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This is my life Planner

I love this time of year, and not just because it’s Christmas. One of my favorite parts of the season is year end reflection and goal setting for the new year ahead.


this is my life planner
I haven’t always been a planner. Truthfully, my life involves ALOT of uncertainty and flexibility. But I have found it’s important to plan what I can. I also love simplicity and beauty, which is why I am excited to share A Virtuous Woman’s “This is My Life” planners with you:

this is my life planner page


BONUS: Melissa offers a FREE blog planner for bloggers!


The 2015 planner is a full-color, 172 page planner and includes:

  • 12 {Two Page Spread} Monthly Calendars
  • 52 Weekly Planning Pages
  • 52 Weekly Menu Pages
  • New Year’s Resolution Worksheet
  • Valentine’s Day Planner
  • Resurrection Celebration Planner
  • Resurrection Cookies Recipe
  • Summer Bucket List
  • 4th of July Planner
  • Fall Bucket List
  • October Fun
  • Thanksgiving Menu Planner
  • Christmas Menu Planner
  • Christmas Shopping List Page
  • Christmas Ideas Worksheet
  • Winter Bucket List
  • New Year’s Day Planner
  • 2 Notes Pages
  • 10 Journal Pages


Melissa is a busy mom who knows what works and she has put together a planning kit that works for me. My favorite part of the planner is the monthly calendar. It is extra large, perfect for keeping up with family appointments and notes and to-do lists. Plus, she has used lovely fonts and colors that make this planner a splash of joy in the midst of the mundane.

If you are in the market for a planner, check out Melissa’s and be sure to snag the free blogger’s kit if you blog!


5 Fun Family Christmas Traditions


Looking for Christmas traditions? Be sure to check out this week’s Loft link up where bloggers are linking up their favorite holiday traditions. 

Living overseas, our Christmas traditions have to be portable. Meaning they have to work in whatever country we happen to be in for Christmas. So things like driving around looking at Christmas lights do not make the list.

We’ve worked to simplify our Christmas while having meaningful traditions, particularly for Christmas Eve. Here are a few that work for our nomadic family:


Christmas Eve family traditions



1. Fingerfood Dinner


With all the preparations that go into Christmas parties and outreach, this little tradition is pure bliss for me. My kids love choosing one fingerfood each to prepare, like a crackers and cheese tray, quartered sandwiches, chips and dip, brownies, or a fruit tray. They prepare it themselves with help from me as needed. It is fun, tasty… and easy on a busy momma!


2. Christmas Eve Box


When I was young, our parents would let us open one present on Christmas Eve. My husband doesn’t like that idea because we don’t have many gifts around the tree~ smile~ so we do the Christmas Eve Box. In this large box we place a variety of things such as snacks, drink mixes, a storybook or movie, new pajamas or slippers, or a coupon for a Christmas Eve camp-out in the living room. But one thing we always put in this box is a new game for the family. This year, the game is Forbidden Island.


3. The Nativity Movie


Watching The Christmas Story in drama form is something the entire family looks forward to. Snuggling up with mugs of hot cocoa or chai to remember the reason we celebrate is definitely a highlight of Christmas for me.


4. Hot Chocolate, Chai Cocoa, or Apple Cider


I find a yummy recipe I can put in the crock pot (very important to note~ wink) and everyone helps themselves all evening. Here are some of my favorite crock pot drink recipes:

Chai Cocoa (a new one I’ll be trying this year)

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Apple Cider


5. Games


If you’ve been around here long, you know that I love making the most of table time as a family. Christmas Eve is a great time to revive some of the forgotten activities in The Family Table. Or try something new! This year I’m thinking the games are going to be Christmas bingo, Forbidden Island., and possibly some Minute to Win It games done Christmas style.



6 More Traditions we enjoy:


The Christmas campout- everyone piles in the living room for a campout near the Christmas tree.

The Gift Catalog- the kids love selecting gifts like goats and blankets and gospel tracts from the World Vision and Compassion gift catalogs.

The Tent Tradition- we pile into a tent constructed out of blankets, hold flashlights (preferable to candles with littles!)  and sing all the Christmas carols we know.

The Dollar Tree Ten Minute Giving Spree- when we are in the States, we give everyone five dollars. Then we drive to the nearest Dollar Tree and everyone has ten minutes to select one gift for each family member. They have to keep their purchases secret while in the store! Then we return home to wrap the gifts and place under the tree.

Gingerbread House- this is another one we do when in the states. We all work together to build the prettiest, yummiest gingerbread house possible!

Friends- If at all possible, we like to do our celebrating with friends. More and more people are “displaced” during the holidays, ourselves included. No one should be alone on Christmas unless they want to be for simplicity; so we look for other displaced persons to invite into our traditions. This is the most fun of all!


Have a very Merry Christmas friends! 

Christmas traditions

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