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A-Z Virtues to pray for your children | C is for Contentment

praying scripture for your children: B is for Boldness


In this series, we are making praying scripture for your children easy.

We are working our way through the alphabet, giving a letter, virtue, and scripture to pray each week, along with the printable for you to tuck into your Bible.

Or hang on your mirror.

Or fridge.

Or keep in your car.

Wherever works best for you to pray scripture for your kids, because there is nothing quite like praying the Words of God back to Him on behalf of our children.

This week is the letter C, for Contentment. 



Praying Scripture C is for Contentment


Download and print this week’s prayer card here.


For more prayer resources and previous week’s printables, click here.  


Also, this week Leah Adams is giving away 11 COPIES (!) of her brand new Bible study on Hebrews.

WOW! Leah has 11 groups of people on her heart to give a study to. Pop over to see if you fit in a group and enter to win your own copy!

5 Ways to Connect Around the Family Table





Research shows that time spent around the table as a family is some of the most important, high return on investment time you can spend, hands down.

As a mom, I want to make the most of it.

Over time, I’ve worked to be much more intentional about the activities that go on around our table, because honestly? Without intentionality and direction, there seems to be much talk about body fluids and flatulation amongst my folk. {Yours too? Well!}

So today I’d like to share five of the things we do around our table to make the most of table time. For an entire book of ideas, games, and recipes, simply subscribe to… It’s my gift to you!

Now for a sampling of what we do around our family table:


1. Table Map

This activity involves using your table as a place of prayer. Begin by
covering your table with a large world map. For durability, place a
clear plastic table covering over the top. You can use your map to
systematically pray for different people groups and parts of the world.
Choose a place of the world to begin praying for, find it on the map,
and share facts about the people who live there.

A recommended resource for this activity is Operation World, which
can be accessed online here: Here
you can download a prayer calendar, read about countries and people
groups, and much more.


2. Musical Chairs

This fun game creates a bit of chaos at the table, but the fun and
laughter are worth it! Before playing the game, you will need to create
“notes,” at least one per person. Some sample notes may read,

“Change places with a person wearing blue.”

“Change places with the person who talks the most.”

“Change places with a person having a fall birthday.”

“Change places with the youngest person in our family.”

Have each person take turns drawing a card and acting on it. Make
sure you take your plate and cup with you when you move.

Another variation might be to choose a secret word ahead of time,
and then every time that word is said, everyone moves to the left, right, middle, whatever you can come up with.


3. Compliment Cards

For this activity, gather and laminate a photo of each family
member. I used passport photos for mine (we always have an ample
supply of those!) to keep size and dimensions the same.

Place all photos in a bowl or cup and have each person choose one of the
photos without looking. Each person will keep their drawn card a
secret and during the course of dinner, give a compliment to the
person whose photo was drawn. Work to make each compliment
timely and genuine. At the end of the meal, reveal who drew which
photo (if necessary).

4. Show and Tell Night

Have each family member bring a favorite or new item to the family
table and share about it. Parents of younger children can prompt the
“telling” part by having questions ready to ask about their item(s).

One fun variation of this activity is to have each person bring their
item in a sock, and everyone else guesses what’s in the sock.

Another variation is to choose a Letter of the Night, where each
person brings something that begins with that letter; V, for instance.

5. Hospitality 

My kids LOVE having people join us for dinner. One of our dinner activities is good old fashioned Mad Libs. The kids can help pass the papers around, read the directions, and share what they come up with.

If you don’t have one of the ready-made booklets, you can create your
own mad lib printables at Just select your desired
lib from their topical list of over 5000 and hit the print button in the
right hand corner. It prints both the word list and the fill in the blanks
form. Print enough for everyone to fill out during dinner, then take
turns reading them aloud!


There you have it! Why not pick an idea and start tonight? For even more ideas, subscribe to my blog and receive The Family Table as my gift to you.



Praying Scripture for Your Children: B is for Boldness

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Praying Scripture for Your Children: A-Z Virtues

praying scripture for your children: B is for Boldness

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