12 Daily Prayers for Your Kids

We want to pray for our children but often our schedule prevents it. Use this “pray as you go” model and these 12 daily prayers for your kids.

Sometimes our schedule can prevent us from praying for our kids as we might like to. Use this "pray as you go" model, with these 12 daily prayers for your kids. 

One of the most powerful things we can do as a parent is pray for our children. We know that. But so often, we don’t DO that.

Let’s face it, busy-ness, hurried-ness, a mile long to-do list, and constant distractions can keep us from doing what we know we should be doing: PRAYING. How can a busy mom regularly (and easily!) pray for her kids?

12 Daily Prayers for Your Kids 

If your schedule prevents you from praying for your kids in the way you want to, try this pray as you go model. We're sharing 12 daily prayers for your kids.

Introducing the busy mom’s simple way to pray Scripture for her kids! Instead of beating yourself up for not finding ten minutes each morning to be in prayer for your kids, why not start using the AS YOU GO prayer strategy?

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You understand the “as you go,” concept, right? In Matthew 10:7 Jesus told His disciples to proclaim the Kingdom “as you go.”

Likewise, Paul instructs us to “pray without ceasing” and while that always seemed pretty much impossible to me, when I reframed it with the “as you go” wording, being in prayer for my children seems actually doable.

Try these 12 daily prayers for your kids, using this "pray as you go" model. This model helps when your schedule might prevent you from praying for your kids.

For example:

As we sit in the car line, instead of scrolling, you can pray Scripture.

As we chop veggies for tonight’s salad or wash breakfast bowls, we can be in prayer for our children.

As you fold laundry, you got it, pray Scriptures.

As you nurse your baby at 3am, you can offer a mother’s prayer of Scripture over your children.

You see, the idealism of setting aside a dedicated time each day to pray for our kids seems nice but in reality, ends up sabotaging us from doing anything at all.

In other words, our noble idealism isn’t helpful.

Having a tool as simple as Scripture cards or a  Scripture prayer bookmark with prayer points for children has helped me pray God’s word for my kids. It can do the same for you! GRAB YOUR FREE PRAYER BOOKMARK BELOW:

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{Click the image above to receive your own set of printable bookmarks for free!}


If you are uncertain of how to pray Scriptures, start with this post and learn how to pray the Scriptures for your children.

Momma, one thing you and I can get better at is this “as we go” kind of praying. Find a simple tool that helps you do that and see if your prayer life doesn’t deepen, lengthen, and begin to pack a real punch.

If you need additional resources, try these 40 promises to pray over your children.
You can also use our A to Z Scriptures to pray for your kids.

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  1. Will be printing one or two of these out for myself and my husband! This is wonderful to not only have the reminders of what to pray, but also the Scripture references to go with them! Thank you!

  2. Dear Arabah, I’m not able to join the back to school challenge or the 40 promises to pray over your child. Please do look into it.

  3. Nothing happens when I click on the image. Do I need to buy the cards?
    Please send me 12 daily prayers for your kids.
    Fighting for your kids 5 Scriptures every mum should pray.
    Praying Scripture for your Children

  4. Hello! The picture link for the bookmark is not working. It does not prompt for an email address to receive it. I have tried two different browsers.

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