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If you receive Arabah Joy via email, you will start seeing some changes this week. Due to certain restrictions, the email updates you receive from this blog will be truncated, which means the email will only show a partial blurb of my blog post.

Additionally, you’ll receive only one update each week, delivered fresh each Monday morning. This way, you will be able to see all the week’s partial posts at one time! To read a post in it’s entirety, simply click on the big blue post title. Of course you are welcome to visit my blog at any time during the week if you just can’t wait until Monday to see what’s happening on the blog :)

I hope this change serves you by limiting the number of emails you receive. I value your friendship and welcome your feedback at any time. May the Lord bless you and cause His face to shine upon you…


Trust: Recommended Resources for growing in trust




This resource list includes those mentioned in Trust Without Borders.





Fresh Faith: What Happens When Real Faith Ignites God’s People by Jim Cymbala




Comforts from the Cross: Celebrating the Gospel One Day at a Time





The Master’s Indwelling by Andrew Murray





Andrew Murray on Prayer





Lessons I Learned in the Dark: Steps to Walking by Faith, Not by Sight by Jennifer Rothschild





Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life by Nick Vujicic





Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids



Scripture Compilations:



Daily Light on the Daily Path

The One Year Bible: The entire English Standard Version arranged in 365 daily readings





Jeremy Camp I will Trust



I’d Need A Savior

Sovereign Grace


Video of Nick V


Welcome to today’s Trust Without Borders extra web content. Here is the interview with Nick Vijicic, author of Life Without Limits

Set of Printables on the Names and Attributes of God


Hello friend! It is likely you are here because you’ve hopped over from my eBook, Trust Without Borders. I’m so glad you did! I personally use these cards and hope you are blessed as well as you ponder the nature and names of God.

To access the cards, simply click the highlighted text here: Printable: set of 60 cards on the attributes and names of God  Enjoy!

Because Life is For Living

ultimate eBook bundle!





After all, He came that we might have abundant life. So this weekend, it’s time to pull out the tennis shoes and go for a walk.

Because 42 Days from now? We really could be fit.

It is time to be still and consider. The flowers know it deep and we can too, that if He clothes the wild blooms so lovely, He surely graces us with beauty and compassion.

Yes, I’m feeling that it is time to take another step forward, to live from grace bestowed.

It’s time to organize a closet.

Plan a simple, delicious meal.

Or begin that 42 Days to Fit.

It’s time to simplify and beautify.

Because we really can do this, you know. We can live graced and baby steps are okay!

So. How will your life be different in 42 Days?

Don’t Miss this Gardening Bundle!




I have to share this deal with you!!, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

So you all know how we live in a high- rise apartment in a HUGE city in Asia and my kids and I miss planting and growing things in our backyard. So container gardening and growing absolutely anything green has become very attractive and necessary for us. Yes, we need green!, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Well this week’s eBook Bundle is a Gardening bundle… 5 books for only $7.40.  AND one of the books included is “Apartment Gardening,” So I’m pretty much in love with this bundle! I have to share it because it is too good not to! Here are the 5 book titles:

~~Frugal Gardening 101

~~Apartment Gardening

~~Simple Food (for Spring)

~~Heavenly Homemaker’s Guide to Gardening and Preserving

~~The Gardening Notebook

You can purchase the bundle here.

Happy Gardening!

Win a $25 gift card just by answering 9 simple questions



Seriously! Who couldn’t use some free money?

So here’s the deal: I’m trying to get some idea of who you are and how I can serve you through this blog. I’ve created a VERY simple survey of 9 questions to help me know you better. Questions like what age are you and what gender. Simple! It won’t take more than 3 minutes to complete and you will be providing me with valuable information to serve you better.

To sweeten the deal, I’m giving away a $25 gift card of your choice to either Target, Amazon, or Walmart!

Just click the link below to complete the survey and enter the giveaway. I’ll close the contest and share some of the results on Sunday, March 24th. FUN!   Thankyou for helping me serve you better!

Click here to take survey





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In Christ,


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In Christ eCourse Affiliate Program




Affiliates for the “In Christ” eCourse make up to $10 for each purchase made through your link! {Affiliate earnings will be $7.50 if the discount code is applied}.


Here is a blurb about the course. Feel free to use it when sharing with your readers and friends (or use your own wording):


Course Blurb:


Make 2014 a year of spiritual growth with the “In Christ” eCourse by missionary and blogger Arabah Joy. Understanding our identity in Christ is foundational to successfully living the Christian life. This spiritual growth course will aid participants in understanding their identity, how to abide in Christ, and will impart tools for letting the word of Christ richly dwell in the heart and mind (Colossians 3:16). The unique blend of story, scripture, community discussion, and practical application is thoughtfully geared for participants to experience ongoing life transformation.

The 4 week course will begin February 4 and run through March 4, 2014. Registration closes January 31, 2014. Course fee is $19.99

For full course details and to register, visit Arabah Joy’s “In Christ” eCourse page (paste your affiliate code here).



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There have been some issues with the link above. If it doesn’t work for you, copy this URL into your browser:

At the bottom of the page you’ll see “click here to join Arabah Joy’s affiliate program.”  Click and then follow the steps below.



Here are step by step details on becoming an affiliate if you need them:

1. After clicking the above link, Login to ejunkie or set up your free account.

2. Click on “Get affiliate code”

3. Under “Select Merchant,” choose “Arabah Joy” and then “Get Affiliate Code”

4. Under “Get Product Specific Link” select “In Christ eCourse”

5. Your code will appear. Simply copy and paste when you want to link to the product.


Discount Code:


I am also offering a discount code for you to provide your readers. This is a 25% off discount, which amounts to $5 off the course. The discount code is “InChrist25” and can be entered at checkout.


Thank you so much for sharing this with others!

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