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The 12 Minute Energy Break

The 12 minute energy break

The 12 minute energy break



Yesterday I promised to share my 12 Minute Energy Break with you. This is great for those times when you are feeling sluggish or fatigued. Just 12 well- spent minutes can help boost your energy and get you going again. Here’s what to do:


1. Hydrate.

Why it works:  Minor dehydration is one of the most overlooked causes of low energy… and the easiest to fix.  Even slight dehydration can result in an energy nosedive. So before you do anything else, down a glass of water. Try keeping a water bottle with you for easy access throughout the day and to help track how much you’re drinking. First step… done!


2. Take a brisk walk. 

Why it works:   Experiments done by California State University show that only ten minutes of walking will increase your energy level and keep it up for 2 hours!  Make a habit of it and after three weeks you’ll notice overall sustained mood and energy improvement. Furthermore, walking helps clear your mind which also invigorates and refreshes. Now that’s a ten minute investment with a huge payoff!

{P.S. You don’t have to go outside to walk. If weather or napping little ones prevent you from getting out, there are many programs you can do inside your home. I’ve done Leslie Sansone’s program in the past and my current favorite indoor short and sweet is this 7 minute exercise app.}


3. Have a healthy snack. 

Why it works:   Food is fuel and the grade you use matters. What you’re looking for here is a combination of protein and produce for both immediate and sustained energy. The simple sugars found in produce are absorbed quickly, giving you an immediate energy boost while the protein will provide staying power. If you can get some fiber in there, it’s even better.

Here are some of my favorite energy snack combo’s:

  • Berries and yogurt
  • Nuts and raw veggies
  • Cheese and fruit
  • Raisins, nuts, and chocolate pieces :)
  • Hard boiled egg and orange slices
  • Peanut butter with chopped veggies


One last tip: Prepare your plan before you need it! Having it ready beforehand will ensure you act on it when the moment of need comes.  Waiting until you are exhausted is a good way to ensure it doesn’t get done. :(  So quick, take two minutes now to grab a water bottle or cup, decide on your exercise, and plan your snack. 

 Try it and see what a difference just 12 minutes can make! If you are looking for something more in-depth to address your energ y level, check out my eBook Energy Explosion: A 7 Day Guide to Jumpstart Your Energy.


Your Energy Matters… Want to Boost It?

Your Energy Matters

Your Energy Matters



Tonight I have the privilege of being on a live conference call with Crystal Paine and Mary Ellen Bream. We will be talking about fighting fatigue and boosting energy. I thought this would be a good week to talk about energy and share a few resources with you.

I remember the day I realized God cares about my energy level. It was a liberating moment because up until then I believed that to devote time and effort into feeling better was selfish. Boy was I sadly mistaken. Do you realize that God actually commands us to keep ourselves fueled and aflame? Yep. He does.


We can’t serve Him and others if we are constantly worn down, worn out, and overwhelmed. Being a good steward of our energy is necessary if we want to be good stewards of our time, opportunities, and resources while on this earth. Of course God cares about our energy levels!

My husband hurt his back in high school while lifting weights. He now has to regularly exercise his back with stretching and strengthening exercises to prevent it from going out. Sometimes he gets really busy and thinks, “I don’t have time to do my back exercises.” He inevitably ends up in bed for two or three days, unable to move at all! So much for trying to cut corners!

You see, sometimes we think certain things are luxuries when really they are necessities. (And yes, it works the other way around too! :) ) For my husband, exercise isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity.

How does that apply to you, you ask? Well whether you are a stay at home mom, a working mom, in ministry, retired, or wherever you are in life, God has prepared good works for you to do. But here’s the thing: we can’t fulfill our purposes if we aren’t stewarding and maximizing our energy levels. {That is coming from a naturally low-energy person, who has learned husband isn’t the only one who needs to look after his weak areas!}

Two years ago, I wrote a common sense, practical, doable plan to boosting energy. If you haven’t grabbed a copy of my eBook, Energy Explosion: A 7 Day Guide to Jumpstart Your Energy, now is a great time to get it because For the next two days it is only $.99 on Kindle!


Tomorrow, I’m going to share with you my 12 Minute Energy Break to try the next time you are feeling wiped out. In the meantime, you can check out these resources by my friends Crystal and Mary Ellen:

Farewell, Fatigue: How I Overcame Chronic Fatigue the Natural Way

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life


Here’s to more energy! See you tomorrow for the 12 Minute Energy Break…

Healthy Living ~ Your Plan is Here!






Have you ever said, “If I just had more energy, I could…?”

Or how many times have you said, “I really need to exercise more… eat better… cut out caffeine… {fill in the blank.}

Yeah, me too.

So let me tell you a little secret I’ve discovered. This here’s a principle for all of life and yes, I’ve wanted to conveniently ignore it, but have had to face up to it: Most good things and desirable results don’t happen by me stumbling into them. I need a plan to get there.

When Solomon set out to build the temple, he had a plan.

The awe inspiring, majestic dwelling place of God didn’t happen by accident then… and it doesn’t now, either. It happens step by step, following a plan.

It’s something I’m learning.

Whether it’s eating more at home, starting an exercise program, being intentional about maximizing our energy, or purchasing a new cookbook that will aid in clean eating, sitting around telling ourselves what we need to do isn’t helpful. Developing a workable plan is.

The good news is that it isn’t as hard as you think.

I did it for increasing my energy {because yes, my desperate little self learned a lesson, finally! :)  and if you are short on energy, you can check out Energy Explosion now. That’s cool.} But here’s something even better. Over 50 authors, including myself, have come together to put their books in a bundle that’s priced insanely low. Each author shares their plan for eating clean, having a better marriage, planning a menu, eliminating sugar, and a TON more!


The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is available this week and is  packed with resources. There are over 80 books in the bundle!

Plus, this fantastic bundle includes over $150 of free stuff, and you’ll even have a chance to join in on a conference call with me.

{Ahem. There’s a selling point, there.}


Here are some of my favorite resources in the bundle:


As you can see, the bundle really is incredible and I am proud to recommend it to you. You’ll have an entire library of ready made “plans” at your disposal. I’m excited just thinking about it. Oh how I love books!

You can purchase the bundle here…

Buy Now


…or grab a cup of tea and scroll down through everything included:

Just please, do yourself a favor and get this bundle while it’s available. {With love, your mom}



Providing you with fabulously useful eBook resources is what we, the team behind Ultimate Bundles, are all about. This year we decided to throw caution to the wind and make the package more of a no-brainer than ever before.

What’s in the Bundle?

Get Educated

We took 86 eBooks (plus 1 eCourse) by popular bloggers on topics like real food & recipes, green living, natural cleaning and beauty, mental and emotional health, fitness, herbal remedies and more.

Get Mentored

Then we added the brand new “Coffee Table Conversations,” a 12-week series of author mentorship through interactive online conference calls and private support groups.

Get Equipped

We finished it off with 9 bonus sponsors offering you $150+ of incredible products and services to help you along your way. This includes bonuses like $25.98 of FREE eco-friendly laundry detergent from Dizolve (because we all need clean clothes). This one bonus nearly makes up for the entire cost of the bundle!

How Much Does the Bundle Cost?


Ultimate: Maximum; decisive; conclusive. The best or most extreme of its kind.


We wouldn’t call it the “ultimate” bundle if it wasn’t true.

As our hard-working team pulled together the Ultimate Healthy Living 2013 Bundle Sale , we had 3 basic goals: to put a comprehensive health library at your fingertips, to offer something for everyone, and to provide so much value for an itty-bitty price that it would be irresistible.

In a nutshell? This bundle is brimming with more than 80 ebook and ecourse resources, from authors and bloggers known as authorities in their fields.

For less than $30, you can pick up your own bundle complete with more than $800 of ebooks, $67 of interactive “coffee table conversations” with their authors, and $158 of products and services to help you on your way toward healthier living. That’s over a $1,000 value!

But you don’t want to wait! This bundle is available for only 6 days, from 8 a.m. (EST) on Monday, November 4th to 11:59pm (EST) on Saturday, November 9th.

Get yours now for just $29.97!

Buy Now

What’s Included in the eBook Library? ($800+ value)

Real Food Cookbooks

Allergy-Friendly/Special Diets

Menu Planning/Meal Prep

Natural Skincare

Natural Health

Healthy Lifestyle



Green Living

Special Health Concerns

Healthy Kids & Babies

Learning About Real/Whole Foods

What are Coffee Table Conversations? ($67 value)

For 12 weeks starting in January 2014, we’ll offer a series of weekly one-hour live conference calls, where you can join in and ask your questions on relevant and timely healthy living topics to a panel of eBook authors. We’ll look at issues like allergy-friendly cooking, fighting fatigue (and finding energy!), eating well on a tight budget, an introduction to alternative health and herbal remedies, and tips and tricks for making real food in less time. You’ll be able to listen to authors converse with each other on any (or all) of the 12 calls that you choose to take part in, and get answers to your questions in real time!

We’ll also provide a private Facebook group, where that week’s “mentors” will pop in as often as they can and chat with you on the topics at hand. Talk about up-close and personal learning!

What are the Healthy Living Bonus Offers? ($150+ value)

  1. Dizolve—A FREE 128 Load Twin-Pack of Dizolve Natural Laundry Detergent. Dizolve laundry detergent strips are an innovative, phosphate-free way to clean your clothes. ($25.98 Value. Standard shipping rates apply. Limited to the first 5,000.)
  2. Bulk Herb Store—An instant download of their instructional video Making Herbs Simple Volume 1 for only 1 cent. ($14.95 Value. No shipping restrictions.)
  3. Wise Choice Market—A FREE $15 store credit to be used at Wise Choice Market on the Finest Real Food around, including traditionally-made bone broths, organic fermented vegetables, wild salmon, sprouted breads, and many more. ($15.00 Value. Standard shipping rates and restrictions apply.)
  4. Fit2Be Studio—A FREE Two-Month Membership to Fit2B Studio (for new members) where their wholesome workouts for the whole family are TummySafe™and particularly target Diastasis Recti. Current members may apply the coupon code for $20 off a 1-year membership. ($19.98 value. No shipping restrictions.)
  5. Jenuinely Pure—A FREE $15 store credit to be used at Jenuinely Pure on the beautifully-crafted natural skincare products. Make the switch to natural skincare with Jenuinely Pure. ($15.00 Value. Standard shipping rates apply.)
  6. Plan To Eat—A FREE 4-Month subscription. Plan to Eat is an online menu planner that uses your recipes scheduled when you want them — and they make your grocery list! ($19.80 value. No shipping restrictions. New accounts only. Offer expires Dec.15)
  7. TrilLight Health—FREE $15 store credit to be used toward Trilight Health‘s Fast-Acting, Great Tasting Liquid Herbal Formulas, or anything else in their store. ($15.00 Value. Standard shipping rates apply.)
  8. List Planit—Your choice of 3 FREE ePlanners OR a 3-Month FREE Trial Membership to ListPlanIt, where you can organize your life with hundreds of lists that you can create and manage at home or on the go. ($15.00 value. No shipping restrictions.)
  9. Cultures for Health—A FREE sourdough or kombucha starter from Cultures For Health PLUS a $5 credit to put toward anything else in store. (up to a $17.95 Value. Both the starter and the $5 credit can be used in the same order! Standard shipping rates apply.)

Buy Now

Important stuff you might want to know

  • Read the fine print. The details matter!
  • Check out our Frequently Asked Question page, particularly to learn about file types, how downloading works, transferring to eReader device, redeeming bonus offers, and all that good stuff.
  • Remember, this bundle is available for only 6 days, from 8 a.m. (EST) on Monday, November 4th to 11:59pm (EST) on Saturday, November 9th.
  • Affiliate disclaimer: As a contributing author, Arabah Joy will receive a portion of bundle sales.


There you have it. Get it. The end.


The MIND method



We are in the middle of our 7 Day Energy Explosion Challenge. If you haven’t joined in, you are welcome to jump in at any time~ It’s not too late!

One of the things I share in Energy Explosion is what I call the MIND Method to meditating. I thought it would be appropriate to share this tool here on the blog today. We can all get bogged down with our internal thoughts and attitudes and Romans 12:1-2 tells us that transformation begins in the mind.

The MIND method is an effective tool for changing your perspective on any particular issue you may be struggling with. Here is more about it from Energy Explosion:


The MIND Method:

Romans 12:2 teaches us that transformed living happens through renewing our minds. Here is a technique I came up with for renewing the mind.

Meditate: To meditate means to mull, ponder, or reflect. It is to review something over and over. Thinking about a passage repetitiously changes the way we perceive life and is the first step to renewing the mind.

Imagine: I like to imagine the scripture in action. I do this by starting with the verbs in the passage and I visualize the subject doing them. This brings the passage to life! I’ll give an example of this in a moment.

kNow: We will undoubtedly encounter truths that our feelings contradict. In these cases, we have to consciously choose to believe what we know, not what we feel.

Direct: The final step is to direct what you’ve been meditating on, imagining, and believing towards a specific area of your life. For this week, the specific area we are targeting is our energy levels.

Here is an example of how I would meditate using the MIND Method. I would begin by writing the scripture (in this case, II Timothy 1:7) on a card and reviewing it several times, thinking about what it means.

Then, I imagine. I know the Greek word for “spirit” in this verse is pneuma, which means “breath” or “wind.” I would imagine God infusing me with breath and liken it to when God “breathed” into Adam the breath of life. I would visualize Him giving me the breath of power, love, and clarity of thought.

Next, I would become aware of where my feelings contradict what God’s word says is true. Maybe I don’t feel strong or loved/loving. I acknowledge that my feelings are misleading and God’s Word is true. I consciously choose to believe Scripture.

Finally, I direct this truth towards regaining energy by saying to myself, “God is breathing in me the power, the mental clarity, and the self-care to increase my energy to the best possible level. He is for me! He is not giving me a spirit of fear or lethargy. He is right here helping me identify and overcome the obstacles to having good energy.”


I hope this little tool helps!   For more free stuff, subscribe to Arabah.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Does God Care About Your Energy Level? {FREE Download}



**UPDATE** Link is working now! :)

Hello friends!

This is the question that I had to ask myself before I embarked on writing Energy Explosion: Does God really care about our energy levels? I mean, is having energy a nice thought but too insignificant for God to care that much about? After all, there are people to serve and evangelism to do and bedtime stories to read and meals to cook.

Before I could put my heart into writing Energy Explosion, I had to know it was worthy of my time, especially when there were so many other “good” things to do. So I began digging into His Word to find out where He stood on the issue and when I did…well, it changed my entire perspective!

As I read and studied the scriptures on energy, I discovered that God has a lot to say about it! It begins with Romans 12:11 that commands us to “keep ourselves fueled and aflame” so that we may serve God.

Having good energy is the pre-requisite to doing all those other “good” things He’s given us to do!

While each of us have differing circumstances, demands, resources, personalities, and energy levels, God wants each of us to perform at our personal best. He wants us to know how to keep stoked, so to speak, so that we can live full lives and fulfill the good works He has prepared for us to do (see Ephesians 2:10)

As I studied God’s word on energy, I learned that God cares about our energy levels very much. To process what I learned, I compiled a 7 day devotional based on what scritpure says about energy and His power at work within us.

I’m offering this devotional as a FREE download for subscribers.

To subscribe, simply click here. The link for the FREE download will appear at the bottom of each post. May it be one more tool to help you “keep fueled and aflame.”

You can find out more about Energy Explosion here. And don’t forget to enter to win the $50 Amazon Gift Card, book/DVD/water bottle giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fall Challenge Week Kick Off


Welcome to the Official 7 Day Energy Explosion Group Challenge!


If you want to increase your energy levels, this week is FOR YOU!

I’m thankful to be part of the blogging community and this is my chance to give back a little :)

We warmly invite you to join our energy challenge this week and to kick it off, TODAY ONLY you can purchase the PDF version of Energy Explosion for only $1. So go ahead and get your copy, then come on back for the other goodness…

Click to purchase Energy Explosion for Only $1: Add to Cart



Here are some (unsolicited) things others said after participating in our Challenge Week this past spring:


“I got some great building blocks for living and eating from this week long challenge.” Dawn

“My energy level has soared since reading this book.  It’s seriously good, EASY to implement stuff.” Lessons from Ivy

 ”This is an answer to prayer!” Jami


My hope is that this week gives you practical tools to increase your energy and function at your personal best.

Now on to the giveaway!


We are offering another great giveaway during our Fall Challenge Week that includes the following items. One winner will receive:


To help with exercise , we have Leslie Sansone’s Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection (DVD includes 4 different workouts and comes with a stretchie band)  I purchased this DVD after my 4th child was born and jogging outside wasn’t possible with 3 babies under two years of age!

For dealing with emotions that zap our energy, we are giving away a copy of Lysa Terkeurst’s NYT bestselling book Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions

We have a NALGENE BPA-Free Water Bottle to keep you hydrated…


And, best of all in my book-loving opinion :) , we have a $50 Gift Card to Amazon!

Simply click below to Enter the Giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Are You Ready for a Challenge?



Want more energy? Then I’ve got the perfect challenge for you!

Announcing the Official Fall Energy Explosion 7 Day Challenge! I am excited about this because after all the meals on the run I’ve been consuming, the jet-lag, the transitions… I need Challenge Week!

Challenge Week will begin Monday, September 17 and run through the 23rd.

Like our Spring Challenge, we will have an awesome giveaway and daily check-ins, encouragement, and accountability on Facebook. This time I will also be offering a free download and supplementary resources throughout the week.

Several people have mentioned doing the Challenge on their blogs or with a small group of friends. You are welcome to form your own Challenge group~ if you do, please let me know and I will provide you with a free copy of the ebook to giveaway :)

Here is more info on the book Energy Explosion: A 7 Day Guide to Jump Start Your Energy:


One step at a time, this strategic plan will help you:

~ implement proven strategies for increasing energy

~ address low grade energy sappers like anger, stress, and anxiety

~ identify your personal pitfalls that drain you mentally and spiritually

~ gain a biblical vision for what God is doing in your life circumstances

~ understand top energy foods and incorporate them into your meals {includes a section of delicious recipes}

~ renew your mind with scripture using the MIND Method of meditating

~ chart your progress with printables

And much more!

I believe God wants you and me to perform at our personal best. My prayer is that this eBook will provide practical, realistic tools for fulfilling Romans 12:11 in their lives.

“Keep yourselves fueled and aflame…” Romans 12:11


 You can instantly purchase Energy Explosion for $2.99 by clicking here. Look it over, print off your charts, tell your friends, and we’ll see you for Challenge Week!

Free Energy Guide


I got tickled this morning when I saw that my eBook is ranked #2 in Kindle books category “Christian Living.”

Watch out Francis Chan, I might be  bumping you from #1 soon.

Oh yeah, Chan is in the “paid” column and I’m on the “free” side~ wink! :)

Regardless of semantics (okay, and cash), I am super excited to tell you that Energy Explosion is being offered free on Kindle until Friday!

One step at a time, this guide will help you:


~ implement proven strategies for increasing energy

~ address low grade energy sappers like anger, stress, and anxiety

~ identify your personal pitfalls that drain you mentally and spiritually

~ gain a biblical vision for what God is doing in your life circumstances

~ understand top energy foods and incorporate them into your meals {includes a section of delicious recipes}

~ renew your mind with scripture using the MIND Method of meditating

~ chart your progress with printables

And much more!


So click over to grab your copy
(you don’t have to own a Kindle to download it. You can download the book to your computer by clicking the “Kindle for PC” button.)

You are very welcome.


*Linking up with Women Living Well

Your Energy Plan

Welcome to Day Seven of Challenge Week!


You all have worked so hard this week and you’ve greatly encouraged me! Thank you for being a part of this week’s challenge.

Today I’d like to give you time to process and compile.

Based on all your “ah-ha” moments, scriptures, tips, etc this week, take a few minutes and compile a personalized “statement of strength.” Make sure you stock it full of scriptures!

Keep this statement near your bed and for the next few weeks, review it first thing in the morning until it becomes a habit. Use your statement to practice dressing yourself with God’s strength and power.

{And share your statement with us! We would love to hear your statement or your story on how God has worked in your life this week! Share in the comments or on our facebook page.}

Much love to each one of you. I’ll see you very soon!



Dressing with Strength

Welcome to Day Six of Group Challenge Week!


I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve woken up in the morning and thought, “I. Am. So. Tired.” I drag myself out of bed barely able to think about all the demands of the day ahead. I feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and sapped of strength before the day even gets going.

This is a terrible way to start the day and can become a habit very quickly. The good news is that God has a different perspective He wants us to embrace as we begin our day. He never intended for us to consistently feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and depleted.

You know that Proverbs 31 woman, the woman so strong, capable, and energetic? Scripture tells us that she wakes up and “dresses herself with strength.”

God desires us to take everything we’ve learned this week and “dress” ourselves with it. Let’s learn how to do this so it can become our new morning routine!


She dresses.


“Dressing” is a skill, a learned practice. It is not a natural ability that you either have or you don’t. {Isn’t that great news?}

The Proverbs 31 woman had to learn how to dress, just like we must. The phrase here “to dress” implies “Preparing one’s self for something that requires readiness, strength, or endurance.”

Which pretty much describes living a godly life.

Sure, it would be easier if it came naturally…but once we realize it is something we learn, we are free to start practicing! Men and women and boys and girls of all ages can learn how to put on strength.

God calls us to be women who practice putting on His strength like we would our clothes. Morning after morning.


She dresses herself.


We can and should come to the place where we don’t expect others to make life easy for us.

As we learn to dress ourselves, we eliminate the “props” that hold us up and are instead stregthened by the Lord alone. When this happens, we stop making demands of our husband, children, friends, and church family. We stop emotional manipulation, tantrums, and the like and instead become the ones serving. Our *needs* aren’t substantial, even though our personal hardships may be. We have learned to withstand difficulty.

Now I know many women- even older women- who have never learned how to dress themselves with strength. They expect others around them to make their lives easier or more comfortable. They are “high maintenance” women.

Even if this describes us, the Bible has great news! No matter where we are on the spectrum, we can dress ourselves and be in a position to serve others. What tremendous freedom and joy!


She dresses herself with strength.

It is interesting to see what the virtuous woman clothes herself with: strength!

Ever wonder why that particular trait is pointed out? I think it is because God places us as women in situations where we are overwhelmed. The demands He places on us are beyond our abilities. Like the disciples in Mark 6:32-37, there are multitudes of people around us with needs and Jesus turns to us and says, “You feed them!”


We can either sit there overwhelmed….or we can take up faith and clothe ourselves with strength. {Remember, strength is having a “can do” attitude.}

My friend, unless we have a good, solid understanding of how God equips, provides, and strengthens, we will either flatline or wear ourselves out serving in our own strength.

But when we understand that God graciously intends to include us in the fulfillment of His miraculous plans, we can begin clothing ourselves with the strength He provides (see I Peter 4:10-11).

Today ‘s a great day to start dressing!


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