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The Blessing



10 Ways to Raise Spiritually Minded Kids


This is post #9 in our series 10 Ways to Raise Spiritually Minded Children. To read all the posts in this series, please click here.



I love to hear grown children talk good about their parents, don’t you? It seems we hear so much about what parents didn’t do, how they failed, how they let us down. To hear something uplifting and inspiring is rare. So reading this, written collectively by Pastor John and Patricia MacArthur’s children, was touching to say the least:


“For us who lived in the John and Patricia MacArthur home, the pulpit wasn’t the only place that we heard our dad pray. Nearly every morning of our growing-up years, breakfast together was nearly sacramental. Even when we were very young, we listened attentively to our dad speak to his heavenly Father. We listened and we learned of God’s grace through these humble prayers. And we began to understand who Jesus is and what He had done for us.”

 ~From the forward  At the Throne of Grace: A Book of Prayers



One of the simplest ways to influence our children is through prayer, not only prayer for them, but prayer with them. Allowing our children to hear how we relate with God gives them tremendous insight into who God is. It shows them how to approach God and teaches them what kind of God we have.

Not sure where to start? How about praying a simple scripture blessing over them? In Mark 9, people were bringing little children to Jesus for Him to place His hands on them. The disciples rebuked them but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”  And he took the children in His arms, placed His hands on them, and blessed them.

Perhaps it was the priestly blessing found in Numbers 6:24-26 that Jesus prayed over these children, we really don’t know. Whatever the case, He touched them and blessed them, thus teaching them about the generous nature of God.



“The Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord cause His face to shine upon you

and be gracious to you;

The Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.”

Numbers 6:24-26


This week’s challenge:

This week, find two or three scriptures you can pray over your children. {Numbers 6:24-26 is a great one!} Then choose a time to draw each of them aside for touch and prayer. I like to do this with my kids in the morning when they wake up or at night as I tuck them in. I’m also working on making this a standard response when they are struggling with something or need correction.

For an entire list of scriptures to pray with your children as well as prayer calendars and printables, see my resource list in this post.  

~See you next week for our series wrap up~


The Verdict on Reputation



Verdict on Value

Each Thursday for the next few weeks, we are talking about breaking free from insecurity, comparison, and shame. We are sharing our raw and messy real life stories. But also, more importantly, we are sharing the truths that set us free. We have bathed this series in prayer and ask now that the Father knit our hearts together and strengthen us to slay this giant called “insecurity” in our hearts.

 Today, Kerry is sharing her story…





Reputation Quote

A wise woman once told me, “You can only promote one reputation at a time; yours or God’s.”

When I strive to be recognized by others, then God looks small to the world (while I appear haughty and desperate). But if I seize every opportunity to spread God’s fame, then I fade into the background and His glorious kindness shines brightly.

It boils down to this. God is the all-powerful, sinless Creator… so His reputation is more important than mine. Yet because He loves and values me unconditionally, Jesus died to pay the price for my redemption. I am valuable to God! Does anybody else’s acceptance really matter?

When I rest in belonging to Him I can throw myself into Kingdom work by promoting God’s reputation. My every decision will be filtered through the question, “Will this action of mine show the world how great God is?”

On the other hand, if I doubt my value to God…then proving my worth through accomplishments, possessions, or my appearance becomes my full-time career. No resources remain for pursuing Christ and sharing Him with others.

Let’s look at two women of the Bible who illustrate these contrasting ideas. Hannah, who promoted God’s reputation instead of her own, and Miriam, who coveted more accolades for herself…

{For a refreshing dip into God’s Word, click over to Kerry’s post. Kerry writes real and helpful, pointing us to the Word of God that is able to save our souls. Grab a cup of coffee and let Kerry guide you into truth today? No regrets spending time here!}


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Consecrated Conversation

  Welcome to post #8 in our series 10 Ways to Raise Spiritually Minded Children. For all posts in the series, please click here.   So this post hits me in the gut and convicts and brings me full circle, back to the gospel. It has to do with our talk. Our speech holds the […]

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