. i like you lady! Please tell me how to download the free printable as it’s not working on my iPad. Also your book , would like to read it. I am in London England. Thank you for your blog .Catherine.

  7. These thoughts are just as excellent and just as needed the second time around! I suppose that means I’m a slow learner, and I acknowledge that it’s true. I’m thankful for friends like you who with your words keep pointing me back to our Savior. I’m glad you linked this one up at G&T!

  8. Arabah,
    I would love to do this 40-day devotional with my 7th grade girls this fall, but do you think they are too young? Maybe I’ll do it with MY 7th grader first, then start with the group…It’s so hard to know where they are! I could just offer and let THEM decide, yeah, that’s what I would do anyway if I thought they were old enough for sure…OH!

    1. That’s a great idea to ask them first… they seems to get behind something when they have skin in the game. Just so you know, my 7th grade son picked up the book and started reading and said, “This is really good, mom! It makes me want to read all of it!” LOL! I think 7th grade is a great age for the book.

  9. Wow, just read this…totally amazing how GOD works. I was listening to an online sermon and the pastor was talking about Godliness from the viewpoint in James 2. So, reading Hebrews and John about being set apart! I feel like this was meant to be! No accident…I guess GOD wants me to learn something!!

  10. Hi! I’ve subscribed to the 40 Days | 40 Promises Challenge however I cannot/do not know how to access the PDF. Please help. I’d like to get started on this TODAY! :)

    Thanks so much!

  11. Hi Arabah, I am excited to be starting the 40 days of praying God’s promises! I am reading the “Trust Without Borders” devotional too. Thank you for being such a blessing and inspiration! God bless and Happy New Year! Julie : )

  12. Hi, I signed up for e-mail notifications and praying the 40 promises of God. I did not receive a response and signed up a few times thinking it did not go through. I just noticed in the comments it can take up to 24hrs. I apologize.. Blessings

  13. Hi, thank you for the blessings of the 40 day promises of God. I just signed up and will start tomorrow. God bless you ?

  14. Hi, I have stumbled upon your site by accident. Maybe… God has really put on my heart… trust in the Lord. I have been looking up all the verses about this and I was praying on what next Lord and I stumbled on you book trust without borders. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for me. Thank you for your ministry.

  15. Hello!
    I am very interested in doing this “experiment,” however, when I click on the link to sign up, it says that the page has failed to open. I have tried it several times, and I am wondering if it is still possible to sign up.

    1. Hello!
      This is also happening when I try to subscribe to your weekly emails. Could this be something with my computer, or could it be a part of the website that is not working right now?

    2. I think it has to do with the device you are on. Try it from a laptop and if you continue having issues, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for your interest :)

      1. Thank you! I was unable to get it to work on my laptop, but it worked on my phone! I am looking forward to starting the 40 day experiment.

  16. Hi! This is really amazing! Thanks for sharing those promises with us!

    There is only one problem, I have only received day one yet (John 3:16), and this was three days ago. Can I find the other 39 days somewhere else or is there something wrong with my e-mail?


  17. Disappointed. I signed up for your 40 days of prayer and it looked fantastic. I got the prayer sheet for day one and today should have gotten day 2 but no I got day 27. Is is possible to get the missing days without purchasing them. I have a very limited income.

    1. Jane, thank you for your comment and feedback. Purchasing the journal is not required for participating in the challenge. We provide free samples and complete instructions for how to make your own journal if you prefer not to purchase the pre-made resource. The email sequence provides you everything you need to do it on your own without purchasing the journal, so please read through the emails carefully.

      For those who can afford it, $12 for the pre-made journal is a worthy investment in one’s spiritual life. Our goal is to get everyone who has ears to sow the gospel into their lives in a regular, systematic way…with or without our paid resources.

      I hope that helps! Thanks again for your comment. Praying you have a rich time with this challenge. ~AJ

  18. Hi there I hope that you folk do not mind but I have signed onto your site. I see that everyone else on the site seems to be female. As a male I need what your site offers.

  19. Trust Without Borders was a wonderful companion book for Praying the Promises. I was truly blessed. Thank y.

  20. My name is Gisele. I am 61 years old and. A grandmother of 5 boys, ages 5 to 11. My husband Grady and I have been in ministry for 36 years. We currently Associate Pastors. I am Worship Leader. Something I’ve never done. I desire to lead in true worship and praise. Thank you for this study. God bless you and your Ministry.

  21. Thank you so much for this post, I am going to be doing , taking the 40 day challengeC you will never know how much your posting our Lords word had helped me, I an grateful for you! God truly sends is what we need, when we need and who we need at the right time!
    Blessings to you

  22. Truth be told I have been on this journey for a while now and have gotten side tracked more than I care to even admit to, but I thank God for still pulling on my heart strings, speaking to my soul to get me back on track. I am the strong mother of an 11 year old son. I want him to have a solid foundation grounded and rooted in Christ. I am thankful that I ran across this website, because it is just what I needed to guide me back onto the correct path to run and finish this race as a strong and faithful servant of the Lord! I can’t wait until I get my 40 days of Promise journal. I am already on the abide mini course and it is wonderful! It is all making sense and I am not anxious or overwhelmed about if I am doing things correctly or not. I am just letting God have his way.

    THANK YOU!!!

  23. Dear Sister in Christ,

    I have signed in many times in order to suscribe to this challenge. So far I haven´t received anything. I check my inbox and junk mail every day, and nothing happens.

    Could you help me please?

    I prayed the 40 promises of the cross, and I want to take this challenge.


    1. Emisa, thank you for your interest in this challenge! I will manually add you to this challenge. Thanks for letting me know about the glitch. I’ll make sure you’re in :) AJ


    1. Hi Lynn, I’ve checked on the problem and see that you haven’t confirmed your subscription. To receive communications, you’ll need to click the “confirm your subscription” button in the email you received. Hope that helps clear it up! Thanks for joining! AJ

  25. AJ I’m signed up but do not have any material other than the John 3:16 study guide you sent. When should I expect more study materials so I may continue to read the 40 Promises of God

  26. every time i click download the challenge, it takes me to a page to register. I have registered and went to my email to confirm and nothing happens. there is no directions or links to get to the challenge.

    1. Hi Katie, thanks for joining! You should be receiving the challenge~ so you may want to check your spam folder if you don’t seem in your inbox. Let me know if you still don’t see it :) AJ

  27. I do not see the printable. I want to use it with my missionary ladies group. Suggestions?
    I did sign up for the challenge and checked email but nothing there.

  28. Hello! I love this beautiful challenge. I have signed up and have received the 1st printable and promise. Would you please he able to send me the rest?
    Thank you so much!

  29. I was hoping to begin the 40 day promises this morning during my quiet time. When will we be receiving the scripture list?

    Thank y for this. It is just what I was looking for to use during Lent.

  30. Hi Arabah,
    I’ve been reading the promises but to be honest not every day of the week. We had a kitchen fire and we’ve been put up in a very nice suite but I miss being home. The cleaning is done not the repairing by the contractors. I know now is the time I really need to read His promises. I think if I combine the reading with my Bible journaling that might help. Thank you Arabah for the all the work you do for us in the Lord’s name.
    God Bless!

  31. Super struggling with finding your list…got the confirmation email and a second email with a link to amazon to by the book. Did not find any free printable list….

    1. Hi, thanks for your interest in the 40-day challenge! The link to download the printable is in the welcome email (you’ll receive that after you confirm your email address). Hope that helps and I pray the journey is a blessing to you. <3 AJ

  32. It’s been awhile since I wrote you.
    This was a good time for me to receive your letter.
    My Mom is in the hospital near the end of her battle with cancer.
    I’m so thankful for the internet to have so many Christian friends and all the prayers for our family. She is almost 92 years old and we’re trying to get ready to let her go home to meet our Lord.

  33. Hello Arabah, This is really a beautiful post!
    I love, respect, & appreciate all religious beliefs. I also have a strong belief in God. Thanks much for sharing your precious guideline.
    Good luck forever!

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