3 Deadly Mistakes Most Christian Bloggers Make {and how to avoid them}

Blogger beware! Do you want to learn to blog effectively? Are you looking for Christian blogging tips? These are 3 deadly mistakes most Christian bloggers make. Learn how you can avoid them! 

Ever wonder why some Christian bloggers are making an impact while others seem stuck spinning their wheels?

I know firsthand how complicated and frustrating blogging can seem… but it doesn’t have to be.

When I decided it was time to invest in my blog and get serious about stewarding the gift God had asked me to steward, I turned to someone who knew how to do this blogging thing and do it well… Ruth Soukup.

I enrolled in Elite Blog Academy in the fall of 2014 and blogging completely changed for me. I finally had the tools I needed to blog effectively and I had a strategy that I could implement, instead of just trying things at random.

I've worked with Christian bloggers for some time and these are the top 3 mistakes I see most Christian bloggers making that hinder their effectiveness.


Sidenote: EBA is currently closed and opens only briefly each year. But when you join the waitlist here, Ruth offers free training to streamline your strategy in order to maximize your results AND show you exactly what steps you need to take to move forward. Just sign up here to get on her wait list and automatically receive her free blog resources.

Now if you are like me, when you read about growing your blog and building your platform, you do a lot of eye-rolling. You constantly ask yourself things like, “Is this stuff a bunch of worldly wisdom, self-help, and marketing nonsense that won’t apply to me as a Christian blogger?”

{I ask that every time I read, listen to, or consume something online.}

And truth is, much of it is. Everything we allow in (regardless of who it’s from) must be filtered through the Word of God.

But here’s what I also know: To steward the gift God has given you (your message, story and experiences) and the opportunity He’s given you (blogging in an age where you can literally have a global impact), requires taking risks.

It requires diligence.

It requires getting your hands dirty.

It doesn’t happen in a perfectly orchestrated world where you don’t get messy or wrestle through the tough heart issues.

This is where I see many, many Christian bloggers de-rail. These mindset traps prevent many Christian bloggers from effectively communicating the message God has given them.

Blogger Beware! Below are three deadly mistakes I see most Christian bloggers make. Don’t let these trip you up!

3 Deadly Mistakes Most Christian Bloggers Make {and how to avoid them}

Do you want to learn to blog effectively? Are you looking for Christian blogging tips? These are 3 deadly mistakes most Christian bloggers make. Learn how you can avoid them!


1. Many Christian bloggers let fear (of all sorts) paralyze them and keep them silent.

They are afraid of being just one voice among thousands. They are afraid  their sin, failure, or weaknesses will stand in the way. They’re afraid no one will listen. They’re afraid they don’t have what it takes, they heard God wrong, they aren’t up to par… a thousand different fears. So they don’t do anything. Or at the very least, they postpone what God is prompting them to do, sometimes indefinitely. Friend, just don’t go there!

2. Many Christian bloggers fail to understand that quiet prompting from the Lord is actually a stewardship issue.

They fail to believe God is asking them to do something meaningful and eternal and instead act like it’s optional to obey God. I mean, really? If it were anything else, would you dare be so disobedient? Why then, when it comes to writing and blogging, do we freeze and act like it’s optional?

It’s a dirty game the enemy tries to play on us, getting us looking at OURSELVES (our sin, shortcomings, impure motives, weaknesses, inabilities) but after all, he’s been sabotaging God’s girls for thousands of years and knows how to make us doubt, question, and just plain refuse to obey God.  Stop letting him marginalize you!

No one is given a light to hide under a basket. Are you hiding your light? Here's what I learned about letting my light shine by placing it on a lampstand.
Remember, a steward is required to be faithful. That’s it. But faithfulness means taking action. Which leads me to the next mistake I see so frequently, probably the biggest one I’ve personally made.

3. Many Christian bloggers just don’t put in the effort God asks a steward to put in.

Oh, how we like to come up with (very!) spiritual sounding reasons why we should just sit back and “let God” do what He’s actually asking us to do! Trust me, I know ALL about this one.

But think about it. If He gave you a pig farm to manage you wouldn’t expect Him to run it, would you? Um, that muck there that needs a shoveling? It’s yours to handle, friend. That’s your job.And if He sent you overseas as a missionary you wouldn’t expect to sit in your home and wait for the masses to figure out you were there with the best news ever, would you? {Well, that isn’t how I approach missionary work!}No, God tells us to “GO.” Day after day, we are to GO. And that includes in our blogging too. GO learn your audience. Go find ways to serve them. Go study what works on today’s social media platforms. Go.

A steward has to do the work, invest the talent, plant the seeds, be all in. Don’t get caught up in the misconception that believes God’s sovereignty means inaction on our part. It doesn’t.

Friend, our world needs every light out there lit and placed on it’s lamp stand. Don’t let fear keep you hiding yours under a bushel.

Let your light so shine before men... Here's how to do just that!

I believe the message God has given you is worth taking the time to learn a thing or two from someone else. Don’t you? It’s worth putting in some effort, pushing down some fear, making some sacrifices, investing some time and stepping out in faith.

So why not take the first step NOW and

1. Join Ruth’s  EBA WAITLIST HERE.  

2. Check out this SMALL BUSINESS ROADMAP. It will help you streamline and organize your blog… the foundation for readers finding your content.

These two resources will help move you towards being the salt and light He is calling you to be.

{{Yeah, I’m passionate about this and yes, I LOVE Christian bloggers and want you to be effective in your efforts. We have a noble purpose in this thing and I want nothing more than to exhort and equip people to become successful Christian bloggers to magnify the name of Jesus Christ.}}

Are you making any of these deadly mistakes as a Christian blogger? These mindsets will hinder you from blogging effectively and strategically, for the glory of God. Click to see if you are being marginalized by one or more of them!

Just typing His name fires me up! WOOT!!

So are you in?

If you are giving me a big YES right now, be an action taker TODAY.

And tell me in the comments what ONE THING is holding you back so I can understand how to pray for you.

Let’s do this!

All for HIM,

Don’t forget to SIGN UP HERE for the free training! 


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  1. Arabah Joy,

    First, your name is beautiful! Secondly, I just want to thank you for this reminder. I stopped writing over a year ago, after my mother’s death. Really, it was a series of losses with her the last straw. I know God has given me this gift to steward, I’ve worked very hard to get this far.

    In my grief, I stepped away. Trying to return is like climbing Mt. Everest. Still, I cannot let it go. Your words encouraged and reminded me of my purpose.

    Thank you,

  2. I love this post! I have been blogging for a while, and I feel God has given me a message. But, I’ve hesitated to market myself. It felt, I don’t know, a bit too slick, but I’ve realized that conducting my blog as a business is a matter of excellence in what God has called me to. I was just asking God for some confirmation about this and then I found your blog. Thanks for being will to take the risk. You really spoke to me today and confirmed what God has been trying to tell me for a while now. :)

  3. Really it has been the disobedience to the call of God every single time. Thinking I was making excuses that were relevant & normal because I wasn’t that important. All the while it was just direct disobedience. I am coming thru now & have signed up for the Webinar. I have started my YouTube Channel & moving forward. For me it was easier to take the orders from the people of higher rank to get things done, but the Lord God has made it very clear to me for quite some time u must do for Me, and u will follow(not to be afraid). Time to learn something new, that is the discipleship of Christ Jesus. Thank u soo very much Arabah for your kind service to the Lord and to His (me)people. I am very thankful. u are a Blessing!! Hugs, Jennifer:)

    1. Well you know, looking at the election results fires me up to equip more Christian bloggers to shine TRUTH. Thanks for being a light and a voice. Keep on keeping on!

  4. Hi Arabah. Where to begin? It seems you’ve been inside my head. (Kinda scary!) But I wanted to thank you for this article, which I read a couple days ago. And have been praying about since. Your words, “Is this stuff a bunch of worldly wisdom, self-help, and marketing nonsense that won’t apply to me?” really hit home. Seems we so often see so much of worldly thought & tactics creeping into the church. Saddens me, because I wonder if we’re trying to make God’s kingdom like a business.

    But to make a long story short, there was one important element to Christian blogging I had overlooked. And your post helped me see that. And it’s Stewardship. Odd – because I’m fairly strong on becoming stewards. Don’t know why, but I failed to see the opportunity to blog as one of God’s gifts. Just like all the others.

    As I said, don’t know why. Blogging seems worldly in my mind? Afraid of seeming self-promoting? Maybe a combination of these and more. I don’t know.

    But thanks for pointing out #1-That blogging opportunities are a gift from God. #2-That we can blog without feeling guilty over it. #3-Ours is a noble purpose. This has forever changed my blogging mentality. THANK YOU, and God bless, Sheila

    1. Sheila, thanks for your comment! I SO agree with you and understand what you’re saying. These mindset shifts took some time for me to embrace (about stewardship and especially applying effort). We really tend to struggle with certain things as believers. Which is good. But we do need to do the best we can for our King! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. I think God had you write this just for me! GOD ‘called’ me…no doubt, to start a blog last fall and share my story & journey with others. I had NO IDEA how to even begin, but jumped in. finally figured out the techy part & have been blogging for a few months. He is stretching me in so many areas & opening doors to reach out & share with Jesus. I LOVE it and feel pulled to do this full time but was just leaving it to Him to open that door. THEN, last wk I started getting Ruths emails about EBA course. I hesitated, but something kept drawing me to it. My husband encouraged it as it was a step towards my dream. So I enrolled. Now tonight I see your blog post above and I see it as reassurance that I didn’t jump ahead of God, but this was an opportunity he put in my path for me to do the work He gave me. Please pray for my ‘ministry’ on this blog, a new home bible study with young & seeking ladies. Look forward to being a regular here! I love your heart already. http://www.sheilawomble.com

  6. Arabah,

    I have been following you for a short time, but love the things that you write about. They are inspiring. I have struggled with blogging for some time now. I began a Facebook blog a couple of years ago because I felt I was being lead to do so, but soon quit because, I really dont know why.

    A few months ago I did an online study and when they asked for leaders for the next study, I hit yes before I ever thought about it, then realized there were many that I would be missing if I just stuck to the study, so I began another Facebook blog.

    I still question, even after I get many wonderful responses, if I should be doing this. Who am I to be telling any one about God, when my life seems so wonderful compared to so many who truly have a story to tell. I know that the “story” is not about one person, but about Jesus himself and how we are to be more like him, love him and share him with others, but there is still that question.

    Then I question how do I really go about this, where do I start. I have been typing whatever I feel the Lord leading, not sure there is more that I can be doing. I dont feel I am knowledgable enough about the Bible, all I know is that he loves us, cared for us and wants eternal life for us….

    Sorry for the longness of this message, but thank you in advance for any useful information you can share about how you got started.


  7. This was a wonderful post. Thank you so much for reminding me to not let fear keep me from hiding my light under a bushel.
    As someone very new to blogging, I often feel like there is nothing I have to say that hasn’t already been said. Thank you for reminding me that every little light needs to be burning. ?

  8. This was absolutely a God-lead post for me, thank you!! … after sifting through Christian bloggers that left me feeling utterly alone – my idea of research I guess, or seeking guidance.. I decided to look through Pinterest and found you on the first click :D oh happy day! I was in tears before you hit ‘#1’. I have been piled under so many attacks from the enemy that even though I go about my day in (literal) constant prayer and confess His promises in faith… I feel like this prompting can’t possibly be for RIGHT NOW?? I keep putting it off because I work 6 days a week, because I have children in school, because I have a mountain of debt (not the consumer type) that I feel like I have huge boulders tied to my ankles and that I’m having to drag my husband, our 6 children, our house, my mother, our dogs, my ministry, our DEBTS and all of our baggage up a very steep hill while it’s all trying to drag me back into a deep pit. A little dramatic? Maybe… but I do trust God and what He has started in me I know that He is faithful to complete. Thank you for your passion in Christ <3

  9. This is fantastic. I allowed fear to prevent me from starting a blog for over a year. I finally faced that fear and have it to God. Now that I started I feel more fulfilled than I have in a while. When I am faithful to steward the words and the writings, He is faithful to give me the words to say.

    Thank you Arabah for your encouragement and wisdom. I’ve learned so much and will be enrolling in Christian Bloggers Bootcamp very soon.

    Thank you for being a blessing! ?

  10. Thank you for this! Such an encouragement as I’m getting started and wondering if my message is worth putting out there. I think maybe it is a lie from Satan himself! He doesn’t want the Gospel preached.

  11. Hi, I enjoy your blog so much! I come away inspired and encouraged. God is calling me to write a blog. It is terrifying to me. I read where a blogger needs a niche and I’m not sure what mine is. I have so many ideas and just don’t know which direction to go. All prayers are appreciated.

  12. I have been in the process of wanting to start a Christian mom blog for months now, but have waited due to fear. Fear of failing, fear of thinking I heard God wrong, fear that no one will actually care, and fear that I have no idea how to actually reach people AND help my family financially. Thank you for your words. I feel encouraged.

  13. I am just re-reading this – it’s been saved on my Pinterest board all this time. Not sure if you are still reading comments from this post but WOW you nailed it. Reason 1 is always mine. Fear. Paralyzing fear. Fear that I”m wrong. Fear that it’s not God’s prompting (even though He’s confirmed it in the past). Fear of never getting anywhere. Fear of pouring all this time/money/effort into something that will never “take off.” Thank you for the reminder that we are called to be a light :)

  14. Arabah, I came across your post while on Pinterest .. Wise words of wisdom here for sure. I had such a passion to share God’s truth via His word and laced with my own experiences. It has been a trying year as I have spent substantial time in God’s refining fire. I’m learning to embrace it and I’m looking forward to sharing with my readers. The responses to my post on faith have confirmed to keep working on my book. I’m feeling that joy in serving Him as I am working on a new series of posts as well. I never received a true diagnosis for the pain I’ve suffered this year, but I know the Great Physician continues to work in my life. Thank you for your wonderful insights. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and may God continue to bless you and yours in all your endeavors.

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!!! I am just starting out and definitely have regular doubts that my blog might make a difference. But this pin on Pinterest, leading to this article you wrote, is EXACTLY the kick-in-the-pants encouragement I needed to keep at this blogging adventure.
    You’re awesome!! God bless!! And in case you needed a reminder today, your diligence and faithfulness shows through your writing, and YOU are definitely making a difference!!

  16. I started my blog a little over two years ago and made very little traction. I wrote very few post in the last nine months; however God has been dealing with me about,guess what, stewardship as.
    My blogs were written like I was thinking out loud instead of how I would talk to someone about God.
    Visually the were plain and uninviting.
    So now it is time to learn how to be excellent in every aspect of that which my Father has entrusted to me, That He will receive glory and I will hear His voice saying well done

  17. Hi Arabah Joy,

    I stumbled upon your site through a random browse through pinterest on Christian blogging as I just recently started back working on this.I used to write and blog about my short-term missions trips, however it has been 6 years now since I last went on mission, and when I thought I heard the call to return to the field, I soon realized that my call to GO was God’s way of reminding me of my call to write. For a number of years I had kind of steered away from actually defining myself as a Christian blogger, and put a lot more into my health and fitness blogging because it was what it seemed people cared more about and who they defined me as, while I still tried to keep some spirituality about it and add a scripture here and there or talk briefly about my faith, God made it clear that He wanted me to do more. And like everything with being a Child of God, He brought the lifestyle and the blog to a screeching halt and reminded me of my original call to write.

    I say all of this to say that I love this blog post, as I saw so much of myself in the 3 mistakes and look forward to growing and learning how to be all that God has called me to be.

    Thank you for all that you do for His glory.

    1. Wow, what an encouraging testimony to His faithfulness in your life! Thanks for sharing that. Keep writing and seeking Him, there are many lives for you to touch! <3

  18. Thank you so much for writing this post as I embark on this journey to become a Christian Blogger. I want to be a good steward and share with others my journey and what God has placed on my heart. Ready to learn more and be of service to HIS Kingdom!

  19. I just started a blog and my number one reason that I waited until now is fear. It is the number 1 reason on your list. For most of my life, I have wrestled with fear and the best way for me to overcome it was to write and put my words out there for all to see. It has been very liberating, to say the least, and I have been trying to pattern you. Thank you for the work that you have put in continue to let your light shine Arabah, you’ve motivated me.

    1. I stumbled upon this post through Pinterest, but after reading I know God was the one urging me to read it! Thank you for your encouraging words. Every fear and mistake you highlighted are those I wrestle with daily as a fairly new Christian blogger. I feel the same overwhelming call as I did in January when He told me to “start a blog” after reading your post.

  20. The Pesky “MOUNTAIN “ That’s causing this girl to drag her feet are the LOGISTICS…… I’m Hard wired ARTIST AND DYSLEXIC……..and flip numbers…” technology is sooooooo hard for me…… SO SETTING EVEN THE SIMPLE ACCOUNTS UP…… WOW!!!! I KNOW THAT WHEN JESUS CALLS HE EQUIPS!!!!!}} Thus your message! Thank you for your obedience and STEWARDSHIP! please pray for me….. HOW CAN IMPRAY FOR YOUR FAMILY? Thank you ELi🤩

  21. I just came across your article and it boosted me again as I just began the whole blogging process. I strongly believe that God is leading me in this direction but feel so overwhelmed with the technical side of it all that I got discouraged. I know that I have to make an initial investment but money is tight right now and there are so many offers and seminars that it’s hard to know what and who to pick. But thank you for the encouragement in this article and for shifting my perspective as far as our gifts are concerned.

    God bless you!

  22. I did get some of Ruth’s free training awhile back. I think I got stuck trying to figure out what product I could create that people would pay $ for…..

    Liberty @ B4andAfters.com

  23. I wish I has read this way earlier. There have been a lot of promptings I had I didn’t act upon. God have mercy on me. Some due to my feeling of being incapacitated, or my sins and all.

    Now, I’m back. I revisited one of the posts on my blog this morning. And I’m going to stay committed with this grounds. I just found my way here, God orchestrated it.

    Thanks so Much

  24. I need to set up a Christian Blog to help share what God is doing with me and to make money for a missionary trip. I need to set it up quickly but it needs to be right. I have no clue what platform to use or which if any Blog site I need to sign up on. I have no clue if I need to go thru world press or if I need to virus protection or what. Please help

    1. Hi Judy, I definitely recommend WordPress but it isn’t the only option. Squarespace is also a nice solution. If you’d like help with getting started, feel free to email me via the contact form.

  25. I am so into Christian living and life problems and how to solve them through God and His word (the Bible). I’m in my 50’s and want to reach people with God’s word and help others who find themselves in ungodly situations with Biblical principals to follow. I just want to make certain, since I am a lay person and not a pastor or theology graduate that I am leading people according to God’s word. God has led me to know that lifetime circumstances I have faced can help me help others and lead them to Him. I just have to take that leap and not knowing one thing about blogging is scary.

  26. I prayed that before I make another move to pursue anything I would ask and wait on the Lord. I have want a firm Yes, do it, from him. I dont want to get into another financial burden for my family because I’ve had these dreams of pursuing something.

  27. Thank you! I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging for a few weeks now; point #2 hit home! I have officially made the choice to start this journey.

    I also wa.ted to say: I have enjoyed reading your posts. Your tone of voice comes across as very loving, heart felt, and honest/real/genuine!

  28. Thank you so much Arabah, greetings from Nigeria. This is definitely some good news for me, touched every area I had been shying away from. God bless you indeed.

  29. My ONE THING is definitely not putting in much effort, thank you so much for putting this together. I enjoyed reading it and I’m so encouraged to take the steps needed. So much appreciated.

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