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Welcome to The Loft {Week 7: Trust}

The Loft is open, come on up! 


The Loft: A weekly Hangout and Link Up for Christian bloggers
Graphic by Kerry Messer



About #TheLoft


The Loft is the place for conversation, community, networking, and Christian growth.

Each week we provide a topic to start the conversation.


PLEASE NOTE: We want to foster community and transparent conversation with one another, just like we’d do if we were meeting in real life. So we ask that your link stick to the weekly topic and that you mention The Loft in your post. Thank you so much! 

Monday night, at 9pm Eastern, the linky goes live and all week you can link up your post on that week’s topic.

We’ll have fun topics, serious topics, practical, soul-ful, holiday, and so, so much more…we can’t wait to get started! This is not only a great way to connect with others, it’s also a fun and easy way to establish a writing habit. If you aren’t a blogger, you are welcome to join in by leaving your comments in the comment section. 

So grab your coffee mug and come on up! Hang out for a bit. We betcha you’ll be glad you did.


To Participate:


1. Be creative. Feel free to use words, photos, video, audio, your family pet, whatever, to communicate on the weekly topic. But please stick to the weekly topic :)

2. Listen twice as much as you talk. If you leave one link, visit two. Trust us on this one~wink.

3. Be a community. Include #TheLoft graphic and/or link back in your post so we can find each other.  Also, share the great stuff you find when you visit around…we’ll be doing the same.


The Loft Link Up


When you link up at The Loft, your link will appear on 5 blogs! We’d love for you to visit The Loft co-hosts and know who we are:




Now it’s time to link up! 


This Week’s Topic: “Trust” (Opening another can of worms here, but let’s go there anyway~ wink. Is trust hard for you? Why or why not? What area are you struggling to trust God in? What have you learned about trust? The floor is open!)

Next Week’s Topic:  “Best Practical Tip” (What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Or given? What one thing do you want to make sure you pass on to your children, friends, or family? It can be about homemaking, marriage, relationship with Jesus, anything… :) )


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Praying Scripture: H is for Humble


praying scripture for your children: B is for Boldness


Have you ever been around a person with a deep spirit of humility? Not the “I’m a nobody and nobody likes me, I’m just going to eat worms” sort of humility {which isn’t humility at all.}

I’m talking about the real humility that Jesus perfectly demonstrated when He came to earth to seek and serve and give His life for others.

I don’t know of anything more beautiful on a person than genuine humility.

Christ demonstrates perfect humility and when I see it in another, it is truly magnetic. The beauty of it drives me to pray nearly daily for this spirit of genuine humility, for myself and my children.



Praying Scripture for Your Children



I am happy to provide this week’s prayer card for humility~ it’s one of my favorites! I hope these weekly prayer cards help you pray scripture more frequently and consistently.


Click here to download this week’s prayer card.


For previous week’s prayer cards and other prayer resources, click here.


Trusting for Thanksgiving {A Just Trust Story}

  Every Thursday we are sharing Just Trust stories, testimonies of how we’ve stepped out in trust and seen God come through in specific ways. You will remember a few weeks ago, Wendell shared the story of his son’s death. Today, it’s a pleasure to have him back with another story of trust. I know […]

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Welcome to The Loft {Week 6: Potluck!}

The Loft is open, come on up!    Graphic by Kerry Messer   Hello Loft buddies! This week is an online version of pot-luck. {Who doesn’t like variety?} Just link up the post of your choice and surprise us with the yummy when we visit!     About #TheLoft   The Loft is the place […]

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For When You Feel Forgotten

Girl on swing at sunset

      The delivery man calls me at 5 pm. “You’ve got a package. Come to Gate #1 to get it.” We all know that when the delivery man calls, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, you drop it and you run. I hurry out the door only to wait in the hallway […]

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Praying for Your Children: G Prayer Card

pixlr g

            Do you ever struggle with being generous? No doubt we all have many reasons not to be generous. But what about the reasons FOR being generous? Do we regularly rehearse those to ourselves? When we feel the tendency to withhold or withdraw welling up, the best thing to do […]

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