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Praying Scripture: I for Integrity


Happy Friday, friends! We are working our way through the alphabet, each week giving a virtue and related scripture to pray for our children.

This week’s letter is I for Integrity.

Someone asked me a couple week’s ago to describe “integrity.” I found it quite difficult to put into words because there’s an element to integrity that involves purity of heart. It goes far beyond just being honest. How about you? How would you describe integrity?


Prayer card I for Integrity


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Shaking but Trusting {A Just Trust Story}



Every Thursday we are sharing Just Trust stories, testimonies of how we’ve stepped out in trust and seen God come through in specific ways.

Jennifer says her recent illness has deepened her trust and reliance on God. Today she shares an incident in which she chose to trust.

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I am shaking, sweating, and completely frustrated.

I just went through another test. Crying, I wonder if the Doctors understand how humiliating and difficult some of these tests are. I know the end goal is to help me, but the technician was so “matter-of-fact” almost making fun of the situation. She even laughed when I didn’t understand part of the instructions. I know they see a lot of sick people, but what happened to compassion? I am struggling with my emotions and I know I have to calm down, but I am so, so tired.

I just want to be normal; I just want to live like a normal person.

The minute I get into my car to leave the parking garage of the hospital, I can feel that cloud hanging over me. In a split-second, I decide to give in to my self-pity. Perfect timing for my mind to construct a multiple of issues for me to worry about. I run everything I did through my checklist of “what ifs”. Did I complete the test properly, will I find out anything or will it be another dead end? How long will I have to wait for an answer? What if the technician doesn’t handle the test samples correctly? Within ten minutes, I have myself running in a circle of doubt. I’m about to have a complete emotional meltdown. Why did I let my peace go and why did I decide that I was in control and not God?

I am caught between where I am and where I could be if I would only let God do the worrying.

When I got up this morning, I knew where I was going and what I had to do. But did I stop and pray about it, did I ask God for His strength and His peace to guide me through another procedure? Did I even ask God to be with me and give me favor with those I would encounter today at the hospital? I mean they are the ones with the sharp instruments in their hands! Or did I just get up and go without spending a few minutes in prayer first?

Obviously, I know the answer to that question. I do feel God is with me always, wherever I go. But it’s just like going somewhere with a friend. I can’t get in a car to go shopping with someone and not speak to him or her, or acknowledge his or her presence. Why should I think it’s any different with God? I walk around knowing He is in my heart, but am I talking to Him? Am I in constant communication with Him? I realize He knows all and is aware of how I feel, but that doesn’t release me from going to Him with my words, my prayers.

I don’t want to only need God when I feel I can’t handle something. I want to need Him every second of every moment of every hour, of day of my life. Because the truth is I do, I do need God that much and more.

By the time I have reached my house and parked in the driveway, I am singing an old hymn, knowing that reaching for God has saved me once again.

“Oh Sacred Head now wounded with grief and shame way down,
now scornfully surrounded with thorns Thine only crown.
How art Thou pale with anguish with sore abuse and scorn,
how Doth that visage languish which once was bright as morn.
What language shall I borrow to thank Thee Dearest Friend
for this Thy dying sorrow,
Thy pity without end.
Oh make me Thine forever, for shouldst I fainting be,
Lord let me never, ever, out live my love for Thee.”


Jennifer Mobbs started writing in her late 40′s. After she retired from work due to illness, she felt lost regarding her purpose and identity. A friend encouraged her to write. She did and the next thing she knew, people were publishing her stories! Since then, writing has been such a joy to her, especially when people know they are not alone and that God is ready and waiting to help us.

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