Loss, Fire, and What I learned about trust {A Just Trust Story}



Every Thursday we are sharing Just Trust stories, testimonies of how we’ve stepped out in trust and seen God come through in specific ways.

Toni Parker is a precious sister and I know you are going to fall in love with her after reading her story. May you too be encouraged to trust God in your time of crisis.

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August 20, 2005 started off like any normal day. However something sinister was in the pipelines of the unseen. My family life was going to be turned upside down, in an instant. That day, our house caught on fire.


All our bank accounts were over drawn, we were penniless and now facing homelessness.  I began to pray and trust God,fervently beseeching on behalf of my family of five young children. Moving in with someone when you have large family of small children is not easy, even when it is family.


Things managed to get worse when we contacted the insurance company. They told us we were uninsured for the fire. Sick to the core, I turned to God, throwing my last $1 dollar in an envelope. I tithed it, as a step of faith. I prayed for a home and everything else I needed. “God, you know how much money we have. You know what our needs are.” I fervently prayed and within an hour, we received a phone call regarding a home to stay in.

I was part of a homeschooling group and I asked them to pray. People extended money, some of the donations being four digit gifts! I just praised God and kept praising God for his answer. My God is an abundantly God, he does nothing in halves. It really was exciting to see what He can do in our lives when we hit crisis point.

The following Saturday blew my mind, never in my wildest dream had I heard of this, but I kid you not… we had a truck arrive out in front of the temporary house. The truck was loaded with brand new household appliances, such as a fridge, freezer, dishwasher, irons, microwave, dryer, and beds for the children.

Everything was thought of… plus just a God thing for me- I always wanted my next fridge with the water tap in front. Lo and behold, he added that for me! That was too much! I was now sitting in the gutter blubbering and overwhelmed. Plus, as an added bonus, we were handed the receipt in case we needed warranty. This was $8000 worth of merchandise!

Every item I needed to start to live again was provided on this one day. I do not know who the angel God sent was. All the truck driver said was that it was from an “anonymous source and all is paid in full.”

We moved into our new house, which was fully rebuilt from the ground up and included a fully operational kitchen, 6 bedrooms, 2 bathroom and air conditioners. It had flooring and was painted inside and out.

This is bizarre and only explained when you believe in a great God.

When things look bleak and there seems to be no answer, place your full hope in God. He is more than able to rebuild whatever you need.



My name is Toni Parker, I live in the lovely Australia and am very blessed. I love writing children stories and it’s my dream to be a published Christian author. :)  I love Jesus and all that he is doing in my life, every day. Even with my health issues I see his hands in my life. God is always good.



  1. What a beautiful story, Toni. A story of trust and hope and faith. Your story will be an encouragement to many, I know. Thank you for sharing.

    BTW, I have an Aussie daughter! She came to America to go to college. We met her and became her host family. She has truly become like a daughter to us, and we love her like such. She is currently staying with us since she graduated from college here in the US. I hope to visit Australia one day.

  2. Praise God for HIS Incredible blessings! Yes He is faithful!

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