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When you hit “publish” too soon

When you hit publish too soon- blogging on your knees



When you hit publish too soon- blogging on your knees



So. A little story for you this morning.

I heard a well known author talk once about humility. {You do know the Father does things in our lives to keep us humble}

Anyway, this author was at a book signing and one of her fans came up to her and started gushing at how much she loved her and how her writing meant so much, and on and on. This author signed the book and worked through the line, then packed up and left.

Her custom was to bring a change of clothes and change in the car for her ride home, so before she pulled out of the parking lot, she changed into a t-shirt and jeans. In the dark.

About a mile down the road, she noticed she needed gas, so she pulled into the nearest station to fill up. As she was pumping her gas, another car pulled in… it was the fan from the book signing. So the author waved and smiled and the woman just sort of stared at her then turned away.

She was a bit perplexed but continued pumping her gas. When she glanced down at herself, she noticed she had put her t-shirt on backwards! She was so embarrassed that she finished as quickly as possible and got back in her car.

As she drove off, she heard thumping and bumping and looked in her rear-view mirror to see the gas pump nozzle dangling and her car gas door open. In her embarrassment, she had left the nozzle in her tank and forgotten to replace it! 

Her fan watched the whole thing, mouth wide open.

She drove off as quickly as possible!

Her point in sharing this story was to show how the Lord works through circumstances in our lives to keep us from thinking more of ourselves than we ought.  Although I heard that story told many years ago, it has always been with me because the Lord has done similar things in my life many times.

Today, He did it in regards to my blogging. YesterdayI hit publish too soon.

I hit publish before I had the humility I needed to be read-worthy. 

And actually, I’m convicted that many of my posts have been published far too early, before coming to a place of genuine humility before the Lord. For this, I have been wrong and am sorry, friends.

I know the Lord wants me to blog and write…but He wants me to do it on my knees, every time.

So I’ve gone back and re-written yesterday’s post, on my knees. And I’ve committed before the Lord to intentionally approach my writing from this stand point.

So I guess you could say I’m standing in front of you with my t-shirt on backwards and my gas nozzle dangling. {Are you imagining?} Strangely, it feels really funny and really… good.

Yeah, it’s good.


P.S. In view of this, my Friday post is going to be delayed while the Lord and I do business~ :)

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I’m smiling today to present this giveaway: the chance to win a brand new, installed dishwasher!

I personally do not have a dishwasher… unless you count the kids who help me ~grin~  So when I had an opportunity to be part of this giveaway I was excited to see someone blessed with a dishwasher. Just enter the giveaway below!


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{Women at War}



In the lonely, hungry places of the soul he shows up. He promises satisfaction, applause, fulfillment. And we need remember that it was the wilderness where he planned his attack and sharpened his weapons and gave it all he had. In that needy place he drew near the Holy One in His hunger and twice he asked it, subtly, cunningly: “IF  You are the Son of God…”

It was identity he was after then and it’s identity that he’s after now. Satan want us to doubt or be confused about our identity.

We all have needy places of the heart with longings to be accepted, loved, worthy, to live for a noble purpose. These things shape our identity and they are God-given desires that are not wrong… but they can be met in many, many wrong ways. Satan unsuccessfully tempted Christ to get his needs met apart from His loving Father;  he is much more successful with us.

Jan Greenwood, in chapter two of her book Women at War, writes this:


Today’s media is one of the most challenging and pervasive methods of war
being used in the assault on women. Television programs, movies and music
shape our perceptions of what is normal, what is acceptable and what should be
sought after. What we see and hear influences us, whether or not we are aware
of its impact.

Propaganda is one of the most deceptive and prolific weapons of war.


And I would add to that, social media can be deadly. So many women of all ages are trying to find their identity online. In mass, we are turning on to get those inner needs met. And social media is happy to tell us what we ought to be, buy, and become. While I love blogging and connecting online, I have to be very, very careful as to what content I am taking in and what messages I am letting it convey. It is so easy to get caught up in the messages and swept away into an identity crisis and not even know it!

Where we gain our sense of identity is vital. It affects so many layers of our lives, including our service and ministry. One day I was reading the gospel of John where Jesus washes the disciples feet. This is what it says,



“Jesus, knowing that the Father had given everything into His hands, that He had come from God, and that He was going back to God, got up from supper, laid aside His robe, took a towel, and tied it around Himself. Next, He poured water into a basin and began to wash His disciples’ feet and to dry them with the towel tied around Him.” John 13:3-5


What prompted Jesus’s tender service in His final hours was a sense of identity and purpose. He knew who He was, what He had been given, and where He was going. As a missionary, that motivates me to ask if I am serving out of a sense of godly identity. If not, my service will always fall flat and short. Am I being intentional about renewing my mind? Vigilant in what I am taking in?

Is my identity like John the Baptist’s… grounded in the Word spoken of me?

Is my identity like Paul’s, independent of other’s approval?

I love chapter 2 in Jan’s book because she talks about identity and labels and contrasts it with how God names us. He takes the time to give each and every one of us a name and thus, an identity! Finding out who God says we are is a wonderful, freeing adventure.

Now it’s your turn to talk! Jan has invited us to discuss a couple of the questions she’s included at the back of the chapter. What we’d love to hear from you is:

• In what ways have you allowed our culture to shape your opinions of women? What about your opinions of yourself?
• What labels have you allowed the enemy to apply to you? What have you believed about yourself as a woman? Ask God to reveal those things.


You are warmly invited to discuss today’s post here on the Facebook page. Also, be a part of the book study Women at War by Jan Greenwood? You can sign up at The Beautiful Deep. 


Have you seen this week’s brand new eBook bundle? I’m super-excited to have my book included!, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Introducing… You! And other Random Stuff




Thanks to all of you who completed the reader survey! I was encouraged as I read through your comments. I sensed a real connection with you and felt affirmed that I am posting meaningful posts. I also gained insights into what you’d like to see covered on the blog and I’m prayerfully considering how I can best serve you.

Now I get to share some of the results with you. :)

  • We have both male and female readers, but mostly female (no surprise there!)


  • Surprisingly, AJ readers are all over the age graph.  Welcome! The largest age group represented is 35-44 year olds (38%).


  • Most of you are parents; but another surprising result is that 78% of respondents do not have a blog! (So doing a weekly link up is probably not a good idea…)


  • 17% of respondents are not engaged in social media AT ALL. Wow. And if you are on social media, it is going to be Facebook (70%) or Pinterest (57%).


  • And the most common type of blog you all read besides Christian faith bloggers is… COOKING/ FOOD blogs!


So there you have way more information than you probably cared for! Thanks for your great input! The winner of the $25 gift card is mirin…… Congrats!


Some of you mentioned you would like to see more Bible Studies on the AJ Blog. Well it just so happens that this week ONLY, there is a special Bible Study Bundle on sale! The bundle goes on sale Monday at 8am!

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A Holiday Gift for you {iPad Giveaway!}




I am very excited to join this group of bloggers in giving away an iPad!

I’ve received invitations to participate in large giveaways before but have always sensed a “no” in my spirit. This time, when I read the invitation, I sensed a “YES!”  I hope you win!

Here are the details:



Christmas is such a special occasion that several other bloggers and myself have teamed up to offer an iPad mini to one blessed individual.

The iPad Mini Christmas Giveaway is presented in appreciation of you. We are so thankful for the time you spend with us, the thoughtful comments you share, and the encouragement you’ve given. We couldn’t do it without you.



You can view the iPad mini features here.



Grab a cup of tea, pull up a chair, and send in as many entries as you like using the Raffle-copter form below. There are many blogs you can “like” or “follow” to gain entries, and you can take your time doing it.


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This giveaway will run from today, Wednesday, November 28, until December 5. It’s open to everyone and one winner will receive an iPad mini, plus either an $80 iTunes gift card, or $80.00 cash to put towards accessories for the Mini iPad!

The winner’s name will be displayed on this post after the giveaway ends.

Have fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Check Out Our New Home!


Kristi from Creative Kristi has given Arabah a new lookHop over to check out the new look if you are reading this via RSS?


Kristi has designed beautiful blogs and now she’s put her touch to mine.  If you are looking for a designer, I highly recommend Kristi. She is easy to work with and attentive to detail. She isn’t taking clients until January, but what’s a few months wait for a great new look at an affordable price?! You’ll hear more about Kristi in the days ahead :)

Thank you so much, Kristi, for making Arabah beautiful!






If you participated in Challenge Week, thankyou! It was a real honor and blessing to rub shoulders with you guys and pray with you this past week. I’m so thankful to be part of such a community.

I’m taking this week to pause before the Lord. He has been speaking tender and deep to me in my quiet times and I want to just listen. No noise. No voices competing. No rush. No speaking. Just sitting in His presence and hearing from Him.

I plan to be back next week. Thank you for being you.

You are dearly loved.

Much love,



I’m at Christy’s Place Today…



A very gracious Christy at Cross Moms has interviewed me for today’s version of Monday’s Mom. {Psst… she has interviewed some great role-model moms  if you have a few minutes to search her archives!} Christy asked me questions like what we do overseas and the greatest struggle and blessing of living outside our home country. So if you want to know a little bit more about our family, hop on over to say hello! See you there :)

A Bit of News

Hello friends, just a note to touch base…

We have started preparations for our return to the mission field and things are a bit crazy :) Posting around here may be weird for awhile, but I plan on being back soon. So many awesome stories to share of God’s provision, direction, and overwhelming Presence in our lives and ministry! I can’t wait to tell you!

I would like to personally invite you to keep up with our family by subscribing for updates here. An adventure awaits and I would love to have you join in.

Also, Energy Explosion is Only $2.99 on Amazon for a limited time. {PDF version is also $2.99}

Thank you so much for prayers, notes, and friendship.

Much love,

On Increasing Energy…A Little Help, Please?

Hello all you wonderful ladies. I am posting this to ask for your help.

Wednesday at my Mom’s group, a mom there asked for prayer to have more energy. When the request was read, everyone in the group seconded it and we all laughed at how tired and exhausted we were! I know I can sure relate.

I have always been a low energy person, even before kids~ smile.

Well the thing is, increasing my energy level is something that I have been working on for some time. After Wednesday’s group, I realized that low energy is common to moms and I might have something of value to share. Last night, I couldn’t sleep and had to get up and jot down the plan and process to regaining energy. What I came up with is a 7 day step by step guide to increasing your energy.

So here’s my question for you. One, would this be something that interests you? And secondly, would you be available to preview what I have and offer feedback on it?

Please leave your thoughts and/or contact info in the comments. Thanks so much, sweet friend!

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