20 Practical Ways to Saturate Your Life in Scripture

If this is a busy season, or the demands of life seem overwhelming right now, try these 20 practical ways to saturate your life in Scripture.

If this is a busy season, or the demands of life seem overwhelming right now, try these 20 practical ways to saturate your life in Scripture. 

I recently received an email from a young mom who said, “Help! How did you find time to read the Bible when your kids were little? I’m so busy I have no time alone with Jesus.”

Oh my dear mother, I SO relate. My youngest is now seven (can’t believe it!) so I’m beyond the “littles who need me every second” days but I haven’t forgotten them.

As a wife and mother, it still sometimes feels like I’m constantly racing and trying to check things off my to-do list. Yet what I – what WE- really crave is long periods of time at the feet of Jesus.  Our souls yearn for fellowship with God, our Savior and friend. There is nothing sweeter than bringing our burdens and sorrows before God in prayer.  And there’s nothing more encouraging than discovering His love and promises buried in the pages of Scripture.

Yet let’s be honest. Sometimes, life gets chaotic and downright crazy. If that describes you, today’s post is for you. I’ve had to get creative in finding time to read the Bible. Sometimes life demands that my leisurely quiet time be cut short or pushed aside for life’s necessities.  Rather than neglect my relationship with God, which keeps me centered and grounded, I’ve brainstormed creative ways to make Bible study a reality.

The next time you’re in a season of busyness, put one or two of these simple ideas into action and keep your relationship with God strong and thriving.

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20 Practical Ways to Saturate Your Life in Scripture:

Use these practical tips to saturate your life in Scripture

On your lunch hour

Whether sitting at your desk or stealing a few quiet moments alone in your car, reading God’s Word is the perfect way to recharge after a hectic first part of the day. Pack a simple bag with your Bible and study tools, and you’ll be set to refresh your soul mid-day.
{Here are my go-to 10 best Bible study tools.}

Listen to the Audio Bible on the go

When life gets hectic, try a Bible study on the go.  Bible Study Tools.com offers a free audio Bible that’s easy to listen to from your phone. This option is perfect for those with a long commute or who find themselves constantly in the car or on the go. I also love listening to dailyaudiobible.com

Get up 20 minutes earlier

Starting the day with Jesus can align your heart and set the tone for the entire day. There’s something about Bible study in the still, quiet hours of dawn to focus your mind and spirit around the commands of God. Even if mornings aren’t easy and getting up early is a struggle, there’s something so special about morning dates with God.

While the kids are playing or napping

When the kids are quietly playing, sneak in as much quality Bible study reading as you can. While the time may not be long, you will certainly feel refreshed and encouraged from this brief respite from every day life.
{Here are some word studies you should do!}

On the treadmill or spin bike

There’s no better time to set your mind on things above than exercise! Bring your Bible and read through a chapter or two, as you get spiritually and physically fit. Plus, it will make your exercise time fly by as you focus on the principles of God.

Sacrifice TV time

In this modern age, the word ‘sacrifice’ isn’t popular or exciting. Yet when you choose God over the things of the world, the less you will crave what you once longed for. Even if you start sacrificing 10 minutes of TV time a day, you’ll get to know God like never before and improve your relationship with Him.

On your phone

Take the Bible with you anywhere and read whenever you have a chance with the Biblegateway.com app. It’s perfect for waiting rooms, being stuck in traffic and when you need a pick-me-up throughout the day.
{These Bible apps are worth checking out!}

While making dinner

It may be difficult (and messy!) to read the Bible while you cook,  yet it’s a great time to wrap your head and heart around a few key verses you’ve been studying. Writing them on note cards for easy reference will help you ponder God’s truth as you cook.

Read and study the Bible with the kids

As a family, some of the most special and precious memories can be made during family Bible study. Try reading a few verses at night together and then discussing them. For further understanding of Scripture, write and record your findings together.

With a friend over coffee {or tea!}

There is strength and beauty when gathered with friends to read the Bible. You don’t have to have a devotional to experience God’s Word together. Simply choose a book of the Bible and read/discuss a few chapters every time you meet.
{Use these Scripture tea tags to add Scripture to your next get-together!}

Reading the Bible aloud to the babies

When my kids were little, they were enthralled with listening to me read the Jesus Storybook Bible aloud. I loved pointing them to truth at a young age, and always tried to learn something new myself each time I read aloud to them.
{Our Bible study basket for kids has wonderful suggestions for Bible study with children.}

Read with your spouse

Strengthen your marriage and your relationship with your spouse through couple’s Bible reading. Take 10 minutes a day to read a passage of Scripture and then discuss it briefly together.

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Surround yourself with Scripture

Keep God’s Word front and center in your life by placing Scripture all around you. Whether you use Scripture printables or write verses on note cards, by glancing over God’s Word throughout the day, you’ll keep your heart focused on Him.

Daily Bible verse texts

Receive texts of Bible verses and passages daily on your phone. Bible 2 Mobile offers this free service to keep you rooted in God’s promises!

At sports practice

Take your quiet time on the road and use the spare minutes while waiting at sport’s practice to draw near to the heart of God.

In the gym locker room

Do you love the gym and the convenience of childcare it provides? Before or after your workout, take advantage of quiet, child-free moments in the locker room and study God’s Word.

In car line

Don’t be bored and waste your time in car line! Use those precious minutes of silence to study God’s Word and draw near to His presence.

In the shower

The shower is the perfect, quiet place to pray and meditate of your favorite Scripture verses.

Have a family “reading time”

Encourage the family to unplug and spend 15 minutes a day in quiet simply reading. The kids can read their own books (or look at pictures if they can’t read) and you have permission to put your feet up and read the Bible.

Bible and bedtime

End the day snuggled in bed with God’s Word and your favorite Bible study tools. What a blessing to rest in His presence all night long!


When you’re in a season of busyness, your relationship with God doesn’t have to fall by the wayside. Use these 20 ways to saturate your life in Scripture, and carve out time to meet with Jesus each day. It’s in His presence where the burdens of this world melt away and true peace is found.

How about you? How do you fit Bible reading in to your busy schedule?  


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  1. I used to do mine sitting in the car rider line at school – this brings back those memories thanks for your encouraging words today

  2. I love your ideas of how to fit Bible reading in. I once read through the Bible while drying my hair each day. It was my time. Many times I would get so intrigued I couldn’t stop. The hair got a little dried out. I still use that time.

  3. Great suggestions! I know this might not potentially be a great suggestion for men (or it could be, I dunno?), but as a girl with curly hair that has to spend forever with the hair drying diffusing it, I’ve found that’s the perfect fifteen to twenty minutes to read devotionals and get into the word.

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