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Energy Explosion (A Preview)

Jump start your energy with this 7 day step- by- step guide!

Are you ready to get your energy back? This seven day guide to power up your energy level will help you establish a framework for living full, energetic, and strong.

We are made body, mind, and spirit and as such, these three all work together for our total makeup. To fully address our energy issues, we must jump start each of these areas. Each day of this journey will address one crucial element for body, mind, and soul.

Body: This is where you will find instant tips to feeling energized. Each day we will add a new habit for increasing energy levels…never too much at a time! Also includes information on top energy foods and recipes for using them.

Mind: As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. By changing our thinking, we guard the “wellspring of life” and keep it fresh. This section will daily give you Power Scriptures that renew, rejuvenate, and infuse hope and faith.

Spirit: It is common for moms to suffer from low grade energy drains at the spiritual level. This daily section addresses these strength sappers and provides strategic ways to effectively remove them.

How Energy Explosion came about:

After two years full of job changes, two international moves, an international adoption, four children, (three of them within 23 months), and no social network of support, I discovered my adrenals were sapped and my energy was gone. Even fulfilling the most basic of tasks was often daunting.

I was constantly tired, even after a full night’s rest. Time did not help. Two years later, I was still exhausted all the time and the demands of running a household were overwhelming.

I gave it enough time to know this wasn’t just going to go away. I would have to be proactive and implement some proven, yet realistic changes to get my energy back. So I slowly began researching and discovering how I could feel better.

It wasn’t until I was back in the states at a MOPS group and one of the prayer requests was that this mom have more energy. Every mom in the room erupted! We could all relate! At that moment, I realized that this issue is very common…and that God desires for us as moms to function at the very best energy level possible.

This plan is the result of my personal journey. I have my energy back…energy not just to enjoy the life God has given me but to pursue life and make the most of it.

Give me a week of your life and I’ll give you your energy back!

So are you ready? Let’s get started!

This is the intro to my energy project. I’ve almost got the rest of it done (will keep you updated). Any thoughts? Also, I’d love to hear which title you like the best:

The Energy Makeover

Energy Explosion for Moms

A Mom’s Guide to Increased Energy

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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About Arabah Joy

Need a plan for increasing your energy? Check out my 7 Day Guide, Energy Explosion


  1. Ginny says:

    Arabah, I am looking forward to this series. I have a very large family, have home schooled for a long time, currently separated from my husband because of his rage, and totally exhausted in every way. I can’t seem to get motivated to make my kids do what they need to do for school and chores. I am so dispirited right now.

  2. Kelly Stevens says:

    Love this…and really looking forward to it!!!


  3. Kelly says:

    “Give me a week of your life and I’ll give you your energy back!” Sounds a bit like an info-mercial. Can you guarantee it? Perhaps, something like, “Commit to this process, and watch God begin to renew your energy” I know you want to pack a punch! Just an idea-praying you convey the excited and promise God has if we follow His principles!

  4. tonja says:

    I agree with Kelly on that.
    otherwiset, it sounds like you’re off to a great start.

  5. Jolene says:

    I have read your blog since it’s beginning and I am greatly challenged by your entire journey. The truths you are discovering are what I have heard at my church for the past several years and I’m thrilled to see one woman flesh it out – you and God – and I have asked my sister to read your site because she’s chosen to cut herself off from church…but I am hoping she will see your real journey and it would help her realize that we’ve heard at church isn’t just from our church- it’s from God! On the energy posts, I am greatly looking forward to them. I am still single, but want nothing more than to be a wife and mother. I would not mind any of the titles, but if there are others out there like me reading, they may not be drawn to it if “mother” is in the title. I NEED what you are about to say– I teach a combined classroom of Kindergarten and First grade and am utterly exhausted. So, whatever you choose to call it, I wait with anticipation. God bless you, Arabah!

  6. Terri says:

    I, too, have had severe adrenal fatigue, which was diagnosed about two years ago. After closely following my medical advisor’s advice, I feel much better, but still have a very hard time waking up every morning. I am looking forward to reading about what tips you may have. :) Thanks for doing this.

  7. Melanie says:

    I LOVE your blog. Just about every post wrecks me and usually I when I see Arabah in my inbox, I secretly plot how I can get away by myself to read it because I know that God will use it to touch the deep places in my heart and yep, I usually cry. :) Am looking forward to this series (but, shoot – you could do a series on the secret life of inchworms and I’d be interested!). You have such an amazing gift of communicating the hard stuff. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of the world! As for titles – I love the energy explosion idea, so that gets my vote. May God bless you in a mighty way today! Can’t wait for the next installment!! :)

  8. Jenny says:

    Your thoughts and the way you write are so amazing to me. Every post you write is so, so good. You have a real talent, and you are using it for good. Thank you for sharing all that you do, it is all really helpful! As for the title I like “The Energy Makeover” :)

  9. DAWN says:

    AJ, whatever you write, I want to read it. I haven’t had normal energy levels since I was 16. A long time. I like the Energy Explosion title.

  10. Shala nolan says:

    Yes, please! I would love to read and participate with you in this! I used to describe myself as “born tired” because I would often feel that way. Since I became a mother, that has been a struggle. But, I know that God wants more for me.
    Thank you for taking the time and energy to share what He’s shown you!

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