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A Day of Celebration {and a special offer}


     **UPDATED Again (See bottom)


Happy eBook Release Day!

Today is worthy of celebration! For this is the day the  LORD  has made!

But the truth is that many days I wake up and wonder how I’m going to do it. I know what faces me on the other side of that door and fear creeps in. Uncertainty. Insecurity. Old messages that want to rob me of strength and joy.

This is when I implement my “energy plan,” a strategy honed over much time and with much prayer.

It all came to a head several years ago. Our family was serving overseas as missionaries and went through a very difficult season of life changes.  Our stress levels skyrocketed while our network of support dropped to nearly non-existent.

Long story short… physically, mentally, and spiritually, I was wiped out. And I didn’t know where to begin to get back to “normal.”

As a wife, mom, and missionary, I found myself unable to serve in the ways God had given me to serve.

 Romans 12:11 commands us to “keep fueled and aflame” so that we can be servants of the Master.

During this trying time, I had to learn from scratch how to obey Romans 12:11. You see, up until then, I had served in my own trusty strength. I needed to learn God’s strength in my weakness. I had to develop a plan for renewing my mind, body, and spirit.

Energy Explosion: A 7 Day Guide to Jump Start Your Energy is a plan based on my personal journey. I know how overwhelming life can be when you are, well, overwhelmed. For this reason Energy Explosion is packaged in a 7 Day format with step-by-step instructions for fueling the body, mind, and spirit.

One step at a time, this plan will help you:

~ implement proven strategies for increasing energy

~ address low grade energy sappers like anger, stress, and anxiety

~ identify your personal pitfalls that drain you mentally and spiritually

~ gain a biblical vision for what God is doing in your life circumstances

~ understand top energy foods and incorporate them into your meals {includes a section of delicious recipes}

~ renew your mind with scripture using the MIND Method of meditating

~ chart your progress with printables

And much more!

Plus, I have a group challenge planned for later this month. Doing Energy Explosion with others will provide extra motivation, encouragement, and support! I really want you {and me both!} to perform at our personal best and I believe this plan is a great tool for making that happen.

My prayer for this eBook is that it will provide readers with practical, realistic tools for fulfilling Romans 12:11 in their lives.


I’m offering Energy Explosion at an introductory price of $2.99 through this weekend.  You can instantly purchase and download the eBook by clicking the “Add to Cart” Button below.

Add to Cart







And be sure to check out our website where you will find more info on the book, my story, and the upcoming group challenge! Doing this with you would be a joy and a privilege!


UPDATES: {Win a copy of Energy Explosion and meet some great bloggers}

A sweet blogging friend is having her very first giveaway EVER…and she is giving away a copy of Energy Explosion! So honored to be her first giveaway~ so go check it out!

Also, Kim is a missionary in Mexico and she is having her very first giveaway also!  You will love her transparency and wisdom, so stop in and meet her… and enter the giveaway, too~

Rikki is a sweet momma who has blessed my heart many times with her words of kindness. She’s giving away a copy of EE too.


Multi-tasking Mommas

I very distinctly remember when multi-tasking became a way of life for me. We were temporarily living in Thailand and I had taken my infant daughter with me for a dental appointment.

You know what happened. She needed to eat while I was in the chair. I imagine that was the first ~ and last~ time those sweet ladies had that experience.

It seems that multi-tasking is just part of motherhood. Some of it is necessary. But some of it is distracting and can be downright harmful.

Today I’m at The Better Mom talking about when multi-tasking isn’t so good for the family.  I’d love to see you there!

How to Get Dressed in the Mornings

Perhaps the most notable thing about the virtuous woman is how she wakes up.

Have you noticed it?

Proverbs 31 tells us the virtuous woman gets up early and “dresses herself with strength.”

Some women are naturally “strong” women. The Proverbs 31 woman would seem to be one of them if we met her during the course of her day.

We would see her facing challenges with confidence. We would see her laughing at the future. We would see her speaking kindly to her children. We would see her making wise decisions and providing for her family and serving the needy.

But Scripture is so good to show us this “strong” woman in the morning, when she is first arising. Here we see her starting the day before the others arise and dressing herself, not with a fashionable top and flowing skirt but with a mindset.

In other words, she isn’t necessarily a natural when it comes to waking up strong. She puts her pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us. Proverbs 31:17 tells us the virtuous woman’s means and method to being strong so we can be like her:

Join me at Raising Homemakers for the rest!

When it feels impossible

I remember when it happened.

It was Christmas Day 2006 and since China doesn’t officially celebrate Christmas Day, it was also the log in date for our dossier. And it was the day I found out I was pregnant.

I stood in the shower crying. “How am I going to do this, Lord? How am I going to have an adopted child and a bio child at the same time?”

I was scared to death.

That’s when He reminded me He only gives gifts. And He had chosen Christmas Day for it all to come down just so that there would be no question about it in my mind. These babies were good gifts from the Father above.

And then the two girls came, 4 months apart in age, and I was officially *overwhelmed*. I learned that God’s gifts are not synonymous with ease and comfort and happy go lucky.

By the time our fourth child arrived, the third within 23 months, I was having some serious conversations with the Lord. “I know these children are gifts, Lord. But I can’t keep up. What You have given me, under these circumstances…well it is just too much for me.”

{That was another shower conversation.}

And right there while I was washing my hair, He said, “You’ve asked Me for more love. For more joy. To know Me more. You’ve asked Me for a deeper surrender to My Spirit and more power in your life.”

Do you not recognize the answer when I give it?”

I was quieted… although it did not make anything easier.

Slowly, ever so slowly~ because I am pigheaded~ I began to understand the ways of a Savior.

He sends you into the storm to show you that He controls even the elements.

He allows your faith to be tested so that its object is Him alone.

He gives strength in weakness to remind everyone just where strength comes from.

Silly me. To ever think I could do anything to begin with.

Motherhood became and remains a daily exercise in faith. Some days I exercise well. Other days I skimp on the workout, wishing for an easier way.

I’m His disciple, among the crowds in Mark 6:35-37:

“By this time it was late in the day, so his disciples came to him. “This is a remote place,” they said, “and it’s already very late. Send the people away so that they can go to the surrounding countryside and villages and buy themselves something to eat.”

But he answered, “You give them something to eat.”


And oh, how motherhood puts us in the dusk of the day, the remote location, the late hour, our greatest time of need.  

And Jesus, He turns to us and says, “You give them something to eat.”

Seriously? He’s kidding, right?

But then we remember the ways of the Savior, how He doesn’t ask that we come up with our best shot…He invites us to bring all that pathetic absence of sufficiency to Him and watch Him do the miraculous.

He invites us to play a front role in the miraculous provision.

Yes. This is motherhood.

And at the end of the day, we gather up the excess.

Friend, I don’t have all the answers. Most days I wake up and feel the impossible pressing in. But I do know this: The impossible is an inviation to the miraculous.

So it’s good.

It’s all good.


EE Announcement



Energy Explosion is done and will officially release next week. {That sounds so monotone, but if you heard me in person you would hear several levels of excitement~smile)

If you left a comment a few weeks back when the announcement was made, I’ve sent you a copy of the eBook.

If you would like a review copy, please comment below or email me. Thanks for your involvement in this adventure!

Still Trusting

Oldest was late to school today. The car battery was dead when we finally piled in the car and I turned the ignition.

Nothing but a clickclickclick.

Was it just yesterday that I had an incident with Little Bit? She was outside crying and I asked her what was wrong and she said she wanted to come inside.

“What do you do when you need something?” I prompted her, knowing she needed help and felt trapped.

“You ask,” she said.

“That’s right. You ask. You don’t cry and hope someone will hear, right?”

“Right,” she says, and we go back outside and practice doing it the right way, using our words, trusting that someone who loves us will listen.

Little Bit and I have learned some things the hard way: when you are left alone ~ neglected~ you learn not to trust. You don’t believe anyone will help when you need something. You think you’ll just be overlooked and marginalized.

So you learn to self rely. Self-protect. Control. And if you get in over your head, you cry. It’s all you can do.

It sounds silly, but if you are “stuck” in this outlook on life, it is a very scary place to be. You don’t trust. You don’t believe. You don’t hope. You don’t reach out. You neither give nor receive. And you’re a perpetual victim of your circumstances, even if it is only on the inside of you.

So yesterday we practiced what to do when we need help. We used our words and we knocked on the door and we asked.

So  when the car battery died this morning, there was only one thing to do: ask for help.

“Stay put,” I told the kids. “I’m going to knock on the neighbor’s door.”

At first the neighbors didn’t come. Both of them had the day off and it was not even 8am. But then their garage door opened and I asked for a jump and a little while later, Jim had his pick up pulled up to the front of our van and I turned the key and we were running.

We thanked the kind neighbors and pulled out of the driveway and got down the road a few miles when I heard Little Bit say, “When we need help, we ask.”

I almost screeched to a halt. I swivelled in the driver’s seat and beamed back at her. “Yes!” I said, “That’s right!”

She got it!  She saw momma need something. She saw momma ask. And she saw momma’s need met.

I thanked God for the battery that ran out of juice and the awkwardness of waking someone to ask for help.

Oldest was late and it was Oh, so worth it. My little girl got to see asking and receiving in action. For all my needs today…just today…I’m striving to practice my asking.

Repost from archives

The Lover’s Gift

We travel to Texas and stay in a room next to the couple on Viagra.

All during the night I feel sick. I feel my insecurities, my inadequacies, I wonder if my husband wished I’d take a pill.

Morning comes and he knows me so well. “I stopped being desirous of sex a long time ago,” he says it soft, and it shocks me because I know him… but he wasn’t done. “I’m desirous of you. All of you.”

Oh how I know it. How rich those words are, how full of life and love.

How he shows me every single day and how I grasp for it and why can’t I just accept it and let it shape me? Why can’t I let go of the past?

Ever since before Christmas, he’s been telling me. He’s a January birthday and he’s been telling me what he wants for his present: 100 Days.

It scares me. I have issues. I think, “I’m not up for this,” but then I pray, “God, I want to be.”

“I want to be for him. For You. For our relationship. For me.”

Is it possible? Can someone like me find healing and grace and “energeo” for 100 Days? I mean, I’ve made a lot of progress, am still making it. But 100 consecutive Days?

If I could only believe…

I search scriptures, I cling to promises, I touch my toes in the waters. Will they part?

3 days left before “The Day” I do a Bible search. Is “100 days” anywhere in the Bible?

It is. Once.

At first I don’t get the connection, think it is just a grasp at straws. Then I see it.

The mina. 

A mina is 100 days worth of provision.

I’ve been given a mina.

A mina can either be invested… or buried.

I’m to invest my mina, because with the gift comes the provision.

The gift IS the provision.

I don’t know how I’ve missed that for so long, but gifts are made to be invested, not buried… and our sexuality is a gift.

When you come from backgrounds like mine, it’s easy to believe a lie. It’s easy to believe that sexuality is an obligation, something self centered and dirty, even a curse.

It is easy to believe that the so called gift doesn’t come with provisions… it comes with a hefty price tag.

Truth is, it’s a gift. But we’ll never experience the provisions and blessings of the gift if we bury it.

We’ve got to invest it.

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a perfect chance. It’s a timely opportunity. It’s the day to invest our gifts.

Forget all the hype and the pressure. Just take a moment to consider your gift and how you can invest instead of bury:

For singles: Invest your gift by guarding your purity for your spouse to be. Now is a great time to commit (or re-commit) to sexual purity according to biblical standards. 

For marrieds: Invest your gift by giving it away to your spouse. Is a 100 Day challenge too much? How about a 7 Day challenge? Or how about committing to double your current investment? Or setting a certain day of the week aside for something special? Or being in sync with his 72 hour cycle? Take a few  minutes to prayerfully commit to investing in some way.

 And P.S. It’s okay to be your own “flavor” in the bedroom- don’t let worldly standards be what shapes you. Just invest your mina!

Suggested resources (affiliate links):

Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

No More Headaches: Enjoying Sex & Intimacy in Marriage

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex: (And You Thought Bad Girls Have All the Fun)  (coming soon!)

Edited post from the archives

Curled Against Him

It’s when I’m smack in the middle of bathing the kids that she does it.

Running in between bathroom and living room, towels and PJ’s, 3 kids lined up and water puddles in the hallway, combing hair and applying lotion, getting little bodies washed and ready for bed…she approaches me. “Momma, will you hold me?”

I stop mid stride and turn to her. “Yes!” I say because the answer is always yes! And I scoop her up and sadden just a bit at how rigid her body is, at how sin has affected her. She doesn’t melt against me like the others do. Their bodies curve to me in that heavenly way while hers feels awkward and stiff.

This tough little girl who is learning to receive love, learning to ask, learning to be vulnerable. She’s also learning to be soft.

And I wonder at how hard we can become. To stop life from hurting we let ourselves go rigid. Self-protective. “Jaded” was the term a sweet new friend used recently.

I wonder if I’m rigid in His arms.

Surely the only way to learn softness is to keep asking Him to hold us.

The water grows cold in the bathtub as I carry this little bit of a girl around the house and coax her to soften against me. “We belong together,” I tell her with wordless hugs and He works deep in my own heart, teaching me how He loves.

He loves like that, you know.

While we were still sinners, far from Him, He set His affection on us.

He drew us close and called us His own and even when we didn’t know how to live like the daughters we are, He assured us we were royalty.

And He committed Himself by a promise and an oath to stick with us and teach us how to soften. How to receive. How to melt and mold.

Unlike a mom with too many things to do, with too many demands, who sometimes doesn’t have the time, He is our perfect Abba who never turns one away when she comes to Him.

It’s what He does.

It’s who He is.

I’m not sure about many things in life. But I do know this: to find our way back, we need only ask. With our amazing Father, the answer is always “yes!”…and He personally delights to show us how to liquify in His love.

I think about these things as I get ready for bed. And if I’ve wondered it once, I’ve wondered it a hundred times: “How can somebody be that good?”

Oh, but He’s not like any other, that’s how.

Next morning I try it out. I wake early and instead of getting up, I just lay there in bed, talking with Him. I ask Him to hold me.

And I curl up and go soft, letting our spirits meld.

He is teaching me how to soften. I feel us become one.



Simply This

Full from a blessed weekend, friends.

Marinating in these truths put to music by Jeremy Camp:


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