10 Ways Busy Moms Can Meditate on the Word

As a young mom, I didn’t think I had time to meditate on the Word. 

I had enough trouble keeping my house clean and clutter-free (the mess stressed me out).  And then there were little mouths to feed, bodies to wash, and laundry to fold.

Time to myself was scarce –  the struggle was real to even fit in a shower.

Meditating on Scripture didn’t seem that important to me and besides, I didn’t really understand what it even meant. 

Spoiler Alert: The answer was simpler than I thought.  

Albeit rewarding, motherhood is an all-consuming, exhausting, round-the-clock job.

And God knows that.  In fact – that’s how He designed it!

So how does He expect us to meditate on His Word? He gave us hints in the book of Joshua.

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Joshua 1:8

Joshua, accepting the torch from Moses, had a huge job ahead of Him.  God expected him to get busy kicking out the Canaanites and leading the Israelites into the promised land.

But God told Joshua something else equally important –  He told Him to meditate on the law, day and night.

Joshua was to be busy about his work and yet meditate on God’s Word.

Which means we moms can also meditate on Scripture while we go about our never-ending duties!

So what does meditating on God’s Word look like for a busy mom?  Here are 10 ideas, all using just one passage of Scripture!

Are you struggling with the daily aspects of motherhood and feeling like you don't have time for God's Word? Here are 10 ways busy moms can meditate on the Word.


10 ways to meditate on God’s Word by recycling Scripture


  • Read a passage


Carve out a few minutes each day to read through a book of the Bible – even if it’s only a few verses.  Try to stay consistent and work through the book instead of skipping around.


  • Single out one verse


Find one verse in the passage for that day that speaks to your heart, or something you’d like to delve into deeper.


  • Research the verse


Look up cross-references.  Check a Bible commentary or concordance such as Blue Letter Bible or the Bible Gateway resource section.


  • Write the verse on 3×5 cards or post-it notes


Think on the verse as you’re writing.  Journaling verses is a powerful way to let God’s Word sink into your soul.


  • Circle key phrases or use colored pencils to highlight


Colors help us remember!  Try to recall those colored words throughout the day.


  • Place the verse on your window sill, night stand, or bathroom mirror


Post in places you frequent and make a point to read as you pass by – you could even post multiple copies in strategic areas.


  • Write key phrases on smaller bits of paper such as school work, bills, etc.


These phrases are reminders of a bigger perspective when you get bogged down with the “blah” details.


  • Pray key phrases all week


Have you ever prayed the Word?  It’s powerful!  God’s Word + prayer = double the power!


  • Memorize the verse (or passage)


While washing dishes, scrubbing floors, or cleaning toilets, glance at your Scripture card and recall bits and pieces of the verse.  Deeper meanings and innuendos will sink deep into your soul as you mull over single words and phrases!


  • Review memorized verse


While you’re driving, ironing, or exercising, you can review verses you’ve committed to memory!  


And one bonus way to meditate on God’s Word: 

  • Write out memorized verse


Finally, write the verse from memory.  As you make time for this, you’ll be storing God’s Word in your heart and the meditation process will come full circle!


Meditating on God’s Word doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds – you’ve probably done many of these things already!  Keeping our homes clean and decluttered is a worthy goal – but keeping our minds freshly swept and renewed is far more important.  

God’s Word purifies thoughts and brings peace to the weary mama-heart. The next time you scrub a pot or swipe dirty fingerprints off a window, let that be a mental signal – it’s time to meditate!



Ruthie Gray is a wife, mom of four, Gigi, and caregiver, living in the sandwich generation and blogging to keep her sanity.  When she’s not snacking on plastic drumsticks with The Tiny Tornado or snuggling Baby Cakes (her grandbabies), you can find her coaching young  moms to capture joy in parenting at  RearReleaseRegroup.com. Ruthie is the author of  Count to Nine; 9 Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger.  Click to download her Wife and Mommy Survival Kit here. 

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